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Cheers erupted off the unusual situation. It was an incessant clamour that filled the air. Some people rubbed their eyes lightly, they did not believe what they had just seen. Some of them sprang out. They were not able to accept what they saw.



The battle concluded with Wan Yi Ming as the loser; he also lost his life. His life that was taken away by Jiang Chen’s foot. There wasn’t a slightest power to resist the attack. A position amongst the four geniuses in the Liang Province and a level at the Ninth Grade Combat King was only a mere reputation in front of Jiang Chen, it did nothing to make any actual impact on him. Before his skull was broken and trampled to death, his weapon had already been snatched. The after effect of this had twisted all the facts planted in people’s head earlier. The fact that Jiang Chen was not eligible to be the opponent of Wan Yi Ming was gone. At most, they thought that Jiang Chen’s power could only be on par with him, but the real situation happening here was unbelievable.



“My Goodness! Has he really grown this much? He is just a Seventh Grade Combat King but he killed a Ninth Grade Combat King effortlessly? He was dealing with an enemy that is two grades higher than him, plus it was the genius of the Invincible Sect. This will be a huge loss to the sect.”



“Undoubtedly, the ability to cause disaster exists inside of him. He is the devil of devils, which one cannot use common sense to judge. When he was a Fifth Grade Combat King, he killed the Second Tycoon, who was an Eighth Grade Combat King. Now his power is two times stronger than before, killing a Ninth Grade Combat King should be deemed common.”



“This is what a counterattack means. I really want to know how he advanced two levels of Combat King within ten days.”



“I want to know what is the condition of Xiao Nan Feng and Qian WenYu now. Jiang Chen had eliminated Wan Yi Ming brutally. The next will be them. Judging by Jiang Chen’s current power, their joint effort might not be able to defeat him.”



For a moment, all gazes were focused on Xiao Nan Feng and Qian Wen Yu. Their faces were pale and drawn. They had never thought that Jiang Chen had become so scary, scary to the point that Wan Yi Ming had to make his ultimate sacrifice. They knew that their combined strength wasn’t going to be enough, but retreat wasn’t an option at all. In front of these people, that option would dampen their reputation and fame.




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