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Chapter 12.

Harland Hall, Kent, December 10, 1818

Catherine stretched, loathe to leave her warm bed as the light snow fell outside the window. But she needn't worry-unless her husband chose to untie her, she would have no say in the matter. It appeared he was in no hurry to begin the day in any way but to fuck her in several rather intriguing positions. Speaking to Diana's nurse would have to wait, but as her sister-in-law was making some progress, Catherine could delay the conversation for an hour or two.

His tongue teased the ring in her swollen nipple. The pearls there were her secret, hidden yet a constant reminder of Nicholas each time they touched the fabric of her tight corset. She could imagine his fingers pressing there, the edges of his teeth grazing. A simple shift of her bodice reminded her of who she was and what she craved, and Nicholas was always nearby to guide her.

His rough hand skimmed down her belly, resting on the fullness. She was at least a stone heavier than on her wedding day, and Nicholas was ecstatic-he really was the most exceptional man.

He had been so tender with her discipline lately she had to remind him of his duty, but not this morning. Her breasts and buttocks were striped pink from his attentions, and the resultant shocking wetness drenched his fingers as he continued the journey to her center.

"Tell me, Cat." His lips were now at her ear, his breath hot.

"I belong to you, only you."

He thrust three fingers inside and she bucked at the welcome invasion.

"I w-want your cock again." He loved it when she begged, and she only told the truth.

"And so you shall have it." He straddled her open thighs and entered her in one smooth stroke. Her walls clenched around him-really, the man could look at her and she would come for him. Catherine didn't understand it, but knew she was the most fortunate of women.

He looked at her now from above, his face a study of raw masculinity. She loved his shadowy beard, the determined gleam in his blue eyes, the feral grin on his face as he took her. He was so beautiful, and he was hers as much as she was his.

She would do anything for him, and had. The past six months had been fraught with hard work, but Harland Hall was becoming a home again. Nicholas's need to control had lessened; ironically it was Catherine who requested the restraints and the sweet relief of his dominance.

The tug of her husband's perfect wickedness swept further thought away. His hand had slipped between them to seek her pearl of flesh. The pressure of rough fingertips to smooth wet skin sent her over the edge and she was lost. As she gripped her bonds, helpless waves of her orgasm coursed through her body. Nicholas knew what she wanted and bent to kiss her, swallowing up her cries as she crested. Catherine gave herself up to his kiss, tangling her tongue with his as he withdrew and spent himself on her belly.

She would never get enough. Suddenly she longed to hold him close, keep him abed forever. Impractical, but true. She smiled. Her lips curled through the kiss, and Nicholas raised himself over her again.

"What's so amusing?"

"I w-want to stay in bed all day with you."

He lifted a dark eyebrow. "Madam, I'm flattered, but as this was the third time I've exerted my marital rights in as many hours, I believe I'll need a reprieve." He pulled open the bedside table drawer and cut her cords with a pair of sharp scissors, then kissed a chafed wrist. "Sorry, love. But I told Jonah I'd take a look at his roof this morning. It won't do for his family to have more snow in than out. My tenants have survived my neglect for too long."

"You'll set everything to r-rights."

"I'm going to try. It helps to have you by my side."

Catherine would be anywhere he needed her, as long as she had breath in her body. "I love you, Nicholas."

He kissed her. "Christmas has come early for me this year. You're my angel."

She giggled. "A d-deviant one."

"And I would not have you change a hair on your head." He rose from the mattress. "I should be home for lunch. I trust you'll join me-in bed?"

Catherine pretended shock. "Lunch in b-bed! I thought that was reserved for breakfast."

"We don't care about the rules, now, do we?"

No. They would make their own, each new day a priceless gift.

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