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Chapter 399: Whatever Request?

“Ten thousand year old Nine Leaves Purple Grass!”

“Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng!”

A thunderclap boomed in Yang Ying, Qin Guo, Lin Wu, and the rest of the group’s brains, the previous ridicule and contempt vanished completely. Their eyes stared hotly at the two herbs placed on the table in front of Huang Xiaolong.

These were the ultimate elixirs! The Nine Leaves Purple Grass they had was dog shit in comparison!

A ten thousand year old Nine Leaves Purple Grass, swallowing it could not only greatly enhance one’s cultivation, that was something that could even mend a broken Qi Sea.

And that Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng. It was said that swallowing a Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng could recondition the physical body, expand one’s Qi Sea, meridians, veins, and strengthen the internal organs, even prolonging one’s lifespan.

Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm’s boss, Gu Feng, was quivering with excitement, his hands trembling as he carefully, very carefully, held the Nine Leaves Purple Grass in one hand while the other hand held his magnifying glass, observing Huang Xiaolong’s Nine Leaves Purple Grass in great detail. The more he observed, the heavier his breathing became, the longer he held the elixir, the astonishment on his face deepened a notch.

That was because the longer he observed the Nine Leaves Purple Grass, the more he realized that it was actually much older than he imagined.

Upon reaching ten thousand years, the Nine Leaves Purple Grass would emit a purple halo, that was the main reason why Gu Feng exclaimed that Huang Xiaolong’s Nine Leaves Purple Grass was ten thousand years old at first sight.

But now, after careful evaluation, he discovered that this Nine Leaves Purple Grass was not ten thousand years, but thirty thousand years old!

No, more accurately, it was closer to forty thousand years! A Nine Leaves Purple Grass that was close to forty thousand years!

Gu Feng felt the weight of the Nine Leaves Purple Grass in his hands growing heavier by the second. He knew very well the implications of a forty thousand year old Nine Leaves Purple Grass, selling off his Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm that had been in business for over a hundred years, including all the treasures inside, he still couldn’t afford to buy this forty thousand year old Nine Leaves Purple Grass.

At this time, Yang Ying’s group of five approached Gu Feng. Noticing the expression on his face, each of them could see that this Nine Leaves Purple Grass was probably more than a ‘simple’ ten thousand years old.

Then, Gu Feng delicately picked up the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng, with careful actions he examined the herb. The result roused another great wave of shock in his heart, this Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng too was close to forty thousand years old.

Priceless treasures! Both were priceless treasures, ah!

A quick flash of greed flickered in Gu Feng’s eyes, but he concealed it well, reverting to an amiable appearance without missing a beat as he returned the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng to the table in front of Huang Xiaolong. A brilliant smile hung on Gu Feng’s face as he asked Huang Xiaolong, “May I ask this Brother, where did you find this Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng? I have no other intention, merely asking.”

Even though Gu Feng skillfully concealed the greedy glint in his eyes, it did not escape Huang Xiaolong notice. Sneering in his heart, he simply made an excuse, “These Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng, I found them recently in the Demonic Beasts Forest. Initially, I planned to hunt for a few leopards inside the Demonic Beasts Forest, but who knew I would fall down a ravine and find these Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng.”

Gu Feng nodded, “Brother managed to profit from a disaster, it’s Heaven’s blessing.”

Envy birthed in Yang Ying, Lin Wu, Qin Guo, and the other two’s heart listening to Huang Xiaolong’s story; they really couldn’t understand why this common-dressed small family disciple could run into such great dog shit luck, to be able to find such panacea!

Huang Xiaolong noted everyone’s expressions, “Although I searched through many books and managed to find out they were Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng, I’m sorely lacking, unable to determine the age, that’s why I came over here, to have their ages appraised.”

Unable to determine the age? No wonder, if this young man knew that this was a ten thousand year old elixir, who would dare to expose it in broad daylight.

A thought formed in Gu Feng’s mind as he listened to Huang Xiaolong’s explanation, chuckling with glee as he informed Huang Xiaolong, “According to my evaluation just now, this Nine Leaves Purple Grass is around fifteen thousand years old, whereas the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng is a little lower, eleven thousand years old.

“Fifteen thousand years! Eleven thousand years!” Huang Xiaolong acted shocked and surprised, “I didn’t expect both the Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng to both be over ten thousand years!”

Huang Xiaolong secretly sneered, he knew the other side was aware, from many years of experience in appraising items, that his two elixirs were well close to forty thousand years, but this Gu Feng actually deceived him with eyes wide opened, bringing the age down to a little over ten thousand years.

For a rare elixir like the Nine Leaves Purple Grass, a ten thousand years stalk fetched a certain price, a twenty thousand years one had a different price level, and a thirty thousand years one had an even higher price, with every increase of ten thousand years, the price more than doubled.

There was a hundred times the price difference between a ten thousand year old Nine Leaves Purple Grass and a forty thousand year old Nine Leaves Purple Grass. Huang Xiaolong could already guess what this Gu Feng’s next move would be.

Sure enough, Gu Feng went on to advise, “Brother, these kinds of rare herbs are priceless, if Brother walks around carrying them on you, it would attract unwanted attention, leading to catastrophe. Wouldn’t it be better to sell both of them to us, what do you think?”

“Oh, what price is Boss Gu willing to offer?” Huang Xiaolong asked with interest.

Gu Feng grinned, “Generally, elixirs like this Nine Leaves Purple Grass above a thousand years old are sold for fifty million gold coins. For ten thousand years and above, it’s ten times the price, five hundred million, as for that Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng is also worth five hundred million, therefore one billion in total. However, if Brother is willing to sell both of them to me, I’m willing to add another one hundred million on top, making it one billion one hundred million gold coins!”

Add one hundred million on top! Gu Feng said it with a magnanimous flare.

One billion one hundred million, even for some of South Oblast City’s bigger families, it was considered a shocking amount of wealth!

Gu Feng was confident that the other side would be tempted. When he got his hands on the two elixirs, he could sell them off for one hundred billion or more!

“One billion one hundred million!” Huang Xiaolong was over the top ‘flabbergasted’: “So much?!”

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s expression of euphoric surprise, Gu Feng nodded with surety, “That’s right, once Brother has one billion in hand, you can buy anything you desire. No matter how you spend them, you won’t see the bottom of it.” He signaled the closest subordinate to him, “Go, take out one billion one hundred million gold coins over for this Brother.”

He didn’t bother to ask if Huang Xiaolong agreed to sell it to him, his hands already reached out to grab the Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng off the table after instructing his subordinate.  

But, before he could reach them, Huang Xiaolong already returned both elixirs into the Asura Ring with a casual wave, saying to Gu Feng, “Boss Gu, I came to have the age verified. At the moment, I have no intention to sell them.” Finished saying this, Huang Xiaolong stood up, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and Lil’ Tian followed, heading out the door.

Gu Feng blanked for a brief moment, then his face became gloomy.

Whereas watching Huang Xiaolong being ready to leave, Yang Ying, Lin Wu, and the rest acted in haste, their arms raised to block Huang Xiaolong’s path.

Yang Ying was the first to speak, “Which family are you from? How about this, I’ll let my Father give you a Viscount position, enough for you to enjoy a lifetime of wealth and glory, on top of that, you can make three requests for whatever you want as long as it is within my capability.”

A Castellan for main cities, like the South Oblast City, had the authority to appoint the nobility rank of Viscount to others.

Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly; it seems these people really thought he was some South Oblast City’s small family disciple.


“Whatever request?” Huang Xiaolong stared at the other party, eyes moving up and down, from the high bosom down to the feet. A wicked grin emerged on his face, “What about this, if you can strip naked on the spot, I can consider selling the Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng to you.”

Everyone present lagged.

Strip naked on the spot?

Seconds elapsed before Yang Ying understood the meaning of Huang Xiaolong’s words. Her almond-shaped eyes erupted with killing intent: “Damn lowly commoner, what did you say?!”


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