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Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong Didn't Get Any?

Invincible - Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong Excluded

If others were to know, just within a few hours’ time, Huang Xiaolong not only managed to convert battle qi but also breakthrough to First Order warrior, it probably will scare them half to death.

Even Huang Xiaolong himself finds it unbelievable, much less the others. 

Although from early on Huang Xiaolong had the suspicion that his martial spirits were not just a simple grade seven martial spirits, however, this is too heaven-defying. According to his father, the higher the grade of a martial spirits corresponds to its talents and also represents one’s cultivation speed. His grandfather, Huang Qide, possess a top-tier grade eight Six-winged Golden Ape and it took him half a year to breakthrough to First Order warrior where he only spent a few hours. In other words, his martial spirits grade is even higher than his grandfather’s. 

Grade ten martial spirits? No, grade ten martial spirits’ cultivation speed will not be this horrifying, a crosses Huang Xiaolong’s mind …

Superb-talent martial spirit!

Superb martial spirits existed only in myths and legends.

Above grade ten, there is grade eleven, even twelve, although unsure of the highest grade of martial spirits, it is certain that Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit is definitely above grade ten.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong calmed the excitement in his heart and began operating the Xuan Qin exercise law, the double-headed serpent once again emerged from behind him, with their mouths wide open devouring the world’s spiritual energy as battle qi circulates along Huang Xiaolong’s meridians according to First Order warriors outline.   

This time around, the circulation speed of battle qi was a lot faster than before, and Huang Xiaolong noticed that the battle qi within his meridians is a bit thicker, although not obvious, after circulating battle qi a dozen times, the battle qi’s thickness increase by almost half of the original.

By the time Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, the gentle moonlight has dissipated and replaced by a ray of streaming in from the window onto his small body.

Under the warm morning sun, Huang Xiaolong stretched lazily and stood up. During last night’s practice not only did he breakthrough to First Order Warrior but he reached mid of First Order.

“Mid-First Order.” Huang Xiaolong’s deep eyes watched the rising sun, according to this practice speed, within three days he would be able to reach late-First Order, perhaps even breakthrough into the Second Order warrior!

Huang Xiaolong walked out from the room to the small yard, small hands clenched into a fist, initiating his battle qi, aimed a punch towards a half-meter big rock at the corner of the small yard.

"Boom!" The sound of an explosion rang out, and the half-meter big rock flew back rolling a few meters before some pieces crumbled and scattered on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the stone and nodded his head slightly. In general, a late-First Order warriors’ battle qi has the strength of one stone, while he is only a mid-First Order but because he trained in the Body Metamorphose Scripture hat is attack power is comparable to a late-First Order.

The power of one stone is one hundred and twenty pounds.

Huang Xiaolong also found that after a night of practicing battle qi, the muscles in his body has increased and became more prominent.  

Warriors from the First to Third Order are consider as the initial stages, and during this initial stage when battle qi flows along the meridians according to the system, it helps refine the body’s muscles. By the time Huang Xiaolong reached the pinnacle of Third Order warrior, his muscles will be fully developed enhancing his reflexes, strength, and defense several times higher compared to his current body.

At this moment, light footsteps sounded from the outside the yard, Huang Xiaolong’s heart tightened, then shook his head and smiled, knowing that it is his second sister Huang Min.

Sure enough, Huang Min’s innocent, childlike voice sounded: "Big Brother, Big Brother!

Huang Xiaolong turned over and saw Huang Min running in from outside the yard till she reaches Huang Xiaolong, panting heavily: "Big Brother, Mom and Dad are quarreling.”

“Mom and Dad are quarreling? What is the matter?” Huang Xiaolong was befuddled for a moment, in his memory, Dad and Mom have never quarreled.

"I don’t know the reason, but seems it is related to Uncle.” Huang Min said. 

"Concerns Uncle?" Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly, saying: "We’ll go and see." Leaving the small courtyard with Huang Min, heading towards the Eastern Courtyard, however, even before they reach the Eastern Courtyard’s hall, from afar, the sound of their parents quarreling echoed out.

"Big Brother is too much!" Su Yan’s voice filled with anger rang out. “After the martial spirits awakening, all their disciples received a Battle Qi dan except for our Xiaolong?”

Huang Xiaolong’s pace halted outside the hall.

Battle Qi dan? This is a second-grade elixir, after awakening martial spirits if able to swallow a Battle Qidan, then converting battle qi will be effortless, and of course, warriors of the initial stage, a Battle Qi dan could also aid in enhancing the Battle Qi cultivation.

"Didn’t Big Brother already said that Manor’s supply of Battle Qi dan just ran out, he will compensate Xiaolong next time.” Huang Peng irritable voice is heard moments later.

“There was a total of twenty-six children during the martial spirit awakening ceremony, even those with low-level and waste martial spirit received a Battle Qi dan, except for our Xiaolong who is a grade seven martial spirit did not receive it!” Su Yan raised her voice in anger.

“Why is it so? Our Xiaolong is his nephew too!”

Huang Xiaolong brows are creased into a furrow, listening to his parent's quarrel, he understood that apart from him, all other disciples was given a Battle Qi dan to aid in their practice.

Two years ago, when Huang Xiaolong seriously beat up Huang Wei, at that time Huang Ming did not say anything, but now it appears that his Uncle Huang Ming resentment towards Huang Xiaolong is not small.

Although his grandfather, Huang Qide have yet to pass the Manor Lord’s position to his Uncle Huang Ming, it is, however, irrefutable that most matters of the manor are handle by Uncle Huang Ming especially in recent years. Just like his mother, Su Yan words, even the disciples with waste and low-level martial spirits are given a Battel Qi dan, whereas Huang Xiaolong alone, as his nephew, did not get anything this is “bullying” people!  

No matter what, Huang Xiaolong is Huang Ming nephew, it is necessary for Huang Ming to do so publicly?

Huang Ming’s action not only proves he has resentment towards Huang Xiaolong, but it also equals to sweeping the face of Huang Xiaolong’s parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan, in front of all the elders of the Huang Clan Manor.

"This cannot be. I will look for Dad to judge the fairness of this matter!" Within the hall, Su Yan said angrily, for she is unable to swallow this unfairness.

"You, come back here!" Huang Peng furiously shouted: "For some small matter, you are going to trouble Father, do you think that I haven’t lost enough face?” 

Outside the hall, when Huang Xiaolong heard this, he silently turned to leave. A small matter, is it? A glint flashed across Huang Xiaolong eyes; his Uncle Huang Ming has not yet to take over the Manor Lord’s position, once he has officially taken over then these types of mall things will become bigger!

Huang Min, seeing that Huang Xiaolong is silent and turning to leave, could not help but blank for a moment before reacting, while she tried to catch up to Huang Xiaolong: "Big Brother, Big Brother!

Huang Xiaolong did not speak, with his sister Huang Min, they left the Eastern Courtyard, coincidentally, just as he stepped out they came face to face with Huang Wei, trailing behind him several disciples of Huang Clan Manor, the same group that bullied Huang Min.

Seeing both Huang Xiaolong and his sister coming out from the Eastern Courtyard, Huang Wei startled a bit, then walked towards Huang Xiaolong with the group.



Sweeping the face- actions of insult

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