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The entrance was in front of a grand wooden stairway.

The handrail was polished to such a fine luster that it could've been considered a mirror shine, had it not been for the wood grain.

A group of roughly twenty year old was currently occupying that beautiful stairway.

Looking closely, you could see that they weren’t one large group, but several smaller cliques.

Among them was a person I knew by sight.

“Good evening, Shiori-sama. You were invited as well.”

Shiori eyes trembled as if she’d never expected me to call out to her.

“Go…… good evening, Mizuki-sama.”

“Hey! Are you just ignoring me?”

That shriek interrupted Shiori’s greeting.

It was the woman who made the “Frankenstein” remark from before.

“I was wondering who you were calling out to, were you talking with me? In the first place, who are you? I remember everyone acquainted with the Sagara.”

I pretended to be bewildered even as I held back my laughter.

“No one would mistake our appearance for Dracula, but I’ll apologise for the misunderstanding.”

“What do you mean? No matter how you look at it, this is definitely the appearance of Dracula!”


As loud laughter broke out, Shiori gently told us:

“No matter how you look at it, it must be a hustler since you are carrying billiard cues.”

Ariwara and Hayate presented the boxes that held the cue sticks, while another bout of laughter followed Shiori’s comment.

“Also, you’ve made a fundamental mistake.”


The woman who made the mistake glanced between Shiori and me with a look that said she never expected anyone would call her out on it.

“Yes. I’m surprised that someone could make such a mistake.”

Despite Hayate’s glare, Tachibana tried to confront the woman.


“Frankenstein is the name of the doctor who created the monster. Not the monster itself, that is.”

Standing in front of her, I brushed aside the bangs framing my face to expose my forehead

“There isn't a single scar on my face, is there? It’s unblemished. Therefore, I can’t be his creation.”

A smile began to form in the corners of my mouth.

“What! Why is that she-devil the one being doted on, Shiori-sama is the victim here!!”



At the same time the woman shouted, Hayate yelled and Tachibana tried to control his voice, there was an explosive sound that silenced everyone.

“……Shiori!? Why……”

“Apologize for the disrespect that you showed Mizuki! Apologize to Mizuki and leave immediately. I don’t want to see your face ever again.”

Shiori had slapped the woman's cheek.

She angrily glared at the woman with a harsh expression.

“Shiori-sama, I……”

“It’s pointless. Mizuki was the victim of my foolish mistake. Even though I am at fault, people like you stand there and badmouth Mizuki.”

“It, it isn't like that! She just survived a major injury and everyone keeps telling her how praiseworthy she is. She should've died back then!! That way, nobody would be bothering you, Shiori-sama!”

Her loud mouth continued to spill more and more ugly words.

A cold lump began to form in the depths of my heart.

Ah, it’s like that?

Why did I awaken……

I didn’t want to hear such things.

Did I seal away Mizuki’s heart when I woke up?

Would she have died without me?

Though no one wanted to be told this, there was no explainable explanation for me not to die, yet I survived anyway.

A disgruntled sigh escaped my lips as I looked down at the woman still rubbing her cheek.

“I should've died? I am of the Sagara family. I choose to live because to do otherwise would be to abandon my duty. I’m only allowed to die once that duty is fulfilled. You do not carry such a role, do you? Ah, your lack of ability must be the reason no one would entrust you with one.”

A sorrowful whisper transformed into a red-faced rant in an instant.

“Are you hoping that people will pay attention to you, or even remember who you are, if you sprinkle a bit of malice?”

“What arrogance! Everyone here…… eh! You can’t say that!!”

The women that had been behind the loudmouth had fallen back like the receding tide.

She turned around and gave a questioning look when no one joined in with her.

To put it bluntly, there was no way they would.

My presence meant that the other Sagara would show up later.

In addition, the sons of the Ariwara and Tachibana houses stood with me.

Though I was unusually angry right now, everyone knew the dangers crossing my family brought.

“……Which family do you belong to? I would know you if you had been invited by Otomo-sama. For you see, I am like Nanami-sama's cherished niece.”


When the surrounding people realised that someone who didn't receive a direct invitation was quarreling with an invited guests, some noise started to appear in the back.

“My, my. Welcome, Mizuki. My, how lovely! What a hustler you make.”

A woman in a dress with a lavish lace collar was approaching with open arms.

This distinctive collar!

She was definitely the Queen of England.

“Thank you for the invitation, your majesty Elizabeth I.”

It was Nanami-sama.

It wasn’t strange in the slightest. Rather, it looked like the real thing.

“It has been such a long time! Let me get a good look at you. Ah, you’ve gotten so tall.”

Nanami-sama was smiling as she hugged me and placed her hands on my face.

“Nanimi-sama. If I’m not mistaken, didn't we meet two weeks ago?”

“What did you say!? I haven’t seen you for two whole weeks? The young ones change a lot in a single day.”

“I didn’t grow taller.”

“Is that so? Still, your handsomeness is on the rise.”

Nanami stroked my cheeks with a mischievous chuckle.

“Nanami-sama, can I ask you something?”

“Yes, anything.”

“If you’re Elizabeth I., then what kind of costume is uncle going as?”

“Philip II.”

Nanami answered with a happy smile.

So that was it!

Why did this couple choose rivals?

“Ah! Such a thing! I’ll tell you!!”

After answering my question, Nanami seemed to have realized something.

“Mizuki you’re so handsome, you should have come as Don Juan!”


That was impossible for my age.

Don John was the younger brother of Philip II., and was known for being quite the womanizer.

He was gifted in both literary and military arts and served as the governor of an enclave far away from his home country.

His talents as a military commander were so great, it was said that he was partially responsible for Spain’s prosperity.

Philip both loved and was jealous of his handsome and talented younger brother, and eventually had him killed.

Even if I was asked to become a famous handsome man who became the subject of an opera, I was still troubled by it.

“Shall I hold a masquerade party this winter?”

You’d go that far just to see me as Don John.

“Shouldn’t it be Anna Karenina in winter?”

Winter= Russia in my mind and I unintentionally threw out Tolstoy.

“My, how cute! You as the noble officer Vronsky.”

Was my part already cast!?

“Then, you all can be Vronsky’s young colleagues.”

Her Majesty smiled as she addressed the hustlers behind me.

Their parts had been decided too!?

“Nanimsama, would you mind if I introduce you?”

“Yes. I want to remember you as Mizuki’s friends next time we meet.”

Nanami played the part of the smiling hostess as I introduced Ariwara, Tachibana and Hayate.

Introducing them to Mrs. Otomo had great meaning behind it.

If they asked her for anything, they would now be treated as I would be.

Nanami would also scrutinize them to make sure they were worthy of accompanying me.

If they came up short, we would be separated and forbidden from speaking to one another.

Of course, I wasn’t worried in the slightest.

“Well, don’t just stand in the entrance way you handsome men, come in and enjoy yourselves. Please show off your billiard skills in the game room.”

“With pleasure, your Majesty.”

Tachibana bowed respectfully.

“Such a graceful gesture. You’ve been well educated.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Allow me to lead you to the game room…… huh?”

Nanami’s gaze traveled from Tachibana to the loud woman.

“And who might you be?”

She placed her hand on her cheek with a suspicious expression.

“Are you accompanying someone? You weren’t with any of those who have greeted me so far.”

She questioned the woman in a quiet tone, but her eyes were ice cold.

Even if you were accompanying someone, it was common courtesy to greet the host before anything else.

Frankly speaking, Nanami saying that she wasn’t sure who you were was quite astonishing.

“Umm, Nanami-sama! I……”

“Be silent! Who said you could speak my name without permission?”

Nanami’s attitude drastically changed in response to the woman’s words.

Was it called the dignity of a queen?

“Only my important friends may address me by that name. I don’t even know your name or face, so why are you using it? Your costume is unsuitable as well. Why don’t you leave?”


“The person you are accompanying is equally unreasonable. If the two of you would be so kind and never show your face to me again?”

The ostrich feather fan in her hand closed with a loud snap.

Without making a sound, a man in formal attire appeared from the depths of the crowd and took the woman away without any resistance.


Anyone could enter the entrance hall.

Here, you had to show someone your invitation to go any farther.

It’s likely that one of the formally dressed men contacted Nanami-sama when the commotion started.

By the way, the origin of Nanami-sama’s name was related to her birth circumstances.

Her parent’s family was a prestigious, known as 'the king of the shipping industry'.

It was a famous patriarchal family, but it seemed the former heads of the household wanted to have a girl.

When the long-awaited girl was born, they claimed that 『Her beauty and talent would span the seven seas』so she was given the name 『Nanami』was given in the hopes that she would fulfill that wish.

Her mother insisted that Nanami wasn't a boy’s name.

You could tell that growing up with that name had an effect on her.

I was allowed to call her 『Nanami』simply because she didn’t want me to call her Obsama.

Only those who didn’t care about their well-being would defy a woman’s heart.

Let's leave that aside. Honestly, who was that woman?

No one seemed willing to answer my question.

In the middle of this delicate situation, Shiori-sama stepped forward.

“Otomo-sama, for causing such an uproar, please accept my apology.”

“As long as it doesn't happen inside, it is fine. Shiori-san's engagement has also been decided, so this will become your last party. Shouldn’t you take your time to enjoy it?”

“Thank you very much.”

We’d finished our greetings and, after their brief conversation, I finally understood why Nanami-sama had invited Shiori here.


“What is it?”

“I saw an acquaintance I would like to talk with. Can you take my friends to the game room?”

“Yes, of course. I’ll ask them how things are going for you at school while I guide them, Mizuki.”

“Thank you.”

We shared a mutual smile while I remained in the same place and Nanami-sama started to walk off.


“It’s alright, Hayate. Go on ahead. I’ll catch up shortly.”

I pushed Hayate's back, urging him to go ahead..

“If you take too long, I'll come looking for you.”

“Yes, yes.”

I nodded at Hayate, as I had to give him that much, before turning to Shiori.

“Were you waiting for me to arrive?”

Shiori’s shoulders jumped when I called out to her.

“Because my grandmother and I frequently visit Nanami-sama, I know a lot about this mansion. There’s a very beautiful garden here, would you like to see it?”

Hearing my invitation, Shiori gave a small nod, her resolve visible on her face.

“Then, this way please.”

I slowly began walking after saying that.

The other women from the entrance didn’t follow.

Only Shiori came along.

We passed through the terrace and made our way to the garden.

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