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The Form and Will Fist manual was incomparably profound—even after it'd been translated and transmitted into Bei Feng's mind, it remained extremely difficult to comprehend. But at the very least, he could understand the words now.

The entire content of the Form and Will manual was seemingly carved into his mind, causing him to be unable to forget it even if he wanted to.

Su Bai and the rest finally awoke around noon. The first thing they smelled upon regaining consciousness was a thick herbal aroma.

"You're awake? I'll bring you something to eat right away," a young Daoist said as he bowed politely.

"Wait, Fellow Daoist, I want to convert, become a monk and learn cultivation!"

Su Bai hurriedly scrambled out of the bed. However, just that bit of movement felt somewhat jerky, as if he was a rusty robot.

Despite that, his face was still filled with yearning. The events of the day before had made too big of an impact on him. This was the first time he discovered that the pugilistic Wuxia world really existed!

Seeing this, the little Daoist only shook his head lightly and turned away, completely ignoring Su Bai.

'If I could possess this kind of superhuman abilities, wouldn't I be able to do anything I want in this world?'

The way he saw it, those three characters he saw yesterday were rather young as well, but they were already so powerful. In that case, cultivation should not be too difficult. He might as well apprentice himself to the temple and, after a few years, he could still do whatever he wanted. The skies were so vast. What was there to constrain a bird from flying freely through it?

Wu Xiaoli and Lin Qingya were also slowly awakening at this point. The two girls appeared somewhat wan and pallid. Quite obviously, they'd received a huge fright.

The little Daoist returned very quickly with three bowls of clear porridge. Of course, these three bowls of porridge could not be compared to Bei Feng's. Even so, the broth was still a rare, nourishing tonic soup.

Su Bai and the rest who had gone on without food for an entire day could not help but swallow involuntarily as they scooped out a spoonful of broth. As they ate, a comfortable warmth emanated out from their stomachs, causing their entire bodies to relax and heat up.

"What a delicious porridge! What is this made of?"

Wu Xiaoli felt some unwillingness in her heart as she swallowed the last bit of porridge. This simple-looking bowl of porridge was unexpectedly the most delicious food she'd ever tasted!

'If I could obtain the recipe for this, wouldn't I earn a fortune if I opened an organic porridge restaurant?'

"This is a special tonic porridge prepared specially for our three guests. It has the effects of improving your constitution, replenishing your Qi and nourishing your blood. The preparation process is extremely complicated," the young Daoist said.

The meaning behind his words was clear: "I'm not telling!" Actually, it wouldn't matter even if he revealed the recipe. Not mentioning the complicated preparation process, the costs of the ingredients was not something a normal person could afford!

"Thank you, Little Master!"

Only Lin Qingya bowed sincerely to thank the young Daoist.

"Little Master, I wish to join the monastery and learn cultivation!"

Su Bai walked up to the young Daoist and said seriously.

"Valued guests, if there's nothing else you require, please return."

The young Daoist shook his head lightly and walked away, completely ignoring Su Bai's request.

"Wait! Hold up, Little Master! If you're willing to let me join Mount Longhu, I'll give you a million yuan! How about it?!" Su Bai rushed forward and stood before the young Daoist again as he shouted a number that even he felt was extremely high.

"Please return!"

Su Bai did not even manage to see what the young Daoist had done. He only saw the young Daoist's palms flicker slightly like a fish before a huge force pushed him aside.

Su Bai's eyes flickered with unknown emotions. However, he did not dare to continue pestering the young Daoist. The fighting scene yesterday resurfaced in his mind as he looked at the back of the departing young Daoist. If he was the one on the receiving end of those attacks, he would definitely have been blown apart!

"Darling, should we ask this Mount Longhu for a compensation? After all, we'd all been implicated by them! Who knows if there will be any lingering injuries because of that shockwave yesterday?" Wu Xiaoli suggested as she looked at Su Bai.

"That's not very good, right? The mountain was originally closed to prevent something like this from happening. It was us who insisted on sneaking in. Besides, they could be considered to have saved our life."

Lin Qingya said unhappily. She felt that Wu Xiaoli was still fine in other areas, but she loved money as if it was her life. At this rate, she would get into huge trouble sooner or later.

"It is precisely because of this that they would be afraid. If we threatened to reveal the entire matter to the outside world, do you think that they won't be scared?"

The more she spoke, the more resplendent was the excited gleam in Wu Xiaoli's eyes. In the face of the countless criticism on the internet and the potential loss of huge amounts of profits from the entrance tickets to the mountain, she felt that the other party would definitely agree if she asked the recipe for the porridge.

Su Bai was similarly somewhat tempted by the suggestion. But, he still held some reservations in his heart.

"This kind of opportunity will not come again once it's missed! I have to give it a try at least! Besides, I wasn't bullsh*tting about the possibilities of retaining hidden injuries from yesterday's events."

Wu Xiaoli walked resolutely out of the door. Su Bai revealed a conflicted expression and, gritting his teeth, he also hurried to follow her. Luck and fortune were found amongst risks anyway!

"Wait for me! Are the two of you nuts?!"

Lin Qingya stamped her foot and rushed after them. Birds of a feather truly flocked together! Those two were both absolutely insane when it came to money and benefits!


"Esteemed guest, the abbot is unable to visit personally due to some matters, and had sent me to tell you that there's some results about the matter which you had inquired about."

A young Daoist stood outside Bei Feng's residence and reported respectfully. At the same time, he was regarding Bei Feng with curiosity.

'Is this the person who slayed two Xiantian lords in the Demon Subduing Hall? He doesn't seem to have three heads and six arms!' the young Daoist mused to himself.

"I've troubled you."

Bei Feng nodded and straightened his robes as he followed the young Daoist out.

"Little Daoist, wait!"

As they rounded a bend in the path, a shrill female voice pierced through the air as a girl ran towards them huffily.

'Hm? Why is this person still here?'

Wu Xiaoli only took a brief glance at Bei Feng and completely ignored him. This person was just a small character with a bit of money. He wasn't even particularly good-looking, and was naturally unable to enter Wu Xiaoli's eyes.

"Young Daoist, we got injured at your Mount Longhu; aren't you going to take responsibility for it?!" Wu Xiaoli demanded fiercely.

"Right! Mount Longhu must give us an explanation today!"

Su Bai also approached aggressively.

How could the poor young Daoist be the match of these two weirdos in an argument? Within a few sentences, Wu Xiaoli and Su Bai had already turned white in black, claiming that Mount Longhu needed to compensate them for mental and hidden injuries since they were injured here.

Bei Feng stood to the side quietly and did not say anything. However, his brows were slightly furrowed as if he was becoming annoyed.

"Do you know who is my dad?! Let me tell you this, my old man is the vice mayor of this city! Do you believe that we can take away this mountain area with just a single sentence from him?!"

After bombarding the poor young Daoist for a long time and seeing the weak posture he was in, Su Bai completely relaxed his heart. So what if you knew martial arts in the present day society? You still had to bow before authority!

"Alright, that's enough! What is the point of bullying a young kid?!"

Seeing Wu Xiaoli and Su Bai behaving so disgracefully towards a young monk, Lin Qingya completely exploded with rage.

"Qingya, what's wrong with you? Which side are you on? We are the victims, okay?"

Wu Xiaoli never expected that this usually quiet and demure friend of hers could actually flare up in such a scary manner.

"Right, Qingya, we are the real victims here! If we don't clarify things properly and something happened to us after we go back, who should we look for? Should we just dismiss it as though it was just some bad luck?" Su Bai asked with a face full of righteousness, as if he was fighting for the good of the rest.

Lin Qingya fell completely speechless as she stared at the two. After hearing what they'd said earlier, how could she still believe their current words? All these were obviously just a bunch of excuses!

"That... my father is the Province Governor. I-is the vice mayor bigger or the governor?"

A weak voice floated out while the three were bickering fiercely.

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