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Chapter 151: Listen to him and follow him!

Zhang Xiao Qiang stared at Shangguan Qiao Yun, despising her in his heart. She wasn't even at his level, and dared to say she knew how to drive?

Shangguan Qiao Yun was frightened and glanced at Zhang Xiao Qiang apprehensively. Noting that he wasn't angry, she heaved a small sigh of relief and restarted the car to exit the carpark and drive towards the gate.

Watching the Land Rover drive smoothly, Zhang Xiao Qiang turned depressed again, 'maybe it's just me?!'

As he directed her, the Land Rover soon stopped at the garage, and Zhang Xiao Qiang came down, immediately noting that something was wrong. "Fuck…" He cursed silently and ran towards the garden. Indeed, the secret entrance had been opened. He pulled out his gun and rushed down, turning on the lights and immediately discovering that half the resources had been gone. The clothes and beddings were missing, 10 rice bags had disappeared. Some other daily necessities had been removed as well. Even the drill had been taken away.

Shangguan Qiao Yun was shocked beyond words by what she saw. She had not expected Zhang Xiao Qiang to have such a stash of stuff hidden here. How many zombies had he and his women killed to gather these many things? She could not help but felt more reverence for his abilities. Those dozens of men back at the chicken farm had not been able to do what these few women and this man had done. This was ability, following this man was sure to be the right choice.

Zhang Xiao Qiang was at a loss for words regarding Su Qian. This was after all what he intended to leave behind for the future. "Even if you wanted something you should have left some words! How could you just transport them away noiselessly?! You think I wouldn't give you? You should have at least said something!"

He remembered the stash of firearms deep in the cave and his chest tightened. He grabbed his handphone and proceeded in. Shangguan Qiao Yun followed him tightly, the dark atmosphere giving her the chills. She was stunned by the beautiful display of stalagmites before they came to the platform. She followed him down the narrow tunnel and saw the numerous boxes and crates.

Seeing that the firearms were untouched, Zhang Xiao Qiang heaved a sigh of relief. This was his private stash. If she had found it, he wouldn't even have tears left to cry. He turned around, only to see Shangguan Qiao Yun standing there, dumbfounded. His heart skipped a beat, shit, in his haste, he had forgotten about her. Now she knew about it as well. He looked at her, his thoughts complicated. At the very beginning, he rejected her advances, but she had stuck with him. In the end, he had softened and allowed her to follow him but intended to treat her as invisible. Yet she had given him a warm memory, and just as he thought that their fate would end once they went to WH, he had given her the precious rainwater. Now, she had seen his biggest secret.

"You shouldn't have followed." He pulled out his handgun, his words menacing.

Shangguan Qiao Yun instantly felt the color drain from her face. As she looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang in the dark, as he held his weapon, she realized she could not make out his expression. She realized, she had seen something she shouldn't have seen. She could suddenly imagine her fate, as she looked at him, her tears flowing down from her face. Her mouth began to mutter incoherently, as she closed her eyes in fear, waiting for death to fall.

After a while, there was still no gunshot, and she opened her eyes slightly in trepidation, using her hands to block the bright light from the phone. She looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang in the dark, uncertain.

"You have 2 choices now, of course, you can choose neither." His cold voice resounded once more.

She held her breath, his words carried some form of hope. Right now, she would agree with any of his requests, if she could live, who would be willing to die?"

"One is to follow me forever, you'll do whatever I ask you to do, the other….."

"I choose 1!" Shangguan Qiao Yun interrupted Zhang Xiao Qiang, in the first place, she had already set her mind on following him. Now, he had given her this choice, it was the chance she had been waiting for. She would obviously take it, and interrupt him, for fear that he would change his mind. Now she would stay by his side forever, what else would she be afraid of? Su Qian? Su Qian was just a woman with bad foresight. She had not seen the world, with Zhang Xiao Qiang possessing such skills, she didn't want to make use of it, and instead, take a bunch of rag tags to go out and try and carve a living, was the world so easy?

Zhang Xiao Qiang was interrupted midway and felt stifled. He looked at her suspiciously and said: "Don't you want to hear the rest? It wouldn't harm you to listen right? The 2nd…."

"I will only choose 1, and not the rest. Over my dead body!' Shangguan Qiao Yun's tone was more resolute, increasingly worried that Zhang Xiao Qiang was regretting his decision. She wanted to make sure he had no reason to decline her following him. To her, being with him was the safest. He would not treat her as a toy, as long as she worked hard, she might become a comrade, someone of use to him.

"Damn…" Zhang Xiao Qiang cursed out silently, his thoughts were truly wasted. He had wanted to learn from his superior in the past, using some hard and soft tactics to make her swear her loyalty amidst her tears. Who knew she had immediately chosen to join him without so much of a thought. Was she not afraid that he would sell her off?!

Zhang Xiao Qiang took out a gun from one of the crates and handed it to her. She had seen the boxes and knew that they were filled with good stuff, but she had never expected that Zhang Xiao Qiang would give her one. Wasn't the test to grab a hammer and swing it? How come he suddenly just gave her a gun?

She was not clear, but Zhang Xiao Qiang was extremely clear. Su Qian's betrayal was still affecting him somewhat. He had pulled her out of the pit, yet she had run off on her own and even took his private stash. He had not hit her once before, and he had finally thought through it. Each person had their own lives to lead. By forcing his thoughts upon others, they might end up going against it. That was why he decided to give Shangguan Qiao Yun a gun, her own life would be in her own hands from now on. He couldn't care about everything else. He was already not afraid of those D2s or S2s, after all, he could be considered somewhat of an expert already. At the very least, he could definitely escape from a D2. He had no fear towards the normal zombies at all and was prepared to settle He Wen Bin and the rest before going to find the D2 that blocked the way to WH and fight it out, clearing the path to WH.

Shangguan Qiao Yun took out the gun from the oil cloth, noting that the gun was extremely slick. If it were in the past, just a slight touch with dust would cause her to be disgusted. She might even feel annoyed the whole day. However, now, even when her entire hand was covered in grease, she was filled with joy. She took up a cloth thrown on the ground to clean it and began to toy around with it. There was now an additional insurance on her life, yet she didn't harbor any ambitions, just muttering inwardly: "Listen to him and follow him! Only a fool would be like Su Qian."

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