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Chapter 150: ST?

When the rough framework was established, Zhang Xiao Qiang then dismissed them, before walking back towards Yang Ke'er's room. He had no idea how the women were, especially Shangguan Qiao Yun. She was still not considered a person of his team, yet he had already pumped in that valuable water. He had to ensure that she would be loyal, otherwise, he would have made a big mistake.

The moment he went in, he saw Yang Ke'er on the bed eating her breakfast, while Shangguan Qiao Yun and Yuan Yi were both not inside. Out of curiosity, he asked her, and she stuffed an egg into her mouth, chewing while replying incoherently: "Mmm….Early….Headed….Toilet…Now….Didn't see…"

Zhang Xiao Qiang understood immediately, the aftereffects were kicking in. He walked towards the toilet, in his mind, Yuan Yi had injuries to her chest. If she wasn't careful, the wound might reopen. He only had that on his mind, and forgotten everything else, in the end….

A while later, Zhang Xiao Qiang sat on the sofa leisurely smoking his cigarettes. Yuan Yi laid on the bed, smiling foolishly. Shangguan Qiao Yun was red in the face she helped to clear Zhang Xiao Qiang's utensils after his meal. Zhang Xiao Qiang was truly thick-skinned, he had seen everything, all that should have been thrown up had already been thrown up. Shangguan Qiao Yun wasn't as thick-skinned, and when he had seen her in all her naked glory, it would have been ok, since he had already seen it once. However, he had entered when she was in the middle of that 'big business', and she was so embarrassed that she could die. The most important thing was that Zhang Xiao Qiang had been so thick-skinned to not mind and even continued to stay in the toilet to check on Yuan Yi's injuries. Shangguan Qiao Yun had felt so ashamed that she wanted to bury herself into the toilet bowl.

Yuan Yi was looking at Zhang Xiao Qiang with a contented smile, she didn't care about how she looked. Every part of her already belonged to him anyway. He had filled the entire space in her heart. She liked that he cared about her, and was worried about her wound. He didn't care about taboos and just went in front of her chest to check her injury.

She had felt drunk then, drunk on an entire pot of honey wine. Her heart was buzzing with that sweetness, and she felt so light-headed. No matter how she looked at him, it wasn't enough. He was still putting on such a strong front, yet she knew how much he cared about she had been injured. She didn't expect their hearts to be so close after that, and all the pain and ache had disappeared.

She felt warm all over, that she was the luckiest woman on earth. As long as she could stay by his side, she couldn't care about anything else. She was his, forever and always.

When Zhang Xiao Qiang saw Yuan Yi smiling at him, his brain had also turned to mush. He laughed inwardly at rushing to the toilet in his haste and seen them at their most embarrassing moment. However, her gaze was warm, there was even a slight tenderness to them. He didn't understand. He couldn't understand her thinking, nor did he ask. It wasn't a man's job to worry about what his women think, furthermore, he never thought of himself as someone who understood women. If he did so, why would he be alone all these years?

When one stick was done, Zhang Xiao Qiang called for Shangguan Qiao Yun, bringing her to his own room. Yang Ke'er, Yuan Yi and his weapons were all here. When they went in the door, she saw Zhang Xiao Qiang's burning gaze on her, and she was slightly taken aback, did he want her now? What should she do? Tell him that it wasn't possible now, he should wait until she becomes a strong person before he could chase her? Wouldn't he hate her then and chase her away? Brother Long was already dead, but she didn't want to rely on a man for the rest of her life. That woman's scream when her breasts had been carved off was still clear in her mind, and Zhang Xiao Qiang's words had not stopped churning in her head. When she was old and lost her beauty, would she also be eaten by others?

Zhang Xiao Qiang did not know the complicated thoughts in Shangguan Qiao Yun's minds, he just noticed that their heights were similar, her figure and her demeanor was much better than Su Qian. She did not have excess meat, nor was she exceptionally skinny. He pointed to a mace lying against a wall and said: "Take it up and have a go with it."

Shangguan looked at that glimmering mace, and looked back at Zhang Xiao Qiang, before walking over. In her mind, she was thinking: "Even Ke'er that little lass could take this and dance with it. Your mother I is also definitely able to do it!" She tried to encourage herself and made to grab the mace and lift it.

"Guang Dang…" The mace dropped from her hands, and rolled over and hit Zhang Xiao Qiang's toes. He withstood the pain, and looked at Shangguan Qiao Yun expressionlessly, although his heart was bleeding: "What is there no effect? Don't tell me the rainwater only works on virgins? My capital has really gone down the drain… Not a blue chip stock, but a suspended one?!"

Looking at the blank Shangguan Qiao Yun, Zhang Xiao Qiang placed the mace back to where it was and walked out without a word. When he reached the living room, he almost wanted to shout out from frustration. He had used so much of the precious rainwater. If there was no effect on Yuan Yi, he wouldn't have minded, just treat it as a beautifying treatment. But to think that he had used so much on Shangguan Qiao Yun and there was no effect?! Without any effect, how could he earn any return on his investment?! He had just given her a free aesthetic surgery!!

After all, Zhang Xiao Qiang wasn't a saint, he was just a calculative person. He might not be the most selfish person around, and did in fact harbor some feelings for Shangguan Qiao Yun, he would not force her. Some things must be willing, and as a man of machismo, how could he throw his face away to ask her for anything?!

Three came in at this time and asked about the day's arrangement in a low voice. Zhang Xiao Qiang was currently still frustrated and wasn't in the mood to handle it. He looked at Three, and thought about the D2 and the mountain-like sacks of rice, and gave some instructions to Three, who walked out.

Back in the room, Shangguan Qiao Yun was still standing there, dumbfounded. She did not understand how such a heavy mace was wielded so easily by Yang Ke'er, and a sense of defeat welled up in her heart. She wasn't like Yuan Yi, nor was she like Yang Ke'er. She couldn't even be compared to Su Qian. How was she going to become stronger? Just by running every day?

Zhang Xiao Qiang saw her and asked: "Can you drive?" She lifted her head and her expression showed that she was at a loss. She nodded her head somewhat absent-mindedly, and Zhang Xiao Qiang pulled on her arm towards outside. She was really void of any initiative at this point, the sense of defeat stabbing at her like a needle. She felt weak and was just dragged along by Zhang Xiao Qiang past the room, the living area, till they arrived at the carpark.

Zhang Xiao Qiang came to the Land Rover that Yang Ke'er liked, and got her to sit in the driver seat, while he sat beside her. He then shouted for her to drive. She stepped on the accelerator while in her dream-like state, the steering wheel turning, and the entire Land Rover slammed into a Toyota beside. The Land Rover was fine, but the Toyota was miserable, like a woman that had been raped, and her current state was the most devastating scene.

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