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"feed each other food? what happened to moral principles?"


DAY THREE【praising each other in front of others】


The weather today was quite gloomy, the whistling wind made it especially cold.

Yet, colder than the weather was Zhang Lingyi’s heart.

This morning, he was currently wrapped warmly in a quilt and seriously pondering how to low-key praise Wang Guangning in an obvious manner in front of others.

To be honest, asking him to obliterate Wang Guangning was easy. In the past, they had both indirectly insulted each other in different situations countless times, however to praise each other…was truly difficult!

Praise him as being handsome? Too tacky. Besides, he wasn’t even that handsome!

Praise him as talented? He couldn’t say it, how could he admit in front of an audience that Wang Guangning was more talented than him?

Praise his temperament? Thinking about how Wang Guangning always said ‘laozi‘, ‘fuck’, and ‘your sister’, he would be blind to do it!

He thought of numerous plans, but it was too hard to decide.

At the time, his phone lit up. Wang Guangning had sent a text message.

Zhang Lingyi, I don’t think we should continue to pretend to be gay. It’s too unreliable.

“Fuck, how can this be!” Zhang Lingyi’s entire person had just entered the state of Sparta, so how they just stop? He immediately dialled back on the phone.

“Hey, what do you mean? Why shouldn’t we continue being gay?” Zhang Lingyi shouted out and asked.

“Just what I mean in that message. I think our decision was too hasty, it’s too unreliable, really!” Wang Guangning said.

Zhang Lingyi was going to continue to question, when Wang Guangning said, “Don’t say anything else. I need to go to the student union for a while.”

Then he simply hung up the call.

Called again, but no one answered.

The more he thought about it, the more depressed Zhang Lingyi became. He felt as if he had been unilaterally abandoned by the other. How could this be? He was F University’s number one most handsome guy, so how could he be abandoned again and again?

Being rejected by Yu Haining didn’t matter anymore. But Wang Guangning this big master, how could he just ignore his feelings!

Hence, Zhang Lingyi quickly got up and wore clean clothes then valiantly walked out, heading straight to the student union in a spirited manner.

Since his third year, Wang Guangning had dropped his seat as the president and now held the title of an advisor. If the student union had any questions regarding their activities, then they would seek his advice.

Now that it was the end of term, the student union would also start preparing for the upcoming large-scale events for the next semester. As a result, they would inevitably need advice from Wang Guangning.

For example, this time the student union were worrying about next year’s campus singing contest. Should they continue following the audition system, or change it into a student recommendation voting system?

Wang Guangning sat in the office dedicated to the student union in the building of the student activity center, carefully listening to the president of the student union explaining the pros and cons of the two different systems.

The bandage from before was still on his nose, prompting the other students from the student union to peek at it occasionally. They seemed to want to ask, yet were too afraid to.

“I think…” Wang Guangning’s emotions were brewing inside, he was currently wondering how to sound professional and authoritative once he spoke.

Then the office door was pushed open with a ‘bang’ and Zhang Lingyi appeared majestically at the entrance.

“Ah…did you walk into the wrong place brother Zhang? The student association office is next door.” The president swallowed and said. He couldn’t be blames for having no backbone, since Zhang Lingyi’s gaze was too murderous.

Zhang Lingyi directedly ignored the president and faced Wang Guangning, lifted his chin and said, “You, come out. We need to talk.”

Wang Guangning grudgingly rolled his eyes then said to the president, “I need to go out for a moment, you guys continue.”

“How can you do that,” Zhang Lingyi accused strongly, “Do you think being gay is like going to a market to buy food? If you want to be gay then you’ll be gay and if you don’t want to be gay, you won’t be gay?”

Wang Guangning pursed his lips, “But ever since you and I started pretending to be gay, we’ve been particularly unlucky. I think our birthdate characters¹ are unsuited, having less contact would be wonderful.”

 [1] 八字: this refers to the birthdate characters used in fortune-telling

Zhang Lingyi shot him a supercilious look, “Our characters don’t suit each other, is this something you only found out today? Isn’t it because our characters were unsuitable that we both ended up liking Yu Haining at the same time? How did we decide to take such a step? Wang Guangning, if you regret it then regret directly. Don’t make up so many excuses.”

Although Wang Guangning this person was an idiot and had the Prince disease², there was one thing that was good about him. It was that men couldn’t tolerate other people saying that they didn’t keep their word and such.

              [2] 王子病: just think of it as being similar to the Princess Syndrome.

Being provoked like this by Zhang Lingyi, his anger once again rose and immediately said, “Who regrets anything? Isn’t it just pretending to be gay? Since you’re not afraid, then we’ll just continue. What day is it today?”

Seeing that the psychological manipulation was taking effect, Zhang Lingyi’s gloomy heart felt better and he firmly said, “Today, we must praise each other in front of others.”

Wang Guangning’s lips twitched, “That’s perfect, you go in front of the student union and praise me.”

The two walked back into the student union office one after the other. The president and several other members of the student union were waiting for Wang Guangning.

There was also a meizi³ who had been in pursuit of Wang Guangning for a long time, so when she saw him come in, her expression was especially eager.

 [3] 妹子: (dialect) means younger sister, but is just referring to a younger female student.

The president glanced at Zhang Lingyi who was standing behind Wang Guangning and was puzzled, “Senior brother, does brother Zhang still have something else he needs?”

Wang Guangning shrugged, “Nothing, he’s just here to listen. He has also engaged in many activities in the student association so he can give us some suggestions.”

The jaws of the president and several of the other members dropped with a ‘kaka’ sound.

Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi could actually have a harmonious coexistence today? And even wanted to contribute to the student union at the same time?

Was this the end of the world?

Wang Guangning was too lazy to pay attention to those people whose hearts were in tumult and only cleared his throat to say, “I have considered the two options you mentioned just now, and I believe that following the original system of selection through auditions is better. The campus singing contest has always been the signature of our F University because there are many contestants and it can mobilise the enthusiasm of everyone. There are so many people who watch the audition each year not only because of talent, but many also come to watch the handsome or beautiful contestants. If we change to a voting system, then the number of contestants may be greatly reduced but many people will easily slip through as well…”

“Guangning said it very well!” Zhang Linyi reiterated at the side, “Guangning planned many large-scale activities, so he is clear which method is the most effective. I think that we should listen to him regarding this matter.”

The president and the other members who were on the sidelines shuddered.

Ah, Heavens! In the end what’s happening today?

Why would Zhang Lingyi agree with Wang Guangning’s point of view?

Obviously these two people would fight until the heavens fainted and the earth darkened over matters such as who ate McDonald’s or KFC, so why was there such a harmonious and friendly scene?

Sweating coldly in his heart, the president abruptly pulled out a dry smile, “Yes, I would like to thank the advice of two senior brothers. We will definitely carefully consider it.”

Wang Guangning nodded with satisfaction and prepared to leave with Zhang Lingyi.

That member who liked Wang Guangning shamelessly shouted to him, “Senior brother Guangning~”

“Yes?” Wang Guangning glanced back. This little member had chased him for a long time, and even though he didn’t reciprocate her feelings, he always maintained a lukewarm relationship with her. This was because as a handsome guy, the basic elegance needed to be maintained, and he didn’t have the heart to put himself in an awkward situation.

However, the Wang Guangning of today was no longer the elegant and graceful Wang Guangning of before.

The Wang Guangning of today had already been hurt by a woman and was now a Wang Guangning who was determined to retaliate against society.

The little member blushed and asked Wang Guangning whether there was time to eat together tonight or not.

Wang Guangning decisively pulled Zhang Linyi’s hand then smiled and said, “I’m sorry, I’m planning to eat with Lingyi tonight.”

Then the two xiao cao of F University grasped each other’s hand and stared lovingly at each other before exiting out of the student union office, leaving behind the president and other members who had turned to stone.

“Dear colleagues, did you all just see the same thing I did?” The president took the lead in recovering first and calmly asked the other people.

A male student with glasses pushed his framed and said, “If the president is referring to senior brother Guangning walking away to eat holding hands with Zhang Lingyi, then we saw the same thing.”

The small member who had been rejected by Wang Guangning suddenly sobbed, “President, am I really…really that annoying? Why was…senior brother Guangning willing to eat with Zhang Lingyi…but not with me?”

The president stared sympathetically at the little member, but couldn’t think of anything comforting to say to her.

Regardless of how windy and messy the student union had become, Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi really did ‘sweetly’ walk together to the cafeteria.

In G city, F University’s cafeteria food was quite famous. The level of the unpalatable food in comparison to all other universities and colleges was ranked second only to some famous art institute. Different to the food at the art institute which was simply too unpalatable, the food at F University was more unpredictable and unconstrained.

It has been reportedly said that the master chef of the cafeteria was the nth disciple of a dark cuisine group, whose representative dishes have swept the network of leeks, sautéed mooncake, dried and roasted oranges and the like. They caused many F University students to become infatuated, for three days they didn’t know the taste of meat.

In G city, there circulated a saying: life is just the cafeteria in F University, you never knew what dish you would have as your next meal. There were even many students from other universities who came just to be surprised by the taste of the food.

However, Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingui’s luck wasn’t bad today, and unexpectedly met with one of the master chef’s rare moments. They received a few good side dishes and there was even a clear bowl of corn soup and pork chops.

“In truth, I was only trying to deliberately hurt that junior sister for a bit. We don’t need to really eat together.” Wang Guangning speechlessly stared at Zhang Lingyi who was eating the meat with relish.

“Oh, if we’re going do a play, then we need to finish it properly. Besides, we were both going to eat anyway.” Zhang Lingyi said while eating, then smiled mysteriously at Wang Guangning, “Also, there’s one thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

Wang Guangning felt as if something bad was going to happen. “What is it?”

“Do you know what I hate seeing the most when eating in the cafeteria?” Zhang Lingyi narrowed his eyes, his voice resonating, “It’s when couples display their affection in public by feeding each other. Today is a good opportunity, how can we not take the chance to revenge against society?”

Wang Guangning’s lips twitched, “Don’t tell me you want to…”

“Correct!” Zhang Lingyi picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork then directly placed it in Wang Guangning’s mouth, “I want to feed you.”

A principle like couples mutually feeding each other food, how could he let Zhang Lingyi do alone?

After being stunned initially, Wang Guangning quickly recovered and swallowed the sweet and sour pork. Not willing to be outdone, he scooped up a spoonful of the corn soup and lifted it to Zhang Lingyi’s mouth, “Come, I’ll feed you soup.”

Seeing Wang Guangning being so frank, Zhang Lingyi boldly drank the corn soup. Then the two people began trying to outdo one another in a ‘you feed me, then I’ll feed you’ manner.

At this point of time, there were quite a lot of people in the cafeteria eating. The two of them were both influential figures, such marvellous behaviour quickly attracted many onlookers.

Fuck, was our way of ordering food incorrect?

Couples feeding each other food was originally a matter which drew much hostility. Two men feeding each other was an even more impressive and spectacular sight. The two people feeding each other food were also the pair of legendary enemies!

However, although they were feeding each other, the expression in their eyes were so chilling. The actions of their hands were more like a competition, not sweet at all.

Could it be that this was some kind of new duel?

People were shocked, but were too embarrassed to ask them, so they whispered to one another and quietly took out their phones, aiming the camera at the two.

Through their intense and fierce method of feeding each other, Wang Guangning and Zhang lingyi quickly managed to finish the food in front of them.

Due to eating too fast, they needed support so ended up having to help each other out of the cafeteria.

“Say, why do couples like feeding each other food so much?” Zhang Lingyi was very puzzled, “It’s not comfortable at all.”

Wang Guangning himself didn’t feel very well, so he didn’t say a word and just waved his hand before leaving.

“Ah! Don’t forgot to meet on time tomorrow!” Zhang Lingyi shouted behind him.


That night, a new highly popular post appeared on F Xing Ren, 《Two xiao cao feeding each other in the cafeteria – a new way of duelling》.

Posted underneath were photos of the two feeding each other taken secretly. The angle of the photos were very good and from their side profile, the expression in the two people’s eyes could be seen. To the crowd who didn’t know the truth, they only saw the murderous expression in the pair’s eyes, despite the fact that they were feeding each other food.


Σ(O_O)  Zhang Lingyi, you’re so sly ( ̄▽ ̄)/

ZLY: *opens his phone*

WGN: *looks at the background* ( ̄ヘ ̄)

WGN : …Who is this girl?

ZLY: (・・;)ゞ Ah…

WGN: …

translator: k i a i 


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