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Api di Bukit Menoreh Book 1 – Chapter 06

Their journey became more difficult. The thick mud in the narrow road became blackish red.Wilderness extend outward in front of them.

Untara sharp gaze looked at far in the front . suddenly he frowned. when there a flash of lightning in front of them, he had seen someting. This time he see not a collapsed teak tree but a shadow that was vanised at the end of the road.

Untara heart beging to thumping faster. He turned his head towarad his brother, but it seems sedayu has not seen it yet.

Alone, Untara never fear whatever is in front of him, but this time he going with his brother. if that shadow was tiger ,it will be easy to overcome a tiger not always attack people. If that tiger has not stand in the middle of the road, then their horses would run faster from that tiger. Altough in case of that tiger intercept them, Untara is not afraid, because he has two times fighting with tigers. And that tigers are always been killed. killed with the keris at his waist.

But the shadow that had moving and vanished in the forests are standing on two legs. he observe with his sharp gaze. and he believed that shadow is from people.

Untara had to take a long breath to calm his heart. Once again he looked at his brother, even he unintentionally slowdown his horse.

Immediately Sedayu pull his horse rein. with heavy panting he asked “What wrong, kakang?”

“Nothing” respond Untara “becareful, the road in front of us is slippery”

“Oh” but he fell his heartbeat became faster.

In the end Untara had to stopped his horse. his sharp gaze was scanning the forests in front of them. “what was hiding behind that darknes ?”

Sedayu became more anxious” is there a something in front of us?”

Untara was in dilemma. he was not supposed to conceal the danger in front of them. They must be careful. but, if his brother was panic the situation will get worse.



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