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Hey, Don't Act Unruly! 喂, 别乱来!Chapter 21

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Lin Yuan was beaten, he was raging. He suddenly stood up from the ground, and pounced at Yin Ze. Yin Ze dodged, but couldn't dodge and met with his fist.

The two came together momentarily, wrestling against each other.

On the side nobody went up to mediate and Niu Niu yelled at Yin Ning: "Mama, the bad guy is hitting Uncle, hurry and let Mantou out!"

Gao Yulan speechlessly started, thinking this child, do you want your Mantou to come out and bite him? He would probably wave his tail cutely , without any use against the bad guy.

The two police officers watching on the side were not happy at all, do these two want to die? To actually dare fight in front of them!

The two police officers hurriedly went to stop the fight, not caring how they were going to manage it, why not just take all of them back and question them.

The two were in the middle of fighting and the police officers came over. Lin Yuan swung his fist and Yin Ze dodged it. The fist smashed into a police officer's head.

Yin Ze seeing this rapidly moved his body and doged behind the police officer and lifted his hands obediently, then said loudly: "Police Officer, he attacked the police, he attacked the police."

Lin Yuan regretted a lot, he really was regretting. He wanted to get back together with Yin Ning, he wanted to take care of his daughter, but he lost his cool. His temper was too bad and he messed everything up.

Currently the chaotic Yin Ze came and he after a couple punches, it allowed for his head to cool down.

He really was stupid, he was just showing that he was bad and stupid.

Lin Yuan stopped breathing heavily, and corrected his messy clothing. He crossed looks with the two police officers , and then his gaze fell onto Yin Ning.

Yin Ning was watching him, using a scornful, and empathetic expression. His daughter had rushed into Yin Ze's embrace, and he was wiping away her tear stains on her ltitle face.

"Uncle, we should release Mantou  to bite him."

Her little pale hand pointed at Lin yuan , thuis left him with a bad taste in his mouth.

As this matter was wrapped up, not going to the police station wasn't going to a option. Yin Ning handed Niu Niu over to Gao Yulan to take her to go eat, while she wrapped up this terrible event. Gao Yulan , Chen Ruoyu, and Guo Qiuchen too the child to go to McDonalds to buy some food. And according to what Yin Ze directed, went to a nearby hospital to get Guo Qiuchen checked, and ask for a injury report.

And Yin Ning, and Yin Ze went with the police to the police station.

Gao Yulan was somewhat worried, Yin Ze was hit a few times, was his injuries serious? And didn't Lin Yuan seem like a big headache, would the sister and brother be able to take care of it?

Chen Ruoyu was also worried, and she asked: "Just a moment ago I was impulsive and also hit the wretch several times. He said he was suing us, wouldn't I also be sued?"

Gao Yulan consoled her with a couple words, actually she was also uncertain. But Lin yuan didn't know Chen Ruoyu, and it could be assumed to not be too important.

Guo Qiuchen didn't have much to say, he was the unluckiest amongst them. To count every time he came over, there wasn't anything that had been good. However, Mr Guo kept his poise, and hadn't complained even one word. When they were buying McDonald's, Niu Niu had poked at his eye asking if it hurt. He just patiently chatted with the child.

Niu Niu, having her wish fulfilled of going to McDonald’s was quite happy. Although she had just experienced a n unpleasant experience, she deserved to be called a blood relative of Yin Ze's, she had quickly put the affair aside and was already mapping out the future. That is–return home and train Mantou to distinguish enemies, and bravely fight!

Goa Yulan didn't put down Niu Niu's wishful thinking, but reminded herself. Later when i see Yin Ze to tell him, to take care of Mantou's body, no, to keep the dog safe.

The three adults and child finally arrived at the hospital. Niu Niu familiar with the place was jumping all over the place running up ahead to the third floor.

The nurse seeing Niu Niu greeted her, and Niu Niu waved and ran into the clinic.

Gao Yulan hurriedly pulled her back, but she nevertheless quickly said loudly: "Uncle Meng."

A man's laughter came from the consultation room, and Gao Yulan went in. She saw a young doctor carrying Niu Niu in his arms.

The doctor's name was on a nameplate on his desk, Gao Yulan swept her gaze over it.

Isn't this doctor's name a tragedy?

Meng Gu followed Gao Yulan's sight and knew what was on her mind. He laughed: "My father's surname is Meng, and my mother's surname is Gu, so I'm called Meng Gu."

Gao Yulan nodded to his answer thinking: Coincidentally a doctor, and is even called a — Quack Doctor.

[TL: Okay so if anybody remembers from the early chapter's there was this quack doctor, well the real term was more like fake doctor, but I felt like it was funnier to put quack doctor since this novel is built on a comedic tone.

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