As the Result of I, a Former Eighth Grader Syndrome Patient, Took Advantage of Psychology Effect, Somehow I Ended up Having to Conclude an Agreement with the School's First Beauty Chapter 3

As the Result of I, a Former Eighth Grader Syndrome Patient, Took Advantage of Psychology Effect, Somehow I Ended up Having to Conclude an Agreement with the School's First Beauty -

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Chapter 3

TL’s note : 『ワンクラップの法則』seems only avalaible in Japan only, so I think it’s the law that Japanese made. There’s no English translation so I make it into “One clap law”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Kido Souta. Perhaps I will cause a lot of inconvenience to you, but let’s all work hard together.”

After write his full name on the blackboard, he deeply bowed down towards his classmates.

Then, he closed his eyes and started to think.

Because there is a ‘one clap law’, I can’t afford to fail to make the first impression… If I make a bad impression now, my school life is over.

For now, it’s not about excelling in appearance or social factor. …it’s inevitably about personality factor.

While thinking like that, Souta continued to bow in a few second and,

“Souta, it’s okay. You don’t need to be so serious.”

Then, I can hear the teacher’s words.

No good… Because I think too much, It looks like I’m frozen to the spot.


As I respond, I become a bit nervous. I slowly raise my head -and then,


That voice which is like tsukkomi

It wasn’t an interesting tsukkomi, but as not obeying to “Don’t speak” words that Minase said, a tsukkomi appeared at the classroom that was once dominated by silence. It’s enough to show that the classroom was in Caligula’s effect.

TL’s note : Caligula effect, For example : Someone told you that you mustn’t watch that film, but somehow there is an urge for you to watch it.

After that, laughing voices started to leak out… Thus, it become a big wave of voices which flooded the whole classroom.

…Except for one student.

I don’t know why she allows it now, but this is lucky-.
 his forced smile, Souta felt relieved. After that, one student stood up.

“Taniguchi Sensei, Is it fine if I ask question to Koda-kun?” (Eri)

As that student spoke, the classroom was calm down once again.

“You can go on, Minase” (Taniguchi)

“Yes, then without delay, Koda-kun, do you have anything like speciality?” (Eri)

Minase, who received permission from Taniguchi, faced toward Souta, and asked him with their eyes locked on.

Because of her unhesitant look, I was kind of intimidated…..

“U-n, speciality is it… Right, If it’s a simple fortune telling, I can do it a bit.”

“Fortune telling is it… I, like fortune telling. If it’s okay now, Would you like to try fortune telling about me?” (Eri)

“N-now?” (Souta)

“Yes. Now, please do.” (Eri)

Wh-what? Wow, for saying to do it in front of all the classmates… Also since I start to talk, she didn’t look away from me at all.

Usually, deliberately locked eyes with someone who aren’t close enough with you, unless you have excessive self-confidence or prominent, you would think uncomfortably and the pressure makes your heart didn’t feel calm, then you would naturally look away from him.

Then why, you needlessly have to lock eye with me too…

Rather than companion, I feel she wants to take hold of the higher position, because I think she would like to take the initiative between us. Using that chance with locking eyes, she will try to pry into the other’s consciousness as an existence that is hard to resist.

…Aa, I see. It is on purpose. Do you really want to take the initiative that much? Well, If you have thought like that, then I have one too.

Souta, who realized Minase’s purposes, looked away from her.

“I understand. Then, please tell me your full name and blood type.”(Souta)

“……Can I tell my birthday too?” (Eri)

Minase answered a bit late as she was a little surprised.

“Yes. It’s okay.”(Souta)

Well, If it’s Minase, blood type is more than enough.

“I am called Minase Eri. Minase is as Mizu (water) and Se of Seto. Eri is written as Ai(love) and Ri from food (Ryouri). My blood type is A.”(Eri)

“Minase Eri-san, blood type A” (Souta)

While saying that, Souta took a new memo out from his bag and started to write it down.

Since writing is too troublesome, I will just pretend. Actually, this kind of atmosphere is important, so I will just keep at it.

Since I’m not doing any fortune telling anyway.

“Please wait a bit. Now, I will do your fortune telling.”

While keep pretending to write, I racks my brain.

Iyaa~If it’s Minase, it becomes exciting. Lightly using ‘Barnum Effect”, Then  I also receive cooperation from classmates (info) so it will become ‘hot reading’ and ‘cold reading’.

Staring at the memo, Souta started to speak.

“Minase-san is a serious, smart person. She has an excellent academic performance. She also has leadership, I think she has received a tremendous trust from her classmates. Then, her specialty is in cooking. Especially, homemade sweets. Well, around those.” (Souta)

After Souta finished speaking, he put his memo and pen back into the bag and stood like before.

“Aren’t all things spot on!”

“Fortune telling by blood type, amazing!”

“Is Koda-kun really a transfer student?”

“Perhaps Minase-san’s acquaintance?”

“Minase-san’s homemade sweets is like God-made! I’m serious!”

“Nee! Why do you know that much?”

“Fortune telling about me too!”

“Me too me too!”

Amazing~The info providers are you all, you know? And fortune telling by blood type, you all arbitrarily believe in it just because you’re convinced that I’m right.

“It’s just a fortune telling. I have done it from middle school. Then, how about it, Minase-san? Are they right?” (Souta)

Eri, who fixed her gaze attentively at Souta until before, sharpened her gaze for a moment. She gave me a fierce look, but her expressions went normal to her usual dignified-expression as she saw her eye to me.

Aa? I feel like I’m just unexpectedly being glared, well I don’t care. Because she won’t say “it’s wrong” to the statement that all the students have convinced.

“A….it’s spot on. For your fortune telling to be this accurate, sorry for not recognizing it.” (Eri)

Saying that, she deeply bowed her head to Souta.

Before Souta reacted to Minase’s action, the first to make a fuss were the classmates.

“Amazing, transfer student.”

“Who are you!?”

“Okay,okay, stop now. Before we move to gymnasium, let’s pick two names for class representatives. It can either follow my recommendation or your recommendation.”  (Taniguchi)

The classroom was silenced by Taniguchi words before an uproar sounded thorough the classroom.

After receiving Taniguchi’s word and seeing the classmates’ restlessly figures, it’s like watching another person’s attendance.

TL’s note : Perhaps it’s like when some actor come, then you will say like, “Oh, he comes, he comes.”

Class representative huh, really troublesome. Well, I am a transfer student so I won’t be chosen. It’s great to be a transfer student only at time like this… More importantly, When will I sit!? Then, where is my seat!?”

Souta breathe a sigh of relieve in his heart, but a familiar student once again stood up.

What is this déjà vu…. I have a bad premonition.

Eri looked at Souta for a split second. Just a moment, she showed her smile but her eye that didn’t laugh, so that only Souta understood about it.

--Correction. It’s not a premonition, I am sure about it. She certainly would do something. What will I do!!!

“Taniguchi sensei, I recommend Koda-kun. For him to get used to this school, I think the best way is to become a class representative.” (Eri)

“That’s certainly but…. This sudden, Souta will be troubled, won’t he?” (Taniguchi)

“Yes. It’s impossible for me to receive that big task. I don’t know any people here, and…”(Souta)

I want to give my utmost best to reject it, but if it’s become like this, then I’ll bring you along!

“Then if it’s me…Taniguchi-sensei, Class representatives need 2 names, doesn’t it?” (Souta)

“Aa, why?” (Taniguchi)

“Then, I also recommend Minase-san.”(Souta)

Yahooo! Serves you right! Curse will rebound on yourself, idiot!

Souta faced towards Eri, and almost instinctively shouted a joyous roar.

She understood as she looked at his face. At that time, without anyone noticing, a small natural smile floated on Eri’s face.

*Souta’s POV*

It’s dangerous, my expression almost twitched. Smile, smile.

“I see. Minase, you’re okay with it?” (Taniguchi)

“Yes, no problem” (Eri)

“Okay, everyone. Clap if you agree.”(Taniguchi)

They unanimously clapped their hand in unison,  Souta and Eri was chosen as class representatives.

“It’s early but, please go to auditorium and ask the teacher when the opening ceremony begin.” (Taniguchi)

“Yes. Then, Kido-kun. I will lead the way to auditorium." (Eri)

“Ye,yes.” (Souta)


Wait a bit! Where is my seat !? I still haven’t sit though !? At least let me put my bag firstttt!

Of course, there’s no one there to hear Souta’s rattles.

TL : o-o damn blue background...

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