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"Catch that thief!" Just as Yan Tian was getting ready to head back into the company, he suddenly heard a voice.

His gaze followed a somewhat-aged old man chasing after a young guy running. The old man ran and shouted to catch the thief, but the young man ran quite quickly. It could be seen that within his hand he held a black briefcase and ran at lightning speed.

But at this time, there still weren't many people on the main street. Currently, a majority of people were taking their lunch break, and the remaining people on the street didn't want to cause trouble, so they didn't help the old man stop the young guy.

"Hmph, I'll go. Daring to rob an old man in broad daylight?" Yan Tian finished talking, then chased after.

Yan Tian's speed was quick. In a short moment, Yan Tian overtook the young man. Yan Tian immediately stuck out his foot and tripped the young guy to the ground.

"You dare to stop me? Do you know who I am?" After the young guy was felled to the ground by Yan Tian, he looked at Yan Tian furiously.

"I don't care who you are, but in front of I, your papa, you robbed another person's belongings, moreover an old man's? Of course I couldn't watch with folded arms." Yan Tian used his foot to step on the young guy's back and said.

A short moment later, the old man caught up. Picking up his bag, and looking at the items inside, he suddenly let loose a breath of air.

"Young man, thank you. If it weren’t for you, this old man wouldn't know what to do." The old man looked at Yan Tian and gave him his thanks.

From head to toe, the old man was rather stringy. His wizen appearance resembled that of an osprey. Yet his tanned, dried face and short grizzled beard were especially lively. His deep set eyes were particularly bright and contained seldom-seen sharpness.

"Hehe, no need to thank me. I was on the road and upon seeing such injustice, I took the opportunity to help, nothing more." Yan Tian simply spoke the truth.

"Oh, pretty good, young man, hahaha." The old man looked at Yan Tian and laughed.

The old man was thinking to himself as he looked at the item inside the pouch. Looking at Yan Tian and the guy underneath his foot again, he shook his head. With his hand, he took out a small box from the pouch. It was unknown what was inside.

"Ah, I'll give it to you, OK? Take it and go back to give it to him. I know you guys really want it, however, I can only give you guys this much. If you guys still don't know what's good for you, don't blame me for being impolite." The old man handed over the box in his hand over to the young guy.

"I shall pass it on to the head, farewell!"

The young guy finished speaking, then prepared to leave; however, how could Yan Tian let him go? If must be known that he was a thief. He should hand him over to the police.

"It's OK, young man. Let him go, alright? There are some things you don't know." The old man looked at Yan Tian who hadn't released the young guy and said.

"Alright, I'll let him leave!" If both parties involved said to let go, then Yan Tian naturally wouldn't dim-wittedly bring the man over to the the police station. If he had brought him to the police station, he reckoned there would be a big mess of trouble anyway.

After the young guy got up, he turned to look at the old man and once again look at the black briefcase. He then fled away at a mind-numbing speed.

"Young man, I thank you today. If there's an opportunity later, we shall meet again." The old man looked at Yan Tian and thanked him.

"Oh my, don't thank me. Your thanks is still better than the greatest benefit of money." Once the old man thanked Yan Tian again, he blushed. He had done nothing more than catch a thief.

"Hehe, young man. Don't tell me you're not curious about the things inside this bag?" The old man suddenly looked at Yan Tian and asked.

"Not at all. Something I should know, I'll naturally know about it. Something I shouldn’t know, but do know will on the contrary be of no good." Yan Tian watched the old man and said.

"Hehe, good, good! What a good young fellow. What's your name?" After the old man heard Yan Tian's words, he suddenly laughed.

"Yan Tian."

"Hmm, I'll remember you. If we are brought together by fate, we shall naturally meet again. I shall take my leave."

As soon as the old man finished speaking, he hitched a taxi and left. Yan Tian didn't know who the old man was and he didn't ask. He had no interest in asking as well.

After looking at the time, Yan Tian then turned around and returned to the company. The company had just discovered a massive affair, so currently all the company employees were all quite bustling. Of course, Yan Tian was the exception.

Yan Tian walked into the elevator and rode it to the chairman's office. Opening the doors to the office, he spotted Liu Ruoxin who was still sound asleep, sprawled on her desk. From the corner of her mouth, a little saliva leaked; it was unknown what she was dreaming about eating that was so delicious.

Yan Tian didn't have anything to do, so he leaned forward on the desk and looked blankly at Liu Ruoxin. Liu Ruoxin was quite pretty. Looking at Liu Ruoxin, her beauty was deeply captivating.

Meanwhile, in Fengan City's five-star Far Magnificence restaurant within a luxurious private room. In fact, this was the room that Yan Tian and Liu Ruoxin had gone to during lunch.

Vice Chairman Zhang was currently alone drowning his sorrows in booze. He didn't go to the karaoke bar because he was currently thinking of only laying his mind to rest with his lonesome self.

He was irreconcilable. He was undoubtedly the chairman of the Liu Family Conglomerate's clothing company, but why did Liu Ruoxin have to suddenly appear? He was so close to regaining his position as chairman, but Yan Tian had cut him off halfway? Of course he was unwilling!

"Yan Tian, Yan Tian, Yan Tian. At the pivotal moment you spoiled my grand plan." Vice Chairman Zhang said, then took the cup of alcohol and smashed it on the ground.

Vice Chairman Zhang angrily took the table and flipped over all the things onto the ground. Picking up the table, he threw it again. Taking big gulps of alcohol, his expensive white shirt had been stained by alcohol long ago.

Suddenly Vice Chairman Zhang suddenly seemed to think of something. He immediately righted the table and took out his laptop and put it on the table, taking out his cell phone and quickly searched for a website and entered his password.

The only that could be seen upon entering was the image of a sharp blade. It appeared to be the symbol of an organization. Vice Chairman Zhang looked at it and suddenly laughed.

"Hehehe, Yan Tian, oh, Yan Tian. Since you've ruined my big plan, I'll let you pay in blood. Hehehe, I hope you don't have an easy time and wish to stop living." Vice Chairman Zhang looked at his computer screen and laughed uproariously.

After he finished speaking, Vice Chairman Zhang then released an announcement on the website. When he was done announcing the information, he then jumped to a payment page. Vice Chairman Zhang thought the payment was 5,000,000 USD, so when converted to RMB, it would be 34,000,000 RMB.

Vice Chairman Zhang had hired a hit man. Sharp Edge was currently the world's biggest assassination organization, furthermore, their reputation was sterling. As long as you went through this website and issued an assignment, and so long as someone accepted the assignment, the Sharp Edge would guarantee the mission would be completed. Granted that the no one could complete the mission, they would compensate the client with twenty percent of the commission.

Sharp Edge's influence covered the entire globe. Their killers had no definite quantity and it was possible one of their killers could be a middle school teacher. They could be a white collar company worker or a government worker. Perhaps even a roadside beggar.  

Sharp Edge's assassins could be divided into A-rank assassins, B-rank assassins, C-rank assassins, and D-rank assassins. Among the A-rank assassins, they could all be already considered Grandmaster assassins. Since there weren’t that many A-rank assassins, A-rank assassins could accept an assignment and get at least a ten million USD commission as they pleased.

Yan Tian was an A-rank assassin in Sharp Edge. It was rumored that above A-rank assassin there was the S-rank assassin. However, S-rank assassins were all legendary existences. Yan Tian hadn't seen an S-rank assassin, but he felt that his master should've been an S-rank assassin. His master had never mentioned it, but he just knew that his master could waste him in a second. Therefore, Yan Tian believed his master was at least an S-rank assassin.

After Vice Chairman Zhang posted the assignment, several tens of seconds later, Hua Nanhu, a B-rank assassin, had accepted Vice Chairman Zhang's assignment.

It must be known that Vice Chairman Zhang had put down his hard-earned savings formed from his sweat and blood this time. To gain revenge on Yan Tian, he had spent five million USD to request a B-rank assassin to come and assassinate Yan Tian.

"Hahahaha, Yan Tian. If I want you dead, haha, you will die, hahaha!" Vice Chairman Zhang seemed to have already seen Yan Tian's corpse as he burst into joyful laughter.

"Ring Ring Ring" At this moment, a telephone ringing caused Yan Tian to immediately regain his wits as he was in the midst of staring at Liu Ruoxin.

Liu Ruoxin had woken up as well. Just as her eyes saw Yan Tian leaning forwards staring at her, she immediately glared at Yan Tian, then wiped her mouth free of saliva and answered the phone.

"Hello, Liu Family Conglomerate clothing corporation's Liu Ruoxin." Liu Ruoxin answered the phone, then gave her standard, common address.

"It's for you." A short moment later, Liu Ruoxin rolled her eyes and handed the phone over to Yan Tian.

"For me?" Yan Tian was curious. Who had found him? Furthermore, this person had called Liu Ruoxin's office, yet he himself didn’t know what Liu Ruoxin's private phone number was.

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