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Yan Tian didn't heed Liu Ruoxin's words, instead turning his head to look at the car in the back and seriously saying: "Chairman Liu, in a moment, no matter whatever happens, you can't say a thing."

"You…… You, what do you mean?" Liu Ruoxin was rather bewildered.

"There's an interloper." Yan Tian said and parked the car in an area without people, then hopped out of the car.

"What?" Liu Ruoxin watched Yan Tian stop the car, then get out.

Just as Liu Ruoxin finished speaking, the black Buick stopped not too far away as well. From the inside of the car, a man wearing black night clothes came out of the car.

"Mr. Yan, hello. I'll introduce myself first. I'm Hua Nanhu. Today, I've been entrusted by someone to take your life." The man said with a rough voice, emitting a murderous spirit from a distance.

Upon seeing the man, Liu Ruoxin stumbled back several steps. She felt a sensation. A sensation that made her back run cold. She felt that the man before her eyes was very terrifying.

"Big brother, who are you? You and I hold no grievance, nor hatred!" Yan Tian took on a frightened appearance.

"Hehe, indeed, we hold no animosity, however you offended someone who you shouldn't have offended, so that person has hired me to claim your life. Ah, yes, that person wanted me to tell you that you should have never ever served as a bodyguard for the Liu Family Conglomerate."

"Vice Chairman Zhang? Why did he do this?" Once Liu Ruoxin heard Hua Nanhu speaking, she guessed it was Vice Chairman Zhang.

The exchange of words had rather startled Yan Tian. Other people were unclear about Sharp Edge, but he clearly understood. To ensure the safety of the employer, Sharp Edge provided anonymity to the mission issuer. When the assassin accepted the mission, they wouldn't know who they were handling the work for.

"Hehehe, the beauty is truly intelligent. I admire that." Hua Nanhu laughed heartily.

"According to what I know, when you guys accept the mission, you can't contact the employer, right?" Yan Tian asked uncertainly.

"How do you know that? After Hua Nanhu heard Yan Tian's words, his eyes widened greatly.

"Not only do I know you're not supposed to contact the employer, I also know if you privately keep it away from the organization that you and the employer met, your organization will punish you." Yan Tian smiled coldly at the man.

"Who on earth are you?" After Hua Nanhu heard Yan Tian's words, his face was etched with dread.

It was unknown from where had he taken it out from, but Yan Tian held a playing card: "Who I am isn't important. What's important is that you shouldn't have accepted this request."

As soon as Yan Tian finished speaking, he flicked his wrist and the playing card flew towards Hua Nanhu.

However, Hua Nanhu was a B-rank assassin. His reaction rate was abnormally fast. His head leaned to the side and dodged Yan Tian's playing card. Turning his head, he looked at playing card, which had pierced into the Buick behind him.

Once Hua Nanhu got a look at the playing card he was terrified. It wasn't because the playing card had flew into the car that made him feel fear, but because of the suit and count of the playing card he caught a glimpse of.

Upon merely seeing the seemingly ordinary suit and count of the playing card that flew into the car was the king of hearts, normal people would say it was quite ordinary. However, In Hua Nanhu's eyes, the playing card was akin to a death sentence.

The king of hearts. Others probably wouldn't know, but to international mercenaries, assassins, narcotics traffickers, or perhaps secret government organizations, they all knew it well.

When assassins went in for the kill, they always acted carefully and cautiously. After they finished their assassination and left the scene of incident, they would destroy all evidence. Perhaps they would produce a traffic accident or engineer an unexpected mishap that would make the police unable to find any single trace.

Yet every time the Heart King went out on a mission, after he finished his assassination, he would always leave behind a king of hearts at the scene of the crime. Furthermore, no one had ever seen the Heart King's true appearance. Of course, besides Yan Tian and the people close to him.

The Heart King had never made a miscalculation. As long as he stared down his prey, he would never let them escape. Thus, in the entire mercenary world and assassination circles, the Heart King would cause people to tremble in fear.

It was only natural that after the Heart King finished his assassination that he would leave behind a king of hearts so that many people would know. After some people would complete their assassinations, they would leave behind a king of hearts to implicate the Heart King. However, these people would mysteriously vanish. No one knew where they had gone.

Two years ago, an A-rank Grand Master assassin didn’t believe such information, so after he completed his assassination, he left behind a playing card to shift the blame to the Heart King. However, two days later, someone discovered a that person's corpse in Genshi forest. His throat and heart were separated with a glass flying needle inserted into them. A playing card had been stuck in his forehead, and it had been the king of hearts.

From that point onwards, no one dared to shift the blame onto the Heart King again. Since the Heart King was too secretive, once many people heard the name of the Heart King, their backs would grow cold.

"You…… you are Heart……"

Hua Nanhu spoke, but was unable to finish. A flying needle flicked by Yan Tian flew into his forehead.

Yan Tian impassively looked at Hua Nanhu who laid on the ground with his eyes wide open. Thinking back that it was Vice Chairman Zhang that wanted his life, Yan Tian's murderous desire rose.

Originally, Yan Tian didn't know who had wanted to kill him and could only make conjectures. But now, he knew who it was. Given Yan Tian's nature, it was inevitable that he wouldn't let Vice Chairman Zhang off.

While Yan Tian thought of how he planned to settle his dispute with Vice Chairman Zhang as soon as he could, the most important matter currently was still escorting Liu Ruoxin home first.

"Alright, Chairman Liu, get into the car!" Yan Tian thought to himself, then turned to the terrified Liu Ruoxin and said.

A moment later, Liu Ruoxin slowly regained her wits and looked at Yan Tian, saying in a dazed: "Yan Tian…… Y-you killed a man……"

"If I didn't kill him, then he wouldv'e killed me, so I was left with no choice." Yan Tian said quite gravely.

"That…… Won't you get in trouble? If you kill someone, you'll go to jail." Liu Ruoxin said worriedly.

Yan Tian gazed at Liu Ruoxin's worried face, then once again looked at the playing card on the black Buick: "Be at ease, there won't be an issue."

"Really? You won't go hiding abroad?"

"Hehe, If I say nothing is going to happen, then nothing is going to happen. Don't worry about it. It’s just that I hope you can keep this a secret.

"Sigh, if you can laugh about it, then it looks like you have it under control. Don't worry, I won't speak of it to anyone." Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian reassured face and it set her heart at ease.

It was merely that Liu Ruoxin was now rather curious about Yan Tian. What had he done before? Why was the last twenty years of information completely blank? It shouldn't be that he was some sort of secret government character, right?

Yan Tian speedily brought Liu Ruoxin home. She lived in a small villa decorated in european style with two levels. The ground was covered in marble floor bed, and the upper level was covered with delicate materials. In the living room a gorgeous crystal lantern hung suspended, and there was an exquisite french tapestry hanging on the wall. The whole style was luxurious, abundant, and beautiful, teeming with a strong rustic style.

Yan Tian looked at the decorations within Liu Ruoxin's home and suddenly felt a warm, homely feeling rise from the bottom of his heart.

"Why are you standing there foolishly? Come in quickly!" Liu Ruoxin looked at Liu Ruoxin dumbly standing at the entrance and yelled.

"Hehe, nice, such a big house just for yourself?

Yan Tian discovered that surprisingly there were no servants. In this day and age, what family villa didn’t have a single servant?

"Yesterday, Auntie Sun had something going on at home, so she went back for two days. Tomorrow, she'll come back."

"Oh, so it was like this!" After Yan Tian heard Liu Ruoxin, he nodded his head.

Liu Ruoxin stepped out of her shoes, then gave Yan Tian who was sitting down on the sofa a stirred cup of coffee.

"Here, drink up."

Yan Tian looked at the cup of coffee before him and said: "Chairman Liu, why is it seems you enjoy learning about western housekeeping?

"Hmm? Why do you say this?"

"Your office is styled in a mediterranean fashion and the Far Magnificence restaurant is also mixed with european style. Inside your home, there's also a rustic european style. Right now, you've given me coffee as well." Yan Tian explained himself.

"Oh my, you know an awful lot." Liu Ruoxin was truly becoming more and more curious of Yan Tian. He really knew a lot.

Yan Tian smiled and took a sip of the coffee. He closed his eyes and slowly savored it.

After a moment, Yan Tian opened his eyes, looked at the coffee in his hands, and slowly said: "This coffee has a strong fragrance and an intense bitterness. On the surface of the coffee, there's a light layer of coffee oil. Hmm, if I haven't guess wrongly, this should be Italian coffee. Right, Chairman Liu?"

"You're pretty good. You can taste it." Liu Ruoxin looked at Yan Tian in surprise.

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