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Chapter 149: Delegation of posts

After Zhang Xiao Qiang finished speaking, the man who switched loyalty to him first and another began to pull 2 sacks towards the center of the field. Both of them opened their sack at the same time. A zombie's emaciated head was revealed. It caught scent of the humans and began to gnash its teeth, its body struggling inside the sack. Its strength almost caused the man to lose his control. Everyone began to recoil from the zombie, and a huge space was formed around the zombie.

The other sack contained the man who had eaten human flesh yesterday. He was now tied up, his mouth stuffed with something. As he was still groggy after being released from the sack, he just breathed deeply with his eyes closed, as though there wasn't enough oxygen in the sack.

Zhang Xiao Qiang whisked out the military knife and carved a single bloody line across the man's face. Fresh blood began to flow, and the man was jolted awake from the pain. Looking at the military knife in Zhang Xiao Qiang's hands, he began to plead with muffled noise, his eyes filled with a begging look. Zhang Xiao Qiang did not spare him a second glance, instead, going over to kick the zombie on the floor.

He then used the knife to cut open the bag, releasing the zombie. It ignored Zhang Xiao Qiang right beside him, making its way for the cannibal instead.

When the fellow saw the zombie crawling towards him, his eyeballs were opened wide, almost popping out of their sockets. His nostrils flared, and his body began to twist and struggle madly. He began to make alarming noises while his mouth was still stuffed, and tried to squirm on the ground, moving backward. He had almost reached the other people when a single kick sent him sprawling straight toward the embrace of the zombie, which began to grab onto him tightly and bit down with passion.

The scene was gory and horrifying, and not a single person dared to look. The women were kneeling on the ground, their hands hugging their heads, trembling. The rest of the cowards were even worse off. That was their companion in the past, and they all crumbled to the ground, 9 out of 10 so frightened, one of them even soiling himself. Even then, they didn't dare to turn away, afraid that Zhang Xiao Qiang would pick on their faults and feed them to the zombie as well.

The longer they watched, the more terrifying it got, and some fainted directly, their legs still twitching.

Zhang Xiao Qiang's gaze was fixed on the scene, keeping a lookout for its movement. When the cannibal finally succumbed, Zhang Xiao Qiang through a flying 3-point dart and the zombie collapsed in a pool of blood. Zhang Xiao Qiang then swept his gaze over the people. Each of them felt their hearts doused in cold water, not daring to look at him, keeping their eyes on their toes.

"My word is the only law." After that, he turned around and entered the house, his demonstration over.

As he breathed in a few cigarettes, He Wen Bin and the rest entered. Lu Ren Yi and Wang Le. Zhang Xiao Qiang motioned for them to sit before he turned to He Wen Bin and said: "I've decided to move the base to the spring. It isn't safe here since it's so close to the city. If more freaks run over from the granary, the people here will be in trouble."

They nodded profusely, as his demonstration earlier had thoroughly frightened them as well. Now, regardless of what they said, they would act accordingly. After all, he was far-sighted, as long as they followed his instructions, they wouldn't be in much danger. Right now, if one could eat and be alive, it would already be a blessing, furthermore, Zhang Xiao Qiang was thinking for them. Everyone felt that by following him, they would definitely not be at a disadvantage. As to beyond that, they didn't bother thinking so far ahead. Living comfortably was the most important thing now.

"I've said that we must have rules, therefore, let's set a few together, I've decided to let He Wen Bin be the overall in-charge of the base. Any objections?"

Zhang Xiao Qiang wanted to raise He Wen Bin's status amongst them, and thus he had to implement it now. He couldn't afford to think about democracy or the rights of others, he had to use his strength to establish authority. After all, He Wen Bin had saved his life, he needed to repay him. He wasn't willing to owe anybody, just let he never owed anyone in the past. As long as he did, he would feel uncomfortable. What's more, what could anyone say if he wanted to do something?

As expected, everyone nodded profusely, they knew He Wen Bin had sacrificed his own arm to save Zhang Xiao Qiang, in fact, what Zhang Xiao Qiang was pushing for now only served to strengthen their faith and trust in him. They knew he would repay favors with favors, and was fair in his judgment. Subordinates usually did not mind doing things, they would mind if they were neglected or brushed aside. Subordinates needed validation, as long as they were treated fairly, they would perform their tasks with no complaints. In any case, if you made them feel good, they would be happy. Now, it was reasonable for He Wen Bin's position to be elevated, plus he had the qualifications.

Seeing that no one else objected, Zhang Xiao Qiang nodded in satisfaction, before continuing: "First, form one combat squad with the group that I called out earlier. When there are more people, we'll split them up. Frank and Three will be in charge of one team each. Both of Y’all will be team captains. Three, you're in charge of the outside s quad. You may keep 4% of the loot from outside. Frank, you're in charge of the base, and the splitting of the resources into 3 layers. He Wen Bin will be in charge of the remainder and storage. If any of the members don't work well, you're free to swap them out. However…" Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the 2 of them who overjoyed at the delegation of duties.

"Everybody has to listen to He Wen Bin's arrangements. Whoever dares to spread his own wings, don't blame me, your Brother Cockroach, for not taking face into account."

His eyes were icy as he looked at them, and they immediately stood up to express their servitude towards He Wen Bin. He Wen Bin himself was pale as he hurried to nod his head and motioned for them to be seated. He then turned to Zhang Xiao Qiang and nodded, and understood nothing needed to be said or done from now on. As long as he maintained his best to arrange and govern, it would be ok. So what if it was slightly handicapped? He Wen Bin was a man of honor, and to date, Zhang Xiao Qiang had saved him twice, and even though he returned the favor once, and almost lost his life, so what? He had long since treated his life as Brother Cockroach's already.

Zhang Xiao Qiang nodded and thought to himself that fortunately, he had not been in a daze when he was enlisted in the state-office. Although he had been in a small position, he had already learned as much as he could, and now he could employ such strategies and tactics.

"Lu Ren Yi is in charge of the combat service team, your resources are to be collected from the combat squad. As for your members, those who perform well can apply with He Wen Bin, he will reward them at his discretion. The rest can only be promised rice and full meals, nothing else."

Lu Ren Yi stood up, his countenance full of gratitude as he bowed. He was considered a small leader now. This was made possible because of Zhang Xiao Qiang, how could he not be grateful? He then turned to He Wen Bin and bowed as well, expressing his willingness to comply.

Zhang Xiao Qiang was extremely satisfied with Lu Ren Yi's attitude. He then turned to Wang Le, who stiffened. He was also someone who had consumed chicken feed and had managed to climb to where he was. When he saw Zhang Xiao Qiang gave the rest some posts, it would be a lie to say that he was not envious. Yet he knew that all he did was to go notify them during the revolt, and hence, he didn't harbor any hopes. Now it seemed that Zhang Xiao Qiang had something to say, and his heartbeat quickened, not daring to be distracted. He was ready to do whatever Zhang Xiao Qiang requested of him.

"Master Wang is a talent, yes, a huge talent. Earlier, Brother Long and the rest had been blind, actually missing out on such a talented person. What a waste. Master Wang, don't worry, I won't let your talents go to waste, from now on, your responsibility will be heavy!"

Zhang Xiao Qiang's praise caused Wang Le to be slightly anxious, he had always been a small-time factory worker, where even the smallest of officials would find him trouble in the past. Yet, Zhang Xiao Qiang was holding him in high regard? He stood up and declared: "Whatever Brother Cockroach requests of me, I will not dare disobey!"

Zhang Xiao Qiang felt slightly depressed. It seemed that his display had thoroughly frightened them. He coughed slightly and said: "In the future, I want to establish a workshop, you're the factory head. Go choose 2 people to learn from you, by that time, there would be the production of weapons, and repair of vehicles, and even the manufacturing of some equipment and machines. Is that ok?"

When Wang Le heard that he had a post as well, he was beyond elated. Although the team was small and only had 3 people, he was more than satisfied. With such a post, it could be considered he was part of the central team.

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