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Which Highness?

The more Feng Yu Heng fought, the more difficult it became. The number of people dressed in black seemed in increase the more they fought. Huang Quan saw that things were not going well. Pulling Feng Yu Heng, she retreated while defending: “Young miss, there is a river behind us. Let’s go towards there.”

“Ok.” She did not dare speak too much. She did not dare waste any energy. With the help of Huang Quan pulling her along, they ran towards the river.

When a sword came cutting across, she would tilt her head based on the sound of the wind. Sometimes she would be a little slow and some hair would be cut off.

Vaguely hearing the sound of running water, she thought that they would not be too far from the river, but what could they do when they reached the river? She still hadn’t told Huang Quan that she absolutely did not know how to swim!

In that momentary lapse of concentration, a person clothed in black rushed before her. Feng Yu Heng became infuriated and wildly used her strength. Pushing away Huang Quan’s hand, she aimed straight for that person’s carotid artery.

The person in black completely underestimated her. A girl that had just passed ten years of age, although it seemed that she had some skills, but her small and weak body made it seem like it had no lethal ability. Thus the enemy did not even bother to dodge what Feng Yu Heng did.

But people were often times considered careless. Feng Yu Heng truly was tired to the point of exhaustion; however, what the person in black did not consider was that she still held some silver needles in her hand. Most importantly, they were anesthetic needles that she had pulled from her space.

A few needles neatly entered the carotid artery, and that person suddenly ceased all movement, as though frozen in time. Even the sabre fell from their hands. Closing their eyes, they collapsed, dead.

Huang Quan was startled, thinking that something had happened to Feng Yu Heng. Turning her head, she saw Feng Yu Heng had taken care of one person and could not help but give a thumbs up: “Young miss is amazing!”

She gave a wry smile. The chances to exercise were few. It was not a guarantee that every enemy she faced would see her be so lucky. Moreover… it’s so tiring! Her lungs were on the verge of exploding.

The two retreated all the way to the river. It was a very wide river with a slow and steady current. Feng Yu Heng remembered that she had passed by this river when returning to the capital from Xi Ping village. She did not think that when she returned again, it would be because she was hunted.

Huang Quan firmly grabbed her hand and repelled an enemy before loudly saying: “Young miss, jump in the river and escape first! I will cover the retreat!”

Feng Yu Heng really wanted to say “I don’t know how to swim,” but before she could say it, she saw a hoard of people in black suddenly change their battle tactics. They all retreated slightly and swapped their swords for bows. Their arrows were all dyed a dark green, clearly having been poisoned.

Feng Yu Heng’s heart sank. She no longer cared if she knew how to swim or not. Pulling Huang Quan, she jumped with all her might. Splash, they jumped in to the river.

Huang Quan pulled Feng Yu Heng and quickly sank, in order to avoid those poisoned arrows that would pierce the surface of the water.

Feng Yu Heng did her best to keep her eyes open and watch the surface of the water. The green of the poison slowly spread in the water, but there were no blood red flowers that bloomed, which allowed her to relax a little.

Unfortunately, she had held her breath to the absolute limit. After gurgling a few times, her consciousness slowly became hazy.

Vaguely seeing Huang Quan hold her while swimming forward as fast as she could, she wanted to tell Huang Quan not to worry. Unfortunately, when she opened her mouth, the water from the river rushed in. Feng Yu Heng helplessly closed her eyes and finally lost consciousness…

Feng family’s second young miss had gone out to investigate her shops. It was well in to the evening, and she still had yet to return.

Within the capital, rumors sprouted up from all over. It was unknown where and when it began, but people were saying that the Feng family’s second young miss had been robbed by criminals. It was entering night time, and if she could not be found soon, perhaps her reputation and moral integrity could no longer be preserved.

In reality, it didn’t need to be night time. So long as she had been successfully kidnapped, the girl’s family’s reputation had already been lost.

At that time in Feng manor, all of the masters were gathered in Peony courtyard’s main hall. Each one had a solemn expression. Even their breathing was cautious.

Not long after, a servant girl hastily ran inside and brought forward a shoe filled with mud: “Someone said that this was found outside the city near the river.”

Feng Fen Dai was the first to go over and take a look. She recognized it at a glance: “It’s second sister’s shoe. I’ve seen her wearing it before. When his Highness Prince Yu came today, she was wearing this pair.”

Xiang Rong frowned, “Fourth sister, do not say random things. Second sister was clearly wearing a dress that reached the ground this morning. When would her feet have been visible?”

“How could it not be.” Feng Fen Dai insisted on what she saw, “I definitely saw it. It was definitely this pair.”

“Alright.” Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, “Place the shoe here, you can go.”

That girl placed the shoe in the middle of the room and quickly left.

Feng Jin Yuan looked at the matriarch, saying: “Mother, what do you think we should do?”

The matriarch felt that this was an unlucky year. Chen shi was dragged in to the palace, and Feng Yu Heng had gone missing. Who was it that wanted to deal with the Feng family?

“You have sent people to look for her?” The matriarch asked Feng Jin Yuan, “We can not be muddled on this matter. Prince Yu’s people are watching us closely.”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, “Naturally, they have been looking the entire time. Son has sent many groups of people out, but none have had any news. As for Prince Yu’s people… I worry that they have already received this news. But it is possible his Highness is still in the palace and has yet to hear it.”

Feng Chen Yu wiped a tear and mournfully said: “Second sister’s hard work was about to pay off. How could this sort of thing happen. What will she do in the future?”

Feng Fen Dai added: “That’s right. Faded flower and withered willows, Prince Yu will definitely want to cancel the marriage.” 1

Although Feng Zi Rui was young, he could still understand that Fen Dai’s words were not speaking well of his sister. He immediately became unhappy “My sister definitely is not a faded flower and withered willow! That extremely powerful Highness won’t not want big sister!”

“Surely,” Seated on a soft chair that had to be carried in by servants, Feng Zi Hao glanced at Zi Rui with disdain, “Marrying an already used woman would be a galling shame to the imperial family. What could you understand at such a young age.”

“Eldest young master has grown up, but why speak such irresponsible words?” Yao shi suddenly raised her head, angrily glaring at Feng Zi Hao, “Regardless, second young miss is your little sister. Even if you do not love her, that’s fine. How can you cast stones at someone who has fallen in to a well at such a time? More over, she has merely gone missing. Husband and mother-in-law have yet to speak. Eldest young master, why are you in such a rush to pass judgement?”

“Oh-ho!” Feng Zi Hao never thought that he would see the day where the easily oppressed Yao shi would speak up for her daughter’s future.

Becoming lively, “Then concubine mother Yao, what do you think our second young miss has gone to do? Huh? Her shoes have even been taken off. Saying she’s innocent, who would believe it?”

Yao shi was not too skilled at arguing with others, especially with this sort of unreasonable person, she was unable to finish her sentences. It was Feng Zi Rui, who spoke innocently, that dared say anything. He opened his mouth and said: “Big brother, is saying this about big sister. That very powerful Highness will use his whip to whip you!”

Hearing mention of this, Feng Zi Hao felt the hot searing pain of Xuan Tian Ming’s whip from this morning. In his heart, he hated Xuan Tian Ming to death, but he had no way of dealing with that person. He was a prince, the son of the dragon. What was he?

He could not help but glance at Feng Jin Yuan. Seeing that Feng Jin Yuan was angrily glaring at him, Feng Zi Hao shrank back in fear, afraid to speak any further.

The matriarch’s cane heavily sounded a few times, as she sighed and said: “Yao shi is right. It’s not the time to pass judgement. The people that have been sent out have yet to return. Let us wait a little longer. Also,” She looked at Feng Jin Yuan: “Jin Yuan, you need to find a way to stop the people of the capital from speaking. Even fake news will become reality if spread widely enough.”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded and replied: “Ok.”

Then everyone fell silent once more.

When Feng Yu Heng opened her eyes, she could not figure out where she was.

Before her eyes was a quartz bead curtain that made her think she had returned to the modern era; however, looking again at the furniture of the room, she relinquished that bold way of thinking.

Sandalwood for beams, quartz beads for curtain and an enormous night-luminescent pearl hung above the bed, shining a soft light like the moon.

She sat up and got out of the bed, but she did not know when she had changed in to a completely new outfit. The cotton was loose and soft, making it very comfortable to wear.

Looking down, the entire floor was made of white jade embedded with glass beads. With each step, there was an extremely well-engraved lotus flower, such that even the stamen and pistil were visible. It made people that glanced at it feel calm.

Feng Yu Heng was surprised.

Compared to her Tong Sheng pavilion, which had used the things given by Xuan Tian Ming, it still did not become like this.

She was barefoot when she got out of bed, but when she stepped on the jade floor, it had a bit of warmth and was soft to the touch. It gave people the feeling of wanting to lie down on it.

It was at this moment that the door was pushed open. She froze on the spot and looked at the unfamiliar servant that came in.

Although she thought she was a servant girl, she did not look like one. The clothes she wore, the material appeared to be superior to what the concubine mothers wore in the Feng manor. Her delicate appearance was also very pretty. She also wore a hint of make up, which made her very comforting to look at.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng had woken up, the girl placed the tea cup on the table and respectfully greeted her: “Miss has woken up!”

Doubts began to rise in her heart.

Calling her miss, and not Feng family’s second young miss, meant that this was not within the area controlled by the Feng family. The greeting this girl gave was very proper. It wasn’t something a regular wealthy family’s servant girl could be trained to do.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng freeze up, the servant did not inquire further. She simply walked up and helped her to a chair. After pouring her some tea, she fetched a pair of socks and helped her put them on. Only then did she speak again: “Miss, drink some tea first. The kitchen has already prepared some food and is just waiting for miss to wake up and ask for food before they can bring it in.”

The servant spoke while walking to the door, gesturing to the people outside. Immediately, more servants appeared wearing the same clothes came forward, handing the clothes in her hands over. When that girl returned before her, Feng Yu Heng finally noticed that the clothes being held were the clothes she wore when she had left the Feng manor.

“Miss had previously fallen in to the water. This servant had changed the clothes you wore. This set of clothes you were wearing previously has been washed and perfumed. Also, a shoe had gone missing, and his Highness has sent for another to be made. Although it can not be made to look exactly the same in a short period of time, it should be enough to fool people who simply catch a glimpse of it.”

“His Highness?” Feng Yu Heng frowned, “Which Highness?”

She only recognized Xuan Tian Ming, the ninth Highness; however, Xuan Tian Ming and her did not have much to hide. Why did he not come in himself to speak?

“Where is this?” She asked again.

The servant smiled and responded: “This is imperial concubine Yun’s Winter Moon Palace.”

She let out a slight sigh of relief. Imperial concubine Yun was Xuan Tian Ming’s mother. Since she was in Winter Moon Palace, then his Highness would definitely be Xuan Tian Ming.

Who knew the servant would quickly follow up and add: “Miss had asked which Highness. It is the seventh Highness.”

“Seventh Highness?”

1: She’s saying that Feng Yu Heng has lost her purity.

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