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The next day.

It was a Saturday.

Early in the morning, the Internet stirred with activity!

"It's going to be broadcast soon!"

"My King of Masked Singers is coming!"

"I wonder if Zhang Ye's new work will create yet another miracle in the viewership ratings. After all, the show isn't directed by Zhang Ye this time, so everything is still a big unknown!"

"I'm just waiting for tonight. I'm so looking forward to it!"

"Who are the first episode's contestants? Did anyone attend yesterday's live recording?"

"I heard that the first episode's Masked King is someone called Petal Shower!"

"Ah? Why did I hear that it was someone called Water Buffalo who became the first episode's Masked King instead?"

"Is there even a contestant called Water Buffalo?"

"Damn, are you people for real? Who's telling the truth and who's lying? Can someone please give it to me straight!"

"In any case, those who went to the live recording said that the show is very, very good!"


"It shouldn't be too bad. It's Zhang Ye's creation after all."

"Will there really be big shots joining the show to sing?"

"I don't know!"

Online news was always a mixture of truth and lie. Some people who had not even gone to the live recording would confidently tell others just who the Masked King was and who had been eliminated in this episode's recording. In the confusion, the netizens could not tell truth from fiction, so they had no choice but to wait until the night to find out during the premiere episode!

Later that morning.


Rao Aimin's house.

Chenchen was doing her homework. "Old Yang, how do you do this question?"

Yang Shu looked at her. "Solve it yourself."

Chenchen said unhappily, "Tell me how to do it."

Yang Shu shook her head. "Your aunt won't allow that."

Chenchen said in annoyance, "Zhang Ye always helps me do my homework."

"I can't control what Senior Bro does," Yang Shu said, "but I can't help you do your homework because that's only going to do you harm."

Chenchen: "…"

These days, all of Yang Shu's meals were taken care of by Rao Aimin. The only condition for this arrangement was that Yang Shu had to tutor Chenchen every day. Yang Shu was a very dedicated and serious person, and would carry out what she promised. She really was keeping her eyes on Chenchen to supervise her and tutor her, although she definitely would not help her do her homework.

Bang bang bang.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door!

Chenchen looked to the door and asked, "Who is it?"

Zhang Ye's weak voice came from outside. "Open up!"

Yang Shu instantly became spirited and ran over. She opened the door and greeted him joyfully, "Senior Bro!" However, she was startled at the sight of her senior martial brother.

Zhang Ye looked very pale and seemed like he was on the verge of collapsing. It was as though he would die the very next second. When Zhang Ye saw his junior martial sister, his legs turned even weaker as he wailed, "Help me stand! I can't stay upright anymore!"

Yang Shu was horrified. "Senior Bro, what happened to you?"

Zhang Ye cried, "I can't take it anymore. Quickly let me lie down!"

Yang Shu was extremely anxious. She quickly propped Zhang Ye up and led him carefully into the house. She hurriedly helped him to the sofa in front of them to lay him down. "Stay strong! You must stay strong!" Yang Shu was getting really anxious as she knelt down to remove Zhang Ye's shoes and quickly covered him with a blanket.

Chenchen blinked several times as she looked over. "Zhang Ye, what's with you?"

Lying on the sofa, Zhang Ye whined, "I'm gonna die. I can't make it. Where's Old Rao? Call Old Rao out now." His breathing was very shallow and he seemed about to die.

Chenchen: "…"

Yang Shu's eyes reddened, "Senior Bro! Senior Bro, you must hold on! I-I'll go and get Master Rao immediately!" Then she shouted upstairs in panic, "Master Rao! Master Rao, come down quick! My senior bro isn't gonna make it! Quickly save my senior bro!" She looked at Zhang Ye again and asked, "Who injured you? I-I will get revenge for you!"


Avenge your sister!

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes and said, "This bro isn't dead yet!"

Footfalls thudded from upstairs. Rao Aimin came trotting down the stairs. "Why the shouting?"

Yang Shu cried, "Master Rao, please come quick! M-M-My senior bro isn't gonna make it!"

When Rao Aimin saw Zhang Ye lying on the sofa wailing, she was amused. "What is going on here? Who crushed you?" Yang Shu did not know Zhang Ye that well, but how could Rao Aimin not know him? She and Zhang Ye had known each other for a very long time and she knew exactly what this fellow's style was. When she saw him behaving in that manner, she knew that he was definitely not in any serious trouble. She made her way over to him and nudged him with a foot. "Stop playing dead. You a piece of broken porcelain?"

Zhang Ye groaned but did not move.

Yang Shu said anxiously, "Please take a look at my senior bro!"

Rao Aimin shook her head as she sat down on the sofa and prodded him. "Go on, scooch in."

Zhang Ye obediently shifted closer to the backrest of the sofa.

Rao Aimin reached out and took his pulse. Eight or so seconds later, she scanned Zhang Ye. "Your old injuries, eh?"

"I'm not going to make it." Zhang Ye groaned and whined still.

Rao Aimin asked, "Didn't your injuries get better, kid? Who did you fight recently?"

Zhang Ye insisted, "No one."

Rao Aimin sneered. "Impossible!"

Zhang Ye realized he might as well tell her. "A few days ago, I sparred and exchanged several dozen moves with the master of the Lian Family Style."

Rao Aimin looked at him. "You haven't even fully recovered from your old injuries yet you still went to spar with a martial arts master? You even exchanged several dozen moves? You're suicidal! Serves you right!"

Zhang Ye was exasperated. "My colleagues and friends had been detained by their people. When I went over to sort out the problem, they gave me face and immediately released them upon my request. After that, their master said that he would like to spar with me, so how could I turn him down? Where would I show my face if I did that! Hurry up, Old Rao, get me treated quickly!"

Rao Aimin told him, "Go to the hospital and get a checkup first."

However, the instant Zhang Ye heard the word "hospital," he panicked. "I'm not going there! I'm telling you this right now: I'm not going to the hospital!" He lay there even deader than before.

Yang Shu said anxiously, "Senior Bro, just listen to Master Rao!"

"I absolutely will not go!" Zhang Ye said firmly.

Chenchen pouted. "Zhang Ye, you're such a coward."

Zhang Ye stared at her and said, "Who's a coward? It's just that I'm too famous. If I go to the hospital, it would definitely cause a stir, understand? Forget it, a little kid like you wouldn't understand even if I explained it to you."

Chenchen smirked. "Hur hur."

No matter what anyone said, Zhang Ye would never go to the hospital.

He'd slept from yesterday until today and had almost recovered from his cold and fever. The most serious issue he currently faced were his internal injuries. He would still face this situation again in next week's competition if his internal injuries were not properly treated, and everything would be in vain. As his parents were on vacation, there was no one at home to take care of him. Zhang Ye could no longer bear with it, so he decided to head straight to Rao Aimin's place, knowing that she knew traditional Chinese medicine and massage.

Rao Aimin said in a speechless manner, "Rascal, are you becoming completely dependent on me now?"

Yang Shu said anxiously, "Master Rao!"

"Alright, alright," Rao Aimin said. "I'll help you on account of you getting the injuries because of me." She then walked away and found pen and paper to write down a prescription for a traditional Chinese medicine. She handed it to Yang Shu. "Little Yang, go and pick these herbs. I've already written down the items and quantities that I need."

Yang Shu took it from her. "OK!" She turned around and said, "Senior Bro, I'll be back immediately! You must hold on!"

Zhang Ye waved his hands. "Hurry up! Take a taxi there and back! Don't go by the Third Ring Road. I got caught in traffic there when I was coming here!"

Yang Shu ran out of the house!

She slammed the door closed!

Zhang Ye laid there and made yet another request. "Old Rao, I'm hungry. Can you make some red braised pork for me? Oh yes, and chicken soup too. I must nourish myself a bit!"

Chenchen: "…"

Rao Aimin: "…"

Zhang Ye asked again, "Do you have any chicken wings? If you don't have any, can you go to the market to buy some and cook some red braised chicken wings for me? I haven't eaten those in a very long time."

Chenchen said angrily, "Zhang Ye, why are you so weak?!"

"These are internal injuries we're talking about. I can't move at all." Zhang Ye lamented, "I haven't eaten anything in a day. There's no one to take care of my meals either."

Chenchen: "…"

Rao Aimin: "…"

Zhang Ye was just going to impose himself here and lie on the sofa without moving. No matter who tried to pull him away, he would not get up. He just kept groaning and whining while asking for things to be done.

This fellow acted completely differently on and off the stage.

Sometimes, the difference between a hero and a zero was just down to a difference of circumstance.

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