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"Perhaps it's time to buy a car..."

Bei Feng mumbled in frustration. He had forgotten about that important detail. Where the hell was he supposed to find a ride this late at night?

The trees along the road swayed gently in the wind, and Bei Feng walked along the road with the robot beside him. There were only a few cars zooming by occasionally and nobody bothered to even look at the strange duo.

'Eh? High voltage electric cables?' Bei Feng's eyes followed the overhanging power lines which spanned across two mountains not far away. Quickly beckoning to the Ripper, the two hurriedly dashed into the woods.

The woods were filled with mosquitoes, but none of them was able to do anything to the two overpowered weirdos. Forget about the fact that one of them was a robot, they couldn't even pierce through Bei Feng's skin no matter how much they wanted to!

Bei Feng furrowed his brows with annoyance. Even if the mosquitoes did not suck his blood, their incessant buzzing was still exceedingly annoying. A bountiful mental power surged out of Bei Feng, causing all the mosquitoes to flee in an instant.

"Go and recharge."

Pointing at the tall electric tower with its tens of power lines, Bei Feng commanded before moving far away himself. The Ripper was not afraid of electricity, but he was! What if he got an electric shock from the leaked electricity?

With the power core of the Demon Slayer in one hand, the Ripper began to scale the electric tower.

"Pa! Pa!"

In no time, it had reached the top of the electric tower. Extending a finger slowly, it lightly touched the high voltage cables. A large amount of sparks immediately flew outwards from the point of contact. Great amounts of electricity and sparks surged around the Ripper's body!

Bei Feng casually walked away from the mountain. The Ripper would return by itself after it was done recharging.

'Hm? Not good!'

Bei Feng's hyper senses detected something falling right above his head. With a hasty kick, he immediately shot a few meters backwards.


A ball of fire dropped right in front of Bei Feng, blasting a large hole in the ground!

Approaching cautiously, he saw that it was the Ripper who was lying in the hole. Sparks and blue streaks of electricity were popping about fiercely with crackling noises. Strands of green smoke also emitted continuously from the robot.

"F*ck! Don't tell me that it broke just like that?!" Bei Feng widened his eyes with disbelief. The silver white armor of the robot looked black and sooty. No matter how he looked at it, it seemed like a pile of trash metal.

"Recharging completed! Battle mode can be maintained for 8 hours; normal mode can be maintained for 72 hours."

Bei Feng heaved a sigh of relief. If the robot was able to speak, there shouldn't be any big issues.

The Ripper slowly rose out of the pit, shook off the soot around its body and followed behind Bei Feng without a word.

Early the next day, Bei Feng arrived on the mountain again, cultivating according to Minor Illumination Breathing Technique. The Ripper was left at home to look after the mansion.

After the practice, he took the opportunity to take a look at the progress of the White River Rice at the cliff. What he saw left his mouth open with astonishment.

He had just seen the newly planted White River Rice the day before. At that time, its stem was only as thick as a pair of chopsticks. But within such a short time, it had actually become as thick as a chicken egg! Although the plant was not very tall yet, its bark was actually like that of an old tree, with numerous cracks and patterns around it! There was actually an ancient and calming feeling to it!

The trunk of the plant was only half a meter tall but it's crown was over a meter tall! Crisp green leaves the color of jade adorned the crown of the plant, so clear that the morning dew on it looked like sparkling jewels!

What caused Bei Feng to feel a bit of regret was that no matter how he searched, there wasn't even a sign of a flower on the plant, let alone a fruit.

"Perhaps it still needs more time... little foxy, this White River Rice plant will be left in your care from now on. You can come over to fertilize it everyday as well."

Bei Feng looked at the little fox on his shoulders and said.


The little fox immediately shook its head in protest, clearing unwilling to become a lowly gardener.

The corner of Bei Feng's mouth twitched slightly. "We'll split the fruit 30/70!"

"Meep? Meep!"

The little fox cocked its head as if in serious thought. It was obviously moved by the proposal as it began to calculate with its claws before gesturing in the air.


Bei Feng pursed is lips and tapped the little fox lightly on the head. This little fellow was too greedy! After gesturing for half a day, Bei Feng finally understood what the little fox was trying to say. It wanted to split the fruits with 70% for itself and 30% for Bei Feng!

"The best I can do is 60% for me and 40% for you!" Bei Feng stated sternly.

"Meep!" The little fox nodded happily in response. Its eyes narrowed into slits as it meeped excitedly.

Seeing the little fox's actions, how could Bei Feng not understand the little fox's actions? It simply wanted to scam as much as it could! If he was a little more resolute, don't mention 30/70, the little scammer would probably even accept a 20/80 offer!

'D*mnit! I've been tricked by the little fox!' Bei Feng shook his head with resignation. But looking at it another way, wouldn't it be up to him to declare how much was the 40% when it came to harvest day?

The poor little fox did not even know that it was being schemed against as it ran back to the mansion excitedly to collect the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King's innards.


As for Song Wen, whom Bei Feng had met a while back, he had been in a state of mental torment the past few days due to the appearance of the pearl bracelet. Finally unable to bear it, he steeled his mind and found someone to start digging at the mountain!

Of course, he wasn't about to do something as crazy as digging the entire mountain apart. He will only dig towards the direction which Bei Feng had shown him. As long as he had enough materials to make a pearl bracelet for himself, that would be enough.

Song Wen found three workers, paid them 400 yuan a day and brought them to the cliff at Mt. Qing Ling.

After giving some brief instructions to the workers, he quickly retreated to the shade of a nearby tree and sat down with his grandson on a couple of portable stools.


"Big Might, what do you say is wrong with the heads of these rich people? For the sake of a stupid root, they were willing to pay us so much money?"

A rough and muscular man asked as he placed a chisel against the rocky cliff and started hammering.

"Who cares? Whatever the reason is, I'm happy as long as I'm getting paid. I still wish there were more of these crazy rich people everyday!"

The man called Big Might chuckled as he worked. A good deal like this did not come around everyday.

"You're right, everything is fine as long as there's money in my pocket," the muscular man nodded.

"Dang! Dang!"

The rough sounds of metal striking against metal rang out as large chunks of stones began to roll off.

The party had been digging for the entire morning, and it was already one in the afternoon. They had already dug 1 meter into the cliff, but apart from a small empty hole which remained the same no matter how deep they dug, there was no sight of any root.

"Boss, should we still continue digging?"

Big Might walked up to Song Wen and asked with some uncertainty.

They've dug for so long and didn't come up with anything, so they were a little worried that the old man might lose his patience.

"Go and eat something first, we'll continue digging after you've all eaten." Song Wen answered with some hesitation. His thoughts wandered back to that young man who had led him here. Could he have been tricked? But now that the bow had been drawn, he had no choice but to follow through with the shot!

No matter what, he had already spent the money. So he might as well let them finish the job. If he still could not find the root at the end of the day, he could only give up.

After a round of lunch, Song Wen remained in Qing Ling Village for a rest. Old people were really different from the young.

The moment the three workers returned, they immediately resumed their work. Within an afternoon, they managed to dig over three meters into the cliff!

"We've almost dug a f*cking tunnel through this damn mountain already. What kind of root is there that could worm its way through this rocky cliff which does not have any cracks?"

One of the workers complained as he tossed his hammer aside and plopped down on his butt, massaging his wrists in a disgruntled manner.

"Forget it, we'll stop here for today. It's almost 7 anyway, so it's time to eat."

Big Might also put down his hammer. At the same time, a small movement within the small hole which had always been there regardless of how deep they dug caught his eye. Without thinking, he moved closer to take a look.

"This job will probably be canceled after today. That rich boss can't possibly have so much money to burn to want to continue on this meaningless task."

Another person shook his head with some regret. The digging had not yielded any results, so the boss would probably not ask them to continue digging.

"Big Might, pack up quickly and we can leave. What are you still doing there?" The muscular man kept his tools and turned back to look at Big Might who was squatting beside the cliff.

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