Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~ Chapter 75

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We who left the blacksmith searched for a furniture store with thoughts of buying bed a table that would be used as kitchen table next. However, on the way, I noticed that this world doesn’t have a store that displays and sells furniture. At most, you can order to have it manufactured.

In that case, I decided to order it while we are in the town.

Then, we walked around the store for a while buying small things such as tableware.

After shopping and returning to the Risner mansion, we were guided by Joshua-san to Cedric-san’s office while having an unrelated discussion.
Rather Joshua-san, if you have something to discuss, I wouldn’t plan on escaping even if you have that ‘I won’t let you escape’ aura around you~

「Cedric-san, we have returned. I heard from Joshua-san that you have something to discuss, but……」
「Ah, Takumi-san, welcome home. The reward for the bandit subjugation has been processed, so I thought of giving it to you」

A reward for the bandit subjugation……?
I see. Even if you didn’t receive the bandit subjugation request, those who subjugate them receive the reward?

「This is the reward for the subjugation of the『Red Cat Group』. Also, there were those with bounties on their heads among the bandits, so it has been decided to sell off all of the caught bandits as slaves. This is the payment from that」

Moreover, because the bandits were caught without being killed, they have been sold as slaves. The payment from that was prepared too.

「Also, Takumi-san. You have collected the belongings of the bandits from the hideout, right?」

「No, no, that’s not it. All of that is already Takumi-san’s. It’s just that I would like to confirm whether a silver-framed painting is among it」
「A silver-framed painting? Wait a moment please. Umm……――」

I immediately spread out the item list and search for the painting.

「Ah, there it is. I think this is probably it, but……」

I take out the corresponding item from the《Infinite Storage》and place it on top of the table.

Ah, hey there! Allen, Elena, don’t stare at it!
I immediately covered the children’s eyes.


「「U~n? Got it~」」

Allen and Elena found it strange that I abruptly covered their eyes, but they obediently abide when I told them to stay like that for a moment. It helps that they are obedient children~

「Yeah, this is it without a doubt. Takumi-san, there’s a person who would like to repurchase it, would that be fine with you?」

I don’t know whether it was stolen, but there’s someone who likes this painting to the extent of wanting to repurchase it?
How curious~ is what I thought, but honestly, I would be delighted if someone took it from me.

「Yes, I don’t mind. It’s just…… how do I negotiate this type of thing?」

「That’s no problem. Please take care of it」

The details around here will be surely all right if I leave it to Cedric-san.
I confirmed that Cedric-san let Joshua-san carry the painting out and I released my hands which were covering Allen’s and Elena’s eyes.


The two who regained vision looked around restlessly.

「Not he~re?」

It appears they are searching for the painting that was in front of them before their eyes were blocked.

「「No picture~?」」

「Hey! Takumi-san, that way of talking!」

Cedric-san who always has a calm atmosphere around me panicked at my words.


I made it easy for the children to understand that Cedric-san wanted the painting~ It was definitely not on purpose!
Moreover, because Allen and Elena were looking at Cedric-san while giving voices of admiration, Cedric-san got intriguingly flustered.

「Fu. …… Kukuku~ …… I, it’s okay, the two don’t understand well」

It was my first time seeing Cedric-san so flustered~~~
Allen and Elena looked at Cedric-san and me in turns and tilted their heads in puzzlement.

「Takumi-san, that was cruel…… haa…… excuse me, but Takumi-san. Do you perhaps have a pair of rings as well? They have names on the inside, the larger one says Robert. The smaller one has Liz on it」

Cedric-san took a deep breath and spoke about next repurchase.
Next is a couple’s ring, huh. Umm……

「Ah, there it is. I think this should be it」
「Is that so? About these rings……」

When I retrieve the rings from the《Infinite Storage》and put them on top of the table, Cedric-san looked like he had difficulty speaking.

「Wait just a moment please」

Cedric-san went to Joshua-san who stood outside and Joshua-san immediately brought a woman inside.

「I’m glad……」

When the woman entered the room and looked at the rings on the table, she took them in her hands and tightly hugged them close.

「…… Err?」

I remember her. She was caught by the bandits, she was one of the victims locked in the prison.

Thinking such, I looked at Cedric-san and he meekly nodded. It looks I was right.

「I can’t pay immediately, but I will definitely pay, so please let me take this」
「No, no, no! I’m fine. I will return it to you」

Impossible! It’s impossible for me to ask for money for articles left by the deceased!

「Eh, umm…… is that really all right with you……」

「T, thank you very much!」

The woman said many words of thanks and left the room with a silent bow and the rings hugging close to her.

「A moment, Cedric-sa~n. That was a memento wasn’t it?」

「No need to guess, there are more of them, aren’t there? Are there perhaps those who gave up because they don’t have money to repurchase the memento! I will return that to those people as well! Cedric-san, that was cruel. If you knew I would return it to them, you should tell me normally, right!?」


Cedric-san is certainly acting like the contact person of the repurchase, but it’s not like he can state the conditions on his own……

「Well, I thought Takumi-san would say so and made a list」

As expected! Able Feudal Lord’s work is fast! I apologize for laughing a while ago!

Maybe because it was before the bandits could sell it off, nearly all items were in my《Infinite Storage》. Still, I can’t say all of them were.

「Then, I will hand the items to their owners」

「Nearly all of those women and children were traveling so their families that accompanied became victims. The children with no guardians will be transferred to orphanage and the women will be given minimum aid to live in the town」
「Is that so……」

As I thought, their lives will become difficult from now on, won’t they……

「…… Cedric-san, will that painting from a little while ago bring considerable amount?」

「In that case, please invest that money in aid of the victims」

I have decided to let Cedric-san handle the money from the repurchase of the painting and add it to the funds of the aid for the victims. Like this, their livelihood will be much better.
The repurchase money would be just a casual income, so it won’t hurt my pockets even if I contribute all of it.

「Takumi-san is really…… thank you very much. You have my gratitude」

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