In Regards To My 2nd Trip And My 7 Husbands Vol 1 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Book 1 chapter 2 · “Nice to meet you, Ciel”

Book 1 chapter 2 · “Nice to meet you, Ciel”


“Oh, kawaii “


Winsel says so, softly clapping his hands. Because I was strange clothes, there was a need to purchase new ones. For a time being I’m going to use them, but i wonder how did it ended with Winsel buying them for me? I thanked him feeling like a little kid.

With no useless decoration, just a simple long dress. A yellow-green colored dress, — it blends with the city environment, but since i have plain Japanese face, i feel like it doesn’t fit well on me. Still this is the capital city. With various kinds of races, so i don’t feel too much discomfort. When shoes are replaced with those from this world, Winsel spills words as if to flatter me.

“Ah, but when they see you, everyone will be surprised.”

I recall the boys i left without even saying goodbye. I wonderif everyone doing fine.

Do they like me still? How is that boy who could not get a good sleep when scared of ghosts? How is the one who called me ‘Mom’ by mistake?  I watched them grow, but now they are probably Knights and scattered around the kingdom. Somewhat it feels lonely.

As Winsel said, they would be astonished if they recognize me.

Although it has been ten years, anyone would be shocked if there are people who hardly change.

Imagining this makes me feel crazy, but well, they probably forgot about me all along, me..who was a kitchen lady whole decade ago.

Even in my memory, I could not imagine what kind of growth happened to them in 10 years, as they were no older than elementary school students and junior high school students.


“Everyone grew up?”

“Yes, they are now all grown up’s….. Some of them did not become knights thought. Even then it’s good that most of them got knight order…”

“Is that so?, ne~san [older sister] is happy for them” I murmured.

I felt like I wanted to see how they would grow up wildly. Because that means that they graduated from that dormitory.

It is hard for me to leave the memories of those times. Where I became delighted, Winsel raised his voice saying


“I know three Order in the vicinity of this kingdom, the one which had joined the most of them, It’s Thanksgiving now, so there are a lot of guys staying as guards, and some of them will be going to the sword fighting competition.”

I felt a little excited with the words added, it meant that it would be possible to meet boys if my luck was good.

One who could not eat a carrot? Another was crying after bedwetting?

While smiling, I thought of such things and looked at Winsel.

Winsel was looking too, as if observing me for some reason, I opened my mouth without thinking.

“Umm?”  Why are you staring at so much? I tilt my head, and Winsel smiled nervously

“No, no, nothing.”

Danger, as i thought he doesn’t want to leave education of his son with person like me.



“Sakura, come here.I will introduce you to my son” Apparently Winsel seems to be occupying an inn with his son inside.


” By the way, how old will be your son?”

“Oh, this season he will be seven, it ‘s a lot of troubles ,” he said.


And then.


“Nice to meet you, Ciel-sama” If anyone told me that it’s Winsel’s son, Huh. The face is indeed similar to him.

He studies my face and Winsel alternately, and makes a mysterious look. Mr. Winsel punches me on the back and open

ed his mouth.

“Ciel, this is a newly hired Sakura”

“Saku, La?” After mispronouncing my name he stares at me.

“Why did you hire a child?”

Child!?, hey rude boy.

Mr. Winsel smiles bitterly on his son’s remark and strokes his head.


“Sakura is not a child because she is already twenty years old, she is more then 10 years older than you, Ciel “


“Hatachi!?” [TN 20 in japanese]


I have not forgotten that the boys who were younger then me always said that i was about the same age as them, because i’m japanese i look like it ne~. And when i told them my age,i got called “Baba!” “Too old” and “Late bloom”. Unforgivable.

Ciel understood that I am twenty years old and observed me with startled face.

I responded with a smile, and Ciel finally turned around with “is that so” sound.

“Ciel-sama, please take care of me” Although he a child,he supposed to be the master and I should use honorifics.

Ciel shook his head “do not need the -sama, stop saying that troublesome word”.

Winsel nodded approvingly.

“Well, then Ciel, thank you”




“Sakura, keep your hands away”

Ciel objects while i was trying to hold his hand

“Ha ha”. So i should.

I came along with Winsell and Ciel to the city that glows with excitement from the Thanksgiving. Many gather from all over the country, and many come to sightsee from other countries.

The town crowded with people, I was walking down the street with a hand touching Ciel for a moment.

Apparently Ciel have taken a liking to me.

Mr. Winsel said, “My house is really small so there is no girl of the same age as Ciel,so he is into you now”

Huh, does Winsel even understands i’m 10 years older? I am not convinced somewhat, but it is not bad that a child who i will take care of likes me. Ciel is a bit cheeky but its cockiness is cute compared to the seedlings of a knight’s i was surrounded by a year ago.

At the same time,we connect our hands so he won’t get lost,cute kid.



Ciel, who wanted to see the venue where a swordsman’s tournament will be held tomorrow, stopped mowing and exclaimed:

“A~ah Great!”  

Certainly it’s amazing,to create such a big building without machines. I also am captivated.

While Winsel-san stroked Ciel’s head, he spun a word that we should wait here for a while.

“I will buy something to drink, so please look at Ciel.”


Said Ciel and waved his hand at his father’s back.

Ciel know of swordsmanship competition to be held tomorrow — waiting to find out what knight  will become first!

Perhaps in my world it would be similar to Kamen Rider! It is that kind of feeling.

Crazy how boy’s were the same in this aspect.


Some time passed and i someone bumped on me,i fell to the ground.

Apparently the person who hit me, hurriedly held out his hand. White gloves caught my eyes.


“I am really sorry, are there any injuries?”

“Oh, no, it’s okay.”I thanked him,taking his hand to stand up.

Looking at me with a blonde hair and blue eyes, prince-like  knight.

Tender eyes, straight nose. Unintentionally i exclaimed “Oh” for a good-looking sweet face.

Necklace that was hanging had an insignia marke with a lily flower drawn on it, it was one of the three knights orders surrounding the kingdom, the crest of the Elise Knights.

” What ?” This person looked at my face for some reason, spreading his eyes wide and withdrawing the hand I was presenting at a tremendous speed.

Ciel, who was near me, grabbed my hand in a hurry so that i will not fall from the impulse again.


“Sakura, Are you OK?”

Ciel asks and holds me with both of his hands.

So my japanese face looks that bad to others?

Ciel anxiously wonder “Does it hurt anywhere?”

I laughed and showed “okay sign.”

No, my butt may be slightly bluer but it’s okay not to show it to anyone.


“Sakura … …?”


Knight looks at me as he murmurs.

Then Ciel gazes at the man and nods.

“Let’s go, Sakura, my father will be worried”

“yeah, yeah,” I say turning to the direction where Winsel supposed to be at.


However, the knight raised a voice as if in a panic saying “Please wait!”


“Sakura, run!” Ciel exclaims with courage.


What? Although with such a small body, the pulled me with the kind of strength that i could say i was dragged by it with force..

However knight have not gave up.

He extends his long arm, and grab my left hand with his big hands.

I am pulled right by Ciel and on the left  by the knight.

Ah Stop it! My arm will brake! I tried to shout but heard the voice of Winsel.


“Sakura! Ciel”.


“Sakura,here, I found a someone you know, here, this guy is, Vios-san, …Huh? What is going on here?” I’m about to be torn down, and Winsel tilts his head,


Then, Mr. Winsel, observes Ciel, I and then the knight, in turns.

“Father, this guy is strange!”


To the voice of the son seeking help, Mr. Winsel raises a voice

“Oh! Ruiz! Isn’t it Ruiz Arven”!

A knight opened up his eyes with “Winsel-san the instructor?”.

Huh, does Winsel-san and this knight acquaintances?

I tilt my head unconsciously.


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