In Regards To My 2nd Trip And My 7 Husbands Vol 3 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Ch 1 · “O Father-in-law, O Mother-in-law…”


Let us return back to that time again.

One year ago, according to my world calendar, I traveled into the other world and spent my days cooking, doing laundry and cleaning.

And one year later, I got lost in this world again, to learn that 10 years have passed since then.

“Sakura, I will make you very happy.”

“My lovely bride.”

“I will protect you, my love ”

Somehow I have acquired two husbands…

Wearing a gorgeous white dress, I headed to a small room in the church.

Unbelievable. Will I really get married today — in another world! Besides, with two people!

Trying to accept the reality, she sniffles silently.

The elderly woman who put a dress on me and did up my hair said, “Oh my, what happened, I wonder if it was tightened too much?” And made a worried face looking at the corset.

‘No, it’s fine, I shook my head and stretched my back.‘

The wedding dress that I wore for the first time was really heavy.

Lace, frills, fine embroidery, genuine jewels. Even something like a star was sewn on the back, as if it were a yakuza marking.

The corset was painful, the dress was heavy, the husband is two people, my second life in another world did not start out well.

I didn’t have a choice but to continue to move from early morning till evening, the first different world life when I cut my fingers every time I peeled vegetables was so much better.


It seems that the woman using cosmetics didn’t hear this.

I was told not to sit on chairs so that the dress would not get wrinkled, I withstood the heavyweight dress and stared out the window.

The sky is a clear blue, the birds chirped peacefully.

“The weather is nice…”

Unlike the clear sky, my chest felt like a dark cloud was hanging over it, with thunder and lightning.

‘I want to run away.’

I already wanted to take off this dress and run away. I glanced at the door nervously.

Of course, I understood that I couldn’t do that, but ah, but …! I want to run away from the bottom of my heart……!

The door opened slowly, and two couples appeared.

Who is it?

“Ah, father-in-law’s and mother-in-law’s……”

It was the parents of Louis and the parents of Vioce, only the mothers approached me.

Each of them took my hand, saying “Sakura-san.”

“Sakura-san, you are look beautiful, you are wearing the tiara I chose, it looks great on you.”  Louis’s mother said first.

“Oh, thank you, mother-in-law.”

“Sakura, it really suits you very well, Vioce will surely fall in love with you again, and the necklace I’ve given you also looks splendid.” Vioce’s mother said.

“Oh, thank you too, mother-in-law.”

The two mother-in-law’s I gave thanks to, spoiled me with compliments, they chose the jewelry themselves, I think they are not bad people.

When choosing my dress, they said “Who cares about my son! Let’s choose a dress ourselves!” Perhaps we could become friends.

They are delighted that their son will get married, but is it okay to get married to two people at the same time—I thought, but.

“Oh well dear, is it okay with you? Isn’t it better to have more husbands as quickly as possible?”

“Should I help you find some? There is no man that would be unhappy with a wife like you.” They said.

A foreign world is a scary thing.

The two fathers also had the same reaction, a

nd their first words were.

“You should make more husbands as soon as possible. ”

“Make all seven husbands if possible. ”

It sounded like a joke, but of course it wasn’t meant to be one.

They sent me profiles for match-making. Both of them were being serious, saying that I needed to make more husbands besides their sons…!

To the terrible reality, my heart living in contemporary Japan was breaking.

While various preparations were made for marriage, I was taken care of by their parents ‘Visiting their houses one by one — Yes, one month has already passed since I traveled back! —

It would be good if there was something to do like before. But this time I didn’t have any work, everything was done by employees.

While I had food, clothing and shelter, it was very hard for me to find something to do.

But everything ended today. From tomorrow on I will be moved to a new house.

I thank my parents for their hospitality, but at the same time an uneasiness started to dwell within me.

While being praised by the two mother-in-law’s, someone came to call for them.

It was probably time for the wedding ceremony. My stomach was in tremendous pain from thinking that this was happening to me, and not someone else. Everyone left the room.


At last the bell rung to signal the wedding ceremony. I listened to the loud sound and stood in front of the door to the church.

It’s truly a virgin road where you should walk with your father, but my father was not in this world.

Winzel told me he could act as an alternative, but I apologized and refused.

A virgin road is something a person should walk with their father.

Dad, mom, I seem to be the bride of two men in this world.

I was raised carefully, but sorry for doing this. Of course, I would only have one partner in my world…!  As I finished praying to my parents, who were not with me, I opened the doors to the church.

There were two men standing there, right behind the door.

It was Louis and Vioce.

I looked at my dress and at the smiling faces of Vioce and Louis who kept their eyes on me.

“Am I really marrying them?” Their appearances were so dazzling.

Both of them wore their knight attire, and if this were a scene from a foreign movie, I might have been touched saying ”so great.” But I realize that this wedding ceremony is a reality I don’t want to believe in.

The church wasn’t very big on the inside, only the relatives of each side could sit there.

Even with only relatives, there were a lot of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers… In addition, the head of the families and branches were all present.

Of course, in the front seat, there were several men sitting around each mother-in-law. Incredible. Despite saying that it is not large, there were plenty of seats around, but in the church, people were squished in.

I was stared at by a lot of people, and wanted to run away. But my husbands misunderstood my movement as “fainting” and supported me, I got caught in their arms and could not retreat. Anxious gazes were aimed at me, but I answered with a small “I’m okay.”

Virgin Road was not meant to be walked with a husband in the first place. I decided to slowly move forward while holding various “impossible!” things in my chest.

Singing songs I do not know well, I was waiting for them to finish as fast as possible. Something was coming, and of course that was…

“Then, a kiss of the oath” I stiffened.

Wait! What, what are you saying! Kissing, no, that’s right! Well, it is a marriage so I have to kiss!

But my first kiss is still! That time in kindergarten doesn’t count! And in public at that!

Everyone smiled as if I was waiting for this all along.

What do I do?

I had cold sweat, my two husbands looked lightly and kneeled in front of me.

They took my hands and quietly kissed the back of them.

It was a beautiful scene like a landscape painting, but it is a scene I could not enjoy as I was the main subject of it.

Suddenly, the place that was kissed became hot. My face was also hot.

I blushed with embarrassment, cheers and applause flooded the room.

This was the moment when I officially married two husbands.

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