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“gay couples ‘exercising’ together will easily be wounded”


DAY TWO 【running together, exercising and playing basketball】


Today, the weather was once again dry and pleasant.

Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi met amiably at the inner ring¹ wearing sportwear.

[1] Most likely referring to the inner ring of the running track in one of the university fields.

 “Do you really think that this silly idea of running around the ring will reflect the essence of being gay?” Wang Guangning expressed his extreme scepticism.

“Otherwise what?” Zhang Lingyi winked, “Do you want to hold hands while running?”

Wang Guangning thought about it, twisting his hands seriously, “We should just do it this way.”

Consequently, in the inner ring there once again appeared the historic scene. The two xiao cao Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi were jogging simultaneously, and even seemed to be especially close.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many people in the morning. Occasionally, there would a few still half-asleep people who passed through who all thought their eyesight was blurred. They immediately reached up and rubbed their eyes, but by the time they finished Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi had already finished running.

The inner ring was always the first choice for people on the campus to go to for jogging. Usually it took half an hour for the male students to finish running around it.  Hence, the two xiao cao felt an emptiness in their balls during the process of running along the endless track,  so they began chatting.

Gracefully sweeping a glance at Wang Guangning, Zhang Lingyi said, “Say, with your small arms and calves, will you even be able to finish running around the ring?”

This was a provocation, a naked provocation.

Wang Guangning cut him a sharp glance, “Get lost! Laozi has a four-pack!”

“Ah, only four?” In a careless manner, Zhang Lingyi lifted his shirt and fanned it a few times, “I have a six-pack. If abdominal muscles could be divided, I would share one with you. That way, you can once again be on equal footing with me.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Lingyi was still annoyed. He and Wang Guangning had competed for so long, yet they always had difficulty separating who was superior. If he only he had known earlier to compare with Wang Guangning the amount of abdominal muscles. That way, he would’ve been able to smile arrogantly at F University at an earlier time. It was a pity that it was only now that he found out he had more abdominal muscles than Wang Guangning, and it was already too late.

Wang Guangning was firmly provoked by Zhang Lingyi, his two eyes erupting in flames of anger, “What are abdominal muscles? Can they be eaten? Men should rely on strength to speak!”

“Hey, shou shou, don’t be so angry². Being a shou, having two less abdominal muscles than the gong is reasonable.” Zhang Lingyi had discovered in the last two days that as long as he mentioned shou and gong, then he could basically piss off Wang Guangning.

[2] 恼羞成怒: means to fly into a rage out of humiliation; to be ashamed into anger.

Every time he saw his greatest enemy of the last three years exploding in this manner, Zhang Lingyi felt that life was truly beautiful.

“Hmph! Then we might as well as see how can complete running the inner ring first. If you lose, you must give the position of gong to me!” Panting with rage, Wang Guangning shouted, “One, two, three…”

As soon as he finished, he dashed out like an arrow.

“Fuck! How can you just decide by yourself.” Zhang Lingyi was caught off guard by Wang Guangning’s attack, but he began running without delay.

Their legs were both generally long, and could be considered half-athletes so there was not much to choose between the two. However, Zhang Lingyi had the advantage since he was a member of the track and field team compared to Wang Guangning who was in the basketball team.

But he didn’t intend to surpass Wang Guangning all at once since it was a competition, and it was only natural that being evenly matched was more interesting.

So for the entire journey, he deliberately followed next to Wang Guangning for a few steps, ran ahead for a short while, then dropped back again to watch Wang Guangning’s appearance of holding his breath and working hard to be the first. His mood was really too great!

“Shou shou, since the Heavens have allowed you to be tossed to the chrysanthemum³, then it must be their mysterious and inexorable Will. You should just recognise it, don’t fight with the Heavens~”

[3] Slang for anus in Chinese > .

“Hmph~” Wang Guangning couldn’t be bothered to look at him.

“Relax, shou shou. I may be your gay partner but I have morals, so I won’t speak about the subject of you being the shou to anyone!” Zhang Lingyi said righteously, in an imposing manner.

Unable to stifle the fire which had been boiling for over half a day already, Wang Guangning replied, “Don’t worry, if you lose later then I will definitely send the information about you being the shou to F Xing Ren and let you experience being popular.”

In the middle of talking, the finishing line was already present.

In order to achieve the beautiful dream of becoming a genuine gong, Wang Guangning inhaled deeply and prepared the final dash.

Shit, unwittingly they had already ran the entire ring. If he wasn’t careful, then he really would let Wang Guangning win.

Watching as Wang Guangning ran ahead with every last ounce of his strength, Zhang Lingyi hurriedly followed to overtake him.

There was still 50 meters…30 meters…10 meters…

The door of victory was right ahead, and Wang Guangning could practically anticipate the scene of himself laughing up at the sky with Zhang Lingyi beneath him. Right at this moment, the excessively excited Wang Guangning’s left leg accidentally tripped over his right.

He fell face forward onto the ground with a baji⁴.

[4] 吧唧: onomatopoeia for the squishing sound as Wang Guangning fell.

“Ah, ah, ah ——” Zhang Lingyi who had been following precisely behind him was caught unprepared by the sudden event. Although he tried to stabilise himself, he still stumbled upon Wang Guangning inevitably and fell bitterly onto Wang Guangning’s body head-on.

“Ah ——” An earth-shattering cry of pain escaped Wang Guangning.

Zhang Lingyi struggled to roll over to one side, withholding his own pain as he sat up to go and support Wang Guangning who already had a distorted expression.

“What happened?” Zhang Lingyi asked.

“Face…face hurts…” Wang Guangning’s voice as he spoke trembled slightly, his two hands tightly covering his face.

“Let me have a look,” Zhang Lingyi reached out to take off Wang Guangning’s hands on his face. He and Wang Guangning were both people who were proud of their appearance, so he knew clearly that to Wang Guangning, the wound on his face was considered to be more serious than a grave injury. His heart also felt a bit worried.

Yet, Wang Guangning’s hands covered his face tightly, unwilling to show anything.

“At this time, can you not consider your image as if it’s a life and death matter?” Zhang Lingyi became angry, unable to deal with the injured Wang Guangning. Instead, he directly broke apart Wang Guangning’s stubborn hands.

And then…

“Pft~” Zhang Lingyi couldn’t help but laugh but was hastily stopped by Wang Guangning’s eyes which held a hidden bitterness.

“This…we should go to the doctor’s office to examine.” Zhang Lingyi restrained himself so that his voice wouldn’t come out shaking.

Wang Guangning’s entire face was fine, it was just that the bridge of his nose was bruised from the fall and there was blood from the grazes.

His nose was especially straight so the damage was particularly obvious when injured, making it seem quite funny.

Zhang Lingyi wanted to laugh again, but seeing Wang Guangning’s stormy expression, he restrained himself. “Come on, let’s go to the doctor to get it dealt with.”

He pulled Wang Guangning, but the other sat there and still didn’t move.

“What’s wrong?”

Pressing his lips into a flat line, he spoke unwillingly, “My foot is also sprained.”

Zhang Lingyi coughed. When he saw Wang Guangning covering his face before, he had thought that everywhere else was fine. He really valued his appearance and not his life!

“I admit defeat.” As he spoke, Zhang Lingyi crouched down with his back facing Wang Guangning, “Forget it, I’ll endure a loss so get on!”

Wang Guangning stared at Zhang Lingyi’s wide back. To speak the truth, he wasn’t willing to show any weaknesses in front of Zhang Lingyi, but the circumstances were stronger than people and there was nothing he could do about the injury to his foot.

Considering it over and over again, he climbed onto Zhang Lingyi’s back unwillingly.

“Fuck, you’re so heavy!” Zhang Lingyi struggled to stand up.

“Nonsense. Laozi is the same height as you, and has a four-pack so of course I’m heavy.” Wang Guangning’s lips curled up. Zhang Lingyi knew that he was heavy, yet tried to flaunt being the hero, so he deserved it. “How is it? Do you regret it now?”

“Why should I regret anything?” Zhang Lingyi replied in a low voice, “What’s more, I’m your gong, so this is my duty.”

“You still dare to speak,” Wang Guangning pressed onto Zhang Lingyi’s shoulder, then leaned his head forward and knocked the back of Zhang Lingyi’s head, the collision producing a crisp noise.

“Ah, fuck~ You gong murderer!” Pained, Zhang Lingyi continued to shout. He didn’t have any other hands to cover up the area where he was hit, so he could only shake his head, looking especially like he was a dog flinging his head after having fallen in water.

Watching Zhang Lingyi yelling, his gloomy mood finally felt a bit better.


At the doctor’s office.

The bridge of Wang Guangning’s nose had a bandage stuck across it, and he listened to the doctor jabbering on an on, admonishing them while pressing his foot. “Ah, youngsters these days, so rude and impetuous. You don’t understand how to take care of your own health at all. Wait until you’re old, then you’ll know how it feels to regret…”

Wang Guangning and Zhang Linyi listened until sweat coated their foreheads, yet they didn’t dare to speak out and retort. The doctor was an authority of F University’s gossip, if anyone didn’t fear death and challenged his power, then their end was certain to be bitter.

Finally, Wang Guangning’s foot was corrected and the doctor patted his hand, “Alright, don’t do any more exercise for the next week.”

Finished speaking, he glanced at Zhang Lingyi who had been a spectator and his brows immediately furrowed, “Your hand is also injured, yet you didn’t say anything.”

As he spoke, he grasped Zhang Lingyi’s right hand and it was only now that Wang Guangning realised Zhang Lingyi’s wrist had also been grazed, the entire area was bruised an extremely frightening green and purple.

It turned out that Zhang Lingyi was also injured, yet did not say a single word and carried him on his back the entire way to this office.

Wang Guangning’s chest felt somewhat upset and he asked awkwardly, “You were also injured, but why didn’t you say anything?”

Zhang Lingyi indifferently shook his hands, “Aiya, I didn’t know either. It must be because I’m more heroic and powerful so I didn’t feel any pain…” Then he hissed, “Ah, doctor, be more gentle. This is living flesh…”

“Didn’t you say it wasn’t painful?” The doctor continued to callously press the cotton ball dabbed in Hong Yao Shui⁵ on Zhang Lingyi’s wrist. “Does it hurt now? You brat, you won’t learn if you don’t feel any pain.”

[5] 红药水: a type of medicine in liquid form/lotion

“Hurt hurts hurts, it hurts to death. Ah, doctor, please be lenient!” Zhang Lingyi’s complexion turned pale and he repeatedly begged for mercy.

Upon seeing this, Wang Guangning secretly laughed.


As they walked out of the doctor’s office, Zhang Lingyi watched Wang Guangning limping slightly so he said, “It seems that our plans to exercise and play basketball will have to be cancelled.”

Wang Guangning also thought that what happened today was beyond belief, and replied grudgingly, “Let’s forget about these two days…I want to and rest for a while.”

In reality, he was wondering whether or not to continue this completely lacking in objective act of being gay with Zhang Lingyi.

“Then, alright.” Zhang Lingyi shrugged his shoulders indifferently.


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