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"Hello, who is this?" Curiously, Yan Tian answered the telephone.

The only thing that could be heard on the telephone was a woman with a standard London accent speaking english: "Heart King, who have you offended?"

After Yan Tian heard this voice, he suddenly glanced at Liu Ruoxin at the side. It was merely that Liu Ruoxin appeared not to have heard this, furthermore, looking at Yan Tian looking at her, she said: "Hurry up, don't you know it's time to work?" She finished talking, then took the initiative to walk out.

"What are you doing? How did you get this telephone number? " Yan asked puzzledly in english.

Don't worry about how I called you. Have you recently offended anyone or not?" The woman asked.

"Nope, what's up?" Yan Tian thought of no one. After he had returned home, he had maintained a low profile and hadn't offended anyone.

"You really haven't? Someone just spent 5,000,000 USD to hire a B-rank assassin to kill you. Be careful." The woman said quite worriedly.

"What? Hehe, someone hired a B-rank assassin to assassinate me?" Are you sure it really wasn't a S-rank assassin?" Yan Tian laughed like he had just heard an enormous joke.

"I'm not joking with you. You don't believe our intelligence?

"Alright, I probably know who it is. Don't worry, ok? It's not a problem. A B-rank assassin can come to die." Yan Tian said, his voice full of confidence.

"Oh, Yan Tian. Since you've come home have you missed me?" After the woman heard Yan Tian say it wouldn't be an issue, she questioned him.

"Stop, hold up, stop, the boss is coming. I'll hang up first, bye bye!" Yan Tian didn't answer the woman and hung up.

Yan Tian thought to himself that he had recently offended Huang Le, and today, Vice Chairman Zhang. Therefore, among these two, one of them had definitely hired the assassin. His enemies in the past wouldn't idiotically hire a B-rank assassin to kill him.

Meanwhile at this time in London, a girl sat at the side of a computer holding a cell phone. She angrily cursed in her london accent in english: "Damned Yan Tian, stinking Yan Tian, you dare to hang up the phone on me! If something happens later, don't look to me, hmph!" After she finished cursing, the girl took the cell phone she was holding and threw it on top of a bed.

Yan Tian didn't really pay all that much attention to a B-rank assassin coming to kill him. Although a B-rank assassin could be considered a high-leveled assassin, letting a B-rank assassin assassinate a tiny office worker was like using a racehorse on a merry-go-round.

However, in Yan Tians eyes, a B-rank assassin was too weak. It simply wasn't worth looking at. It must be known, that even an A-rank assassin wouldn't be able to easily wound Yan Tian.

Yan Tian merely didn't know who wanted him dead. Although Yan Tian had already held suspicions towards someone, he was unsure. Yan Tian thought to himself as soon as he knew who it was that wanted to kill him, he would definitely come and take revenge.

This was the style Yan Tian used to handle his affairs. In general, he didn't provoke anyone, but if someone provoked him, Yan Tian would definitely come for vengeance. Since childhood, Yan Tian wasn't someone who would suffer a loss.

After Yan Tian thought about it, he started to work. He felt that his work was ridiculously easy, such that if he wandered about aimlessly behind Liu Ruoxin's back it would be OK. Of course, this was only what Yan Tian was thinking.

As Yan Tian passed the day of "hard" work, the time to get off work had finally come. Just as Yan Tian was enthusiastically preparing to leave work, Liu Ruoxin suddenly called out to him: "Where are you going?"

"Chairman Liu, I'm going home!" Yan Tian explained.

"What? Leave work? If you leave work what am I going to do?"

Upon hearing this, Yan Tian was displeased: "You should get off work too. I still want to go home and eat." Yan Tian immediately replied.

"I hired you as my bodyguard. If I don't get off work, how can you get off work? After I get off work, you need to bring me home as well. After that, I need you to take me to the company at six in the morning. Furthermore, as my bodyguard, there's no vacation. If you ask for leave even once, I'll deduct a week's worth of wages." Liu Ruoxin recalled that since Yan Tian had taken advantage of her in the afternoon by staring at her while she was sleeping, so she was angry.

"Ah…… If you want me to serve as your bodyguard and chauffeur, it's not ok, not at all. I want more money. Before we agreed upon 200,000 RMB to only be your bodyguard."

As soon as he heard this, Yan Tian was dissatisfied. He had to bring Liu Ruoxin home as well? And bring her back to the company at six in the morning? But most importantly, he had to serve as her driver? Yan Tian didn’t know what to to do. Although he liked beautiful woman, he wouldn’t suffer financial loss just because the other party was a beauty. Thus, Yan Tian was going to demand for more wages with a thick face.

"Ok, I'll give you 500,000 RMB per month. Good enough?" Liu Ruoxin saw Yan Tian's unwilling expression to take a loss and wanted to smile.

In fact, Yan Tian needed not to speak for Liu Ruoxin to increase his salary. Not even counting her recognition of Yan Tian's extraordinary skill, Yan Tian had helped her retain the company today. Giving Yan Tian several hundred thousand more wages wasn't that much. Moreover, Yan Tian was also serving as her driver.

"Oh, that's pretty good. I'm gonna go eat. What do you want to want eat? I'll bring something back for you." Yan Tian looked at Liu Ruoxin and saw she had not eaten anything at all in her office, so he asked her want she wanted to eat. He would conveniently bring something back.

"Bring me back anything. Something light is good." Liu Ruoxin looked at the document on the table and said.

After Yan Tian agreed, he then optimistically went to the employee cafeteria to eat. The company cafeteria was located on the fourth floor, so to get to the cafeteria he had to take the the elevator.

Just as he entered the cafeteria, Yan Tian smelled the scent of all kind of gourmet delicacies. Yan Tian sighed in admiration; these large corporations were really quite different. The cafeteria was of such a high-grade, and there needed nothing to be said about the surrounding facilities

The only thing seen within the cafeteria were neatly arranged tables and chairs. It was merely right now that it was seemingly empty. Currently, it was time to get off work so, the company employees had all gone home. Naturally, not many people were willing to stay behind at the company and eat the employee meals.

In any case, the company cafeteria was divided into two regions. One region was where the majority of ordinary workers dined in. There were ordinary tables and chairs in their dining area. Yet in the other region, it appeared to be slightly more luxurious. This area was where a majority of the company's high-level executives dined in. The surroundings in comparison to the ordinary workers' dining area was much more tidy.

Yan Tian looked all around him and went to a quick meal window to order food. Needless to say, the company's cafeteria meals were quite exquisite. Two meats, one vegetarian, and one soup. Furthermore, it looked like there were all kinds of colors and flavors. It didn't lose out to a mid-grade restaurant outside in even the tiniest bit.

Yan Tian quickly ate the food, then wrapped up a portion and rushed back. Running while humming a tune, he encountered the rolling eyes of some company workers in his path.

"Chairman Liu, eat quickly, OK? This is the light food you wanted." Upon returning to the office, Yan Tian took out the food and passed it over to Liu Ruoxin, waiting for her to open her mouth and begin eating.


Liu Ruoxin seriously looked at the document on her table, responding, but not saying another word. Her face held not the faintest of traces that she wanted to eat.

Several minutes later, Liu Ruoxin glanced at the food Yan Tian had brought and immediately set down the document in her hand, saying: "Where did you get that food?"

"The cafeteria, what's the matter?" Yan Tian looked at Liu Ruoxin's rather strange expression. If he wasn’t supposed to go to the cafeteria to get it, then where was he supposed to go? The bathroom?

"Don't you know for the food I eat there's a specialist chef? Liu Ruoxin said to Yan Tian.

"Oh! Chairman Liu, I didn't know. How about I go get you another a platter?" After he finished speaking, Yan Tian thought to himself that Liu Ruoxin was quite good. Even for the food she ate there was a personal chef.

Once Liu Ruoxin heard Yan Tian's words, she shook her head, gently laughing: "Forget about it. In fact, I'm not all that picky about what I eat.

Liu Ruoxin ate rather slowly, carefully chewing and swallowing. She ate while reading the document as Yan Tian was forced to stand respectfully as her side without anything to do. His first day of work didn't appear to bit unwelcoming.

Yan Tian accompanied Liu Ruoxin in overtime until a bit past eight o'clock, then he and Liu Ruoxin entered the elevator to the parking garage. Looking at Liu Ruoxin's red Porsche, he was very happy, thinking to himself that he could finally leave work and go home.

Yan Tian's sixth sense was especially strong, so as Yan Tian and Liu Ruoxin sat down in the red Porsche and prepared to leave, Yan Tian discovered there was someone in the parking garage paying attention to him. Yan Tian could roughly guess who it was, but he didn't turn his head. Acting as if he didn’t see anything, he started the car and left the parking garage.

As the red Porsche left the parking garage, within an unassuming corner in the parking garage, a black commercial Buick also started up.

After he drove for several minutes, Yan Tian looked through the car mirror and saw a black commercial Buick trailing them in the distance. Yan thought it over, then turned the car steering wheel towards a desolate location and drove.

"Hey, this isn't the road; quickly go back." Liu Ruoxin had swiftly discovered Yan Tian was going on the wrong road.

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