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Api di Bukit Menoreh Book 01 – Chapter 08

Because Untara doesn’t answer, Sedayu urged him “Kakang, why don’t we go back, is our situation less important than others?”

“It is still uncertain Sedayu that we will encounter danger. Moreover, we might get a friend for the Journey, Probably children from Uncle Widura.” Nevertheless, he himself didn’t believe his own words. Sangkal Putung was still far away.

“Is there someone at the end of the forest?” Sedayu asked worriedly.

“Yes” answered Untara gravely.


“Kakang, do you see them?”. asked Sedayu.

what he was feared came true. Suddenly Sedayu stiffens himself with a whimper “Kakang, come on let go us back”.

“No, Sedayu” Answered Untara trying to calm his brother’s heart “we will see who is at the end of that forest”

“They must be Arya Penangsang troops” replied Sedayu.

“And, why must we be afraid of them?,” asked Untara.

“They are martial artists, kakang” answered Sedayu.

“They are still people, Sedayu” argued Untara ” If they are so great they wouldn’t lose against Pajang troops”.

“We aren’t Pajang troops” argued Sedayu back.

“I am one of the soldiers from the Pajang troops” cut his brother. Untara didn’t usually want to brag about himself. But he wished his brother had trust towards him and didn’t make it more difficult if he had to face danger.


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