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Its been a while since we last heard about Ye Cheng. He is back today. 

Enjoy the read.

Chapter 28.2: 

Lan Ning: “…..”

“When the manuscript is due, how come you are not so efficient?”
Cauliflower: Teacher, after moving, remember first to inform the editorial department of your new address ^ _ ^

Xing Xin: Can you guess if I will do that? 

Lan Ning: “…………”

Its okay. Anyway, there are many places that will use his address. She does not believe that there is no way to get the address.

Xing Xin: Oh yes, my current house will not be sold. Any kind of books or contracts that you have, are still to be send over here. The property management team will help me collect them.

Cauliflower: ….. [goodbye]

After getting off work, Lan Ning searched her phone book to look for Ye Cheng’s number. She gave him a call. The phone only rang a few times before it was picked up. Ye Cheng that sounded like the sun answered in a clear voice: “Bian Bian (pet name for Editor), did not think that you will call me! Is there anything?”


Lan Ning smiled and said: “Do you have time this weekend? Last time, I promised to buy you a meal. Dragging it till now… how embarrassing.”

“Bian Bian wanting to have a meal with me, of course I would be free.” Ye Cheng paused for a while and then searching for some gossip, asked: “Bian Bian, is it because Teacher Xing Xin has submitted his manuscript that your mood is particularly good?”

“Now that you mentioned him, I am now in a bad mood.” Lan Ning thought of the editor who had just learned of Teacher Xing Xin moving house news, threatening her to set out to search for his new address. Thinking about it is causing her headache. She tries to throw out all these bad things: “So tomorrow, what do you want to eat?”

“I can eat anything. Bian Bian choose what you like to eat.”

“How is that possible. Said that I am treating you.”

“Whatever Bian Bian likes to eat, that is what I like to eat.”

Lan Ning laughed and said: “Then okay. I will think of what to eat and then tell you. I am heading into the subway. Hang up first.”

When she got home, Qu Tong has already got home from school. She stood at the entrance changing her shoes. “Do you have something on tomorrow? I invite you out for dinner.”

Qu Tong replied happily: “I am free tomorrow. What is the special occasion tomorrow ah?”


“Nothing special.” She wore the slippers and head in. “Remember before the guy from Imperial University whom have invited us to eat? He has invited me to eat twice. So tomorrow I am treating him in return.”

Qu Tong froze for a moment, suddenly winked: “Oh… that little handsome guy ah. The one that I originally stained his light.” She followed Lan Ning to her bedroom door. Standing at the door looking at her: “But you think that asking me to come along, is that right?”

“What is it bad?” Lan Ning strangely looked at her. She felt that anyway, if she don’t ask Qu Tong along, she will probably eat instant noodles at home.

Qu Tong with a gossipy look, laughed twice: “I think that the little guy is interested in you. So I go as a light bulb is not good.”

Lan Ning was silence for a while and then said: “Oh, then you stay at home and eat your instant noodles.”

Qu Tong quickly replied: “That is not good. I will go and help you ‘dim the light’ ya!”

Lan Ning could not help but laugh out loud: “You little fart can also help me.”

“Uh ha. Do not look at me as only sophomore. I know in this respect not less than you.” Qu Tong pulling Lan Ning’s hand, grinning: “We go to the Star Park tomorrow. March is the flowers blooming month. The sea of flowers is beautiful.”


Lan Ning’s brow moved. Star Park, the restaurant can be very expensive ah. Alas anyway, she rarely treat anyone: “Okay, let’s go Star Park.”

“That is great! But I think you better ask the guy first if he mind you bringing another person along.”

Lan Ning thought that it is justifiable. After showering, she sent Ye Cheng a WeChat message: “Tomorrow we go to the Star Park. Do you mind if I bring my housemate?”

Ye Cheng: Is that the same high school girl from the last time?

Lan Ning: Yes. Leaving her alone at home, she will probably end up eating instant noodles.

Ye Cheng: Okay ^ _ ^

Lan Ning: Thank you ^ _ ^

She felt that Ye Cheng is indeed a small angel of the sun. Really understandable guy.

Ye Cheng: It is Bian Bian treating. I should say thank you. ^ _ ^

Ye Cheng and Lan Ning agreed on a time and then both quit WeChat. Ye Cheng began to plan what to wear tomorrow. The band’s keyboardist whom is in the same dormitory, seeing him in front of the mirror checking out clothes, could not help but joked: “Ye Cheng classmate, pushing the band rehearsing tomorrow and now dressing so coquettish. Who are you meeting tomorrow?”

As he was saying it, the other two buddies in the same dormitory also checked out ye Cheng followed by booing twice.

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