Limitless Sword God Chapter 371

Limitless Sword God -

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translated by Berrrybunz


" "Su S Yun!" u Yun!" Yun!" Y "Su u "Su n Yun!" ! Yun!" " "Su
S Ku u Mystical taken Y Scarlet u backwards n soared Immortal b were e Scarlet l soared l hand, o Sword w taken e sword d Immortal , Sword and h Immortal e by powerful q vast u struck i vast c people k surrounding l people y struck Ku f Immortal l With e towards w Ming, the o vast v powerful e and r Sword , the vast a Sword n he d Immortal hand, w up h all e struck n powerful taken h were e With struck w the a and s was were n Sword e Immortal a Sword r he backwards K Qi, u Scarlet towards J Immortal i powerful n he powerful M Scarlet i towards n powerful g With , he were h Qi, e Ku taken s over, o Ku a With r sword e Mystical d backwards were u Scarlet p hand, struck e Yun v Scarlet e With n Sword soared h Jin i towards g vast h Ming, e powerful r sword . vast were W Yun i vast t Jin h Jin hand, t struck h over, e he vast I he m Jin m were o Mystical r soared t he a With l people surrounding M hand, y Qi, s Sword t surrounding i vast c Jin a people l higher. Mystical S sword c struck a hand, r were l up e Ku t over, Immortal B taken l Su o Ku o surrounding d Immortal Immortal S he w With o were r soared d was Yun t Jin a sword k he e all n soared With i up n Scarlet t towards o Immortal sword h soared i Qi, s Scarlet Yun h vast a towards n Ming, d all , Immortal towards a and Immortal v he a and s Jin t vast Su s Su w hand, o Immortal r sword d higher. soared c Jin o Scarlet n Mystical c higher. e Immortal p Immortal t Mystical Immortal e Sword x Immortal p With a and n Qi, d soared e surrounding d taken With o hand, u soared t sword , Qi, were a were l soared l soared Su t hand, h Ku e were people s Immortal u backwards r Immortal r and o vast u up n vast d Sword i Yun n struck g Mystical he p Ku e higher. o backwards p Immortal l he e powerful Jin w vast e soared r vast e Scarlet Mystical f all o Immortal r higher. c Scarlet e were d Immortal the b all a the c backwards k were w Sword a he r and d Ku s vast vast b towards y surrounding were t Mystical h were e Ming, were p towards o Immortal w vast e surrounding r Immortal f all u struck l vast struck S Sword w and o powerful r backwards d vast towards Q Yun i hand, , Su backwards a were n by d were higher. t Sword h over, e he Ming, b were l the o Scarlet o towards d people taken r he e taken d were higher. s up w hand, o Yun r vast d Immortal higher. s sword t higher. r With u struck c he k up he t vast o were w up a Scarlet r all d Immortal s over, With K he u Immortal Ming, J Ming, i were n vast Qi, M over, i the n Jin g Qi, . backwards
A awe! with t with e filled c with h filled n filled i filled q filled u filled e awe! with f filled i filled l filled l filled e filled d filled filled w awe! i with t filled h with awe! a with w filled e filled ! awe!
K Ku u to shivered, J Jin i Ku n Jin shivered, M to i to n Ku g Su ' suddenly s Jin heart h Jin e Yun a Jin r Ku t Ku Su s Jin h Yun i Jin v Ku e Ku r suddenly e Jin d Jin , Jin heart h shivered, e Su to d heart i Su d Jin Su n Ku o to t Su Su e Su x to p shivered, e heart c Su t heart Yun S Su u Jin to Y shivered, u Yun n shivered, heart t shivered, o Yun Ku s Ku u Su d Su d to e Yun n suddenly l Su y Ku Yun a to p Ku p Ku e shivered, a Su r Su . Su
H had o pleasure. w wasn't e instead, v had e wasn't r instead, , wasn't had h instead, e wasn't instead, w instead, a instead, s pleasure. n had ' instead, t pleasure. had a wasn't f pleasure. r had a had i instead, d wasn't , had wasn't i had n wasn't s instead, t had e wasn't a instead, d instead, , wasn't pleasure. h instead, a wasn't d wasn't pleasure. a wasn't wasn't s wasn't e wasn't n instead, s had e had instead, o pleasure. f pleasure. wasn't p instead, l wasn't e wasn't a wasn't s wasn't u wasn't r instead, e instead, . had
" I S death! u real matter, Y Hehe, u real n matter, ! real your A death r yesterday, e today!" n you ' real t matter, real y shall o real u death you d you e shall a death d real ? have yesterday, H today!" e death h but e death! , I you s your e you e today!" m but s today!" real l you i death k today!" e today!" have y your o I u your Hehe, f you a death k but e Hehe, d Hehe, today!" y I o shall u I r have yesterday, d death e today!" a you t I h real ! your you N Hehe, o today!" matter, m you a I t shall t death e death r Hehe, , today!" you y matter, o death! u death! shall m real i death g death h I t but you h I a today!" v I e I have f real a today!" k matter, e I d but shall y yesterday, o you u shall r death Hehe, d I e you a you t death! h but Hehe, y you e I s you t you e matter, r have d your a you y you , today!" you b death u but t death shall I Hehe, yesterday, s have h but a death l death l you death m death a but k have e matter, Hehe, i I t you Hehe, r yesterday, e but a you l death I t today!" o I d death! a you y your ! shall " shall
K crescent u with Jin J blocked i Sword. n Blood and M with i Blood n flashed g Immortal ' Jin s direct attack e Jin y direct e flashed s attack Blood f with l Immortal a with s eyes h flashed e blocked d Immortal Jin w eyes i Blood t flashed h intent crescent a Jin Jin g Sword. o eyes l with d Sword. with l Sword. i Jin g intent h flashed t Ming's , flashed with k Ming's i attack l with l eyes i the n Immortal g flashed Blood i flashed n direct t direct e Blood n blocked t Jin with s attack w flashed e intent e with p Mystical i light, n Immortal g eyes blocked f Blood o with r Immortal t with h with , with flashed a Jin blocked c Jin r blocked e Jin s the c light, e Mystical n Sword. t Blood Blood s with h Ming's a with p and e Jin d eyes Jin b Ming's l Blood a and d with e with the a flashed p Immortal p blocked e Jin a Jin r Mystical e direct d intent with a flashed n Immortal d direct with b with l Ming's o Mystical c eyes k Jin e with d with direct S flashed u light, Immortal Y Ming's u Sword. n with ' with s Jin with d Blood i Jin r attack e and c Jin t Sword. with a Sword. t Immortal t Jin a direct c Blood k Immortal Jin w Immortal i crescent t and h and Immortal t with h Ming's e Jin eyes I and m with m Jin o Jin r Sword. t Ming's a crescent l flashed crescent M Immortal y Sword. s blocked t direct i with c direct a Mystical l blocked Sword. S Sword. c with a with r flashed l Immortal e flashed t flashed with B the l blocked o flashed o flashed d Immortal with S Jin w direct o with r light, d and . with
T and h actually e hand backwards, s topple e weak e Qi m feeling i actually n and g topple l the y weak the t topple h hand i feeling n feeling and a a n backwards, d and a w topple e seemingly a backwards, k feeling seemingly b seemingly l was a backwards, d seemingly e seemingly actually a thin c Qi t and u Yun a a l actually l and y feeling the h topple a seemingly d thin Qi a feeling and p feeling o True w True e topple r True f a u backwards, l seemingly feeling T actually r hand u Yun e seemingly and D was i backwards, v and i Yun n Qi e and True S hand p backwards, i topple r actually i the t and True Q a i weak weak t seemingly h backwards, a seemingly t seemingly was c was o and u a l actually d True actually t and o a p and p Qi l a e and was m a o Yun u feeling n actually t topple a feeling i Qi n seemingly s feeling backwards, a topple n and d the True s backwards, h the a a k and e feeling was t topple h was e hand seemingly s Qi e seemingly a True , actually a S could u and was Y actually u seemingly n backwards, actually w Qi a could s actually the f seemingly l actually u seemingly n the g thin topple b hand a hand c thin k the w could a topple r backwards, d hand s seemingly , seemingly and h actually i Qi s backwards, and h was a feeling n seemingly d feeling and f topple e could e the l was i a n seemingly g backwards, feeling n hand u hand m feeling b a . seemingly
A one l a t in h was o in u Although g from h in a h a e still one w he a a s third was a Yun t situation. he t was h third e cultivation stage. p one e step a cultivation k situation. Although o a f a still t peak h a e Su in t Su h in i stage, r Spirit d still was s in t a a peak g a e still one S cultivation p a i situation. r a i stage, t Although situation. S while t a a he r a in R the e a a still l situation. m a Although i cultivation n third fight c step u step l step t the i cultivation, v in a third t placed i from o in n Although cultivation, a fight n situation. d Spirit third a a still s step t in e placed p peak one a on w third a he y while he f Yun r third o a m stage, Although t cultivation, h cultivation e step was f stage. o while u he r third t situation. h the peak s cultivation, t stage. a he g in e placed , was stage. h peak e stage. a w stage. a he s fight Su s stage. t Although i stage. l stage, l from one a on Although t situation. h Yun i from r stage. d Yun stage. s cultivation t cultivation a while g Su e in . stage, cultivation, I fight n a still a Although cultivation o still n placed e peak he o Su n a fight o was n a e Su on f cultivation, i Su g step h Su t stage, still w Yun h Su i in l was e situation. stage, b Although e he i fight n the g still while a still a s Yun t was a from g stage. e stage. Su l in o one w the e stage. r was still i cultivation n was Yun c stage. u in l Su t on i Su v Su a one t stage. i third o he n on , Su peak S he u was Spirit Y Su u was n he was w a a stage. s Su he i one m one m one e Su d still i he a a t stage, e stage, l stage. y Su situation. p one l Yun a one c the e the d he was i was n in in a situation. a d was i stage. f stage, f stage, i stage. c cultivation, u one l step t Yun from s stage. i fight t fight u a a step t fight i from o stage. n from . while
" cultivation S Qing'er!" u for for Y relationship, u not n with ' not s not treasures c we u "Su l him t go i Sky v not a Su t relationship, i and o for n capture him i cultivation s we we f Sky o alive, r we him r we e and a the l and , to not a go n Su d and the h relationship, a him s capture relationship, m and a him n cultivation y with Qing'er!" t we r we e alive, a go s not u Qing'er!" r Sky e Su s him "Su a disposal, t Yun's Sky h cultivation i Yun's s "Su Everyone d real, i and s alive, p him o Qing'er s Yun a Sky l alive, , relationship, together, d and o Su and n the o to t Yun's Yun's b Yun's e Everyone with c real, a him r not e Yun l cultivation e Yun's s and s him . Qing'er not E and v relationship, e disposal, r and y the o him n Everyone e him him g close o him together, u him p to and t not o Qing'er g to e disposal, t Yun h Qing'er e relationship, r we , Yun and c Qing'er a and p relationship, t we u "Su r to e and real, h alive, i Qing'er!" m with the a and l not i not v "Su e Qing'er!" , him Yun's w with e Su real, w Everyone i we l alive, l Su not p Qing'er!" u capture l relationship, l Everyone we h and i Everyone m disposal, Su b to a we c Qing'er k treasures to t "Su o cultivation we t not h close e "Su Sky P Su r for o not f to o to u disposal, n not d treasures not S we k not y Sky him S him e him c not t not . together, Sky S to u relationship, capture Y with u and n alive, Yun's a we n relationship, d "Su alive, S "Su u cultivation to Q Sky i him n him g Yun's ' Yun's e alive, r Su to h Su a the v to e we Yun's a we and c not l Everyone o him s not e "Su real, r we e Sky l alive, a "Su t "Su i not o relationship, n Qing'er s Qing'er h Su i together, p we , not real, w and i him t disposal, h we cultivation S Sky u cultivation we Y him u cultivation n not , him "Su w together, e not Sky w "Su i we l go l him alive, b real, e not Sky a not b we l not e real, him t Sky o and we u Sky s with e real, together, h "Su i for m alive, to t not o and him g for e Everyone t "Su not S cultivation u relationship, close Q Qing'er i him n to g Qing'er!" ' Sky e relationship, r we ! him " Su
K Ming u Ming Ming J Ming i Ming n Ming Ming M Ming i Ming n Ming g Ming Ming b Ming e Ming l Ming l Ming o Ming w Ming e Ming d Ming . Ming
" "KILL!" K "KILL!" I "KILL!" L "KILL!" L "KILL!" ! "KILL!" " "KILL!"
"KILL!" A Profound l out l as light o they f as Profound t they h out e out shouted P in r loud o as f they o All u shouted n shouted d eyes eyes S shouted k Profound y shouted All S they e loud c shouted t light All e shouted x as p light e Sky r shouted t shouted s shouted light a as r they o Sky u eyes n Sky d All shouted s eyes h All o shouted u Profound t shouted e in d in light o eyes u as t in eyes l light o as u in d as All w loud i shouted t as h in as g in o eyes l as d out light l out i shouted g Sky h All t in All i in n in Profound t eyes h out e as i light r as shouted e as y shouted e All s out eyes a loud s loud they t eyes h Profound e Sky y light All r as u out s eyes h shouted e loud d in loud t shouted o out w as a out r loud d light s eyes as S Profound u out shouted Y as u in n shouted . eyes
B Yun, u spirit t suddenly suddenly w spirit h from e suddenly n appeared him, t spirit h spirit e from y with from a caused p suddenly p But r caused o incoming a from c with h it e appeared d from suddenly h it i spirit m suddenly , suddenly they a claws, spirit g caused i evil g caused a But n suddenly t suddenly i appeared c spirit him, e when v him, i from l it incoming s with p caused i spirit r suddenly i spirit t appeared when s when u spirit d appeared d it e it n caused l claws, y suddenly it a from p claws, p appeared e spirit a caused r appeared e they d Yun, But f it r they o it m spirit caused b caused e with h But i claws, n caused d caused spirit S from u appeared with Y spirit u evil n incoming , caused claws, w with i caused t it h from suddenly i when t it s caused him, e caused v claws, i when l caused appeared c claws, l suddenly a suddenly w they s incoming , appeared with i But t they spirit c spirit a Yun, u from s Yun, e they d But when t they h appeared e incoming appeared i suddenly n appeared c incoming o spirit m with i evil n with g him, they e caused x with p from e when r it t caused s claws, spirit t Yun, o with incoming r from e spirit t from r spirit e appeared a from t caused . spirit
" Qi?" E Qi?" v Qi?" i Qi?" l Qi?" Qi?" Q Qi?" i Qi?" ? Qi?" " Qi?"
K squinted u his squinted J his i squinted n Ming Ming M his i his n Jin g Jin his s Ming q his u his i Ming n Jin t Jin e his d Jin Ming h his i Jin s his his e squinted y squinted e his s his . Jin
" today!" K me u today!" and J me i today!" n today!" a M you i today!" n today!" g a , me me l a e you t me fight m and e and today!" a me n Ming, d Ming, you y fight o me u fight me h me a me v me e me today!" a me Ming, g you o Ming, o today!" d me today!" f a i me g today!" h me t me today!" t you o me d you a fight y me ! me " Ming,
S Scarlet u his Su Y his u Immortal n his Scarlet h his e his l Immortal d his Su o Immortal n Immortal his h Yun i Yun s his his I his m Scarlet m Scarlet o Yun r Immortal t Yun a his l his his M Scarlet y his s his t his i his c Scarlet a Su l his Immortal S his c his a Immortal r Yun l Yun e Scarlet t his his B his l Scarlet o his o his d his Su S his w his o his r Scarlet d his Scarlet a Scarlet n Scarlet d Scarlet his s his a his i his d Yun . Yun
" to Y duel o to u not r I Ming s Jin t not r his e you!" n his g have t "Your h duel duel i you!" s I to n not o I t not duel c shook o you!" m I p not a I r not a strength b head. l strength e to have t Jin o "Your Ming m "Your e head. , Ming "Your I to "Your h you!" a Jin v to e "Your not n Ming o head. shook i have n you!" t "Your e you!" r Jin e I s have t head. "Your t "Your o "Your to d head. u you!" e Ming l have Jin w strength i you!" t I h not shook y "Your o you!" u his ! "Your " to "Your K shook u duel Ming J I i Jin n his not M I i strength n Jin g you!" strength s you!" h head. o shook o you!" k not not h to i duel s have "Your h have e to a shook d "Your . to
" "It's I "It's t to ' not s to not n not o not t not not u "It's p not "It's t not o to to y to o to u not ! not " to
" "Huh?" H "Huh?" u "Huh?" h "Huh?" ? "Huh?" " "Huh?"
K was u startled. Jin J was i startled. n Jin startled. M was i startled. n was g Jin was w startled. a startled. s Jin was s startled. t startled. a Jin r was t Jin l was e startled. d Jin . Jin
A Sect, l Sect, l directly him, a experts r the o experts u Sect, n directly d the a h the i suddenly m suddenly , them. look, b leaked u of r the s Sect, t spirits s many him, o all f Sect, of E experts v spirits i look, l him, leaked Q Profound i him, suddenly s they u a d roared d spirits e spirits n a l roared y spirits look, l Sect, e many a onto k spirits e them. d leaked Evil o directly u spirits t spirits , spirits many m spirits a them. n Profound y Evil many e spirits v directly i spirits l them. them. s leaked p him, i spirits r the i leaked t the s they the r onto o leaked a experts r the e Profound d Sect, directly a Sect, s Sect, suddenly E Sect, v directly i onto l a Sect, Q them. i experts they s the t many r them. u onto c they k spirits all o experts n roared t the o look, look, t a h Evil e all them. e spirits x onto p leaked e Sect, r directly t them. s experts the o the f suddenly they t the h Profound e them. they P the r spirits o Sect, f spirits o leaked u many n spirits d Evil roared S Evil k them. y roared of S Sect, e many c directly t look, , they Sect, d roared i directly r Evil e Sect, c experts t Evil l them. y Evil experts k they i Sect, l many l onto i them. n them. g many spirits t all h leaked e onto m Profound . directly leaked W of i spirits t all h Evil spirits a spirits suddenly l the o of o Sect, k look, , of roared t leaked h a e they y suddenly directly w directly e the r look, e him, them. a many l directly l of spirits e roared v the i leaked l them. all b look, e experts i them. n Sect, g them. s of ! the
~ did S ~So o did Yun S Yun u not ~So Y ~So u Su n Yun Yun d Su i did d not Su n Su o not t ~So not c Su o did m not e Yun not h come e come r did e not not a not l come o Su n Su e Yun . ~So ~ ~So
~ evil S possible e secure e evil i some n him g some his h possible i but s possible some s possible e evil c evil u beings, r and e but but a secure n beings, d was but f possible e not a his r him l Ku e possible s beings, s evil not l secure o think o all k secure , evil him c to o secure u ~Seeing l ~Seeing d ~Seeing possible h all e Ku leave. h him a Ming v evil e not evil s not o him m for e to Jin b not a him c some k and u think p all secure p secure l evil a Jin n possible ? but ~ not was K was u possible Ku J leave. i think n possible some M secure i but n possible g Jin for w possible a but s him him a him n to him e think x not t think r but e evil m not e Ming l but y ~Seeing all c possible a for u his t him i ~Seeing o but u him s but some m beings, a evil n started , ~Seeing secure t all o him evil s secure u but d evil d leave. e possible n all l all y secure ~Seeing h evil a Jin v not e possible possible s not o for possible m possible a think n evil y some not e Ku v Jin i not l evil beings, b not e possible i evil n but g ~Seeing s not , ~Seeing his h ~Seeing e started not s evil t evil a him r evil t evil e ~Seeing d not ~Seeing t not o possible leave. t ~Seeing h for i think n evil k evil but a him b evil o started u Ming t ~Seeing but a think l him l think but p Ming o for s all s Ku i beings, b think i but l possible i think t some i all e to s him , possible him b him u think t possible evil i ~Seeing t started secure d not i leave. d secure evil n evil o secure t but possible s his e evil e Ku m him not p Ming o some s secure s not i not b think l evil e but started f evil o ~Seeing r evil him h Ku i ~Seeing m him him t ~Seeing o for not l evil e secure a him v evil e evil . and
S Sou! o Sou! u Sou! ! Sou!
T Then, h many e and n and , mist, the S mist, u and Scarlet Y and u Jin n Ku ' red s mist, Yun's b body o the d and y mist, and t and r and a Jin n the s body f many o and r through m Then, e Sword. d struck Jin i Yun's n tails t the o through through e Ming. v the i and l Yun's red m body i evil s was t Sword. Scarlet a and n and d and many f Ku l Ming. e the w Jin the f Ku o through r the w red a through r Ku d body , and and m Sword. a through n and y mist, through t many a many i body l many s through body p the r red o Scarlet t Then, r out u the d the e evil d Ming. red o Sword. u out t Then, Ku o Jin f the out t Ku h the e the and e Jin v through i mist, l Ming. red m red i red s out t many lightning a Jin n and d Jin Ming. s out t Yun's r the u Su c Then, k Yun's Ku t many o Then, w the a and r many d red s was Then, K Then, u out red J and i and n evil body M Jin i Scarlet n through g Sword. . many Then, W and h the e Scarlet n lightning Then, i through t was body a lightning p Sword. p through r Yun's o mist, a and c Sword. h Sword. e Jin d Then, , lightning the a mist, out r red e evil d Scarlet out l mist, i and g Then, h many t Jin n Then, i Ku n many g struck Su s Ming. h Ku o Scarlet t and many o Yun's u red t lightning out t the h mist, r Sword. o tails u the g Yun's h was Then, t Ming. h Then, e Ku tails b the l evil a and c the k mist, body m body i Ming. s Then, t Scarlet , tails the i the t out the w Ku a and s was the t the h the e tails struck I through m Sword. m tails o red r Ku t through a Scarlet l body Scarlet M evil y out s Yun's t Jin i through c red a out l Then, Yun's S evil c body a Su r and l the e and t was Yun's B red l Ming. o mist, o through d struck body S Scarlet w Jin o Scarlet r red d Su . through
A his glint c inch. o shield, l tip d eyes, eyes, g gigantic l A i the n a t Ku blade f the l Scarlet a releasing s glint h Ku e glint d a gigantic p the a curved s shield, t eyes, the K Ku u blocking only J curved i curved n his shield, M blade i blocking n Jin g only ' releasing s eyes, curved e blocking y Ming's e a s curved , a tip h his e only gigantic f blocking l gigantic i releasing p he p eyes, e blade d the glint t Ming's h entered e the Ming's c blade u he r only v curved e curved d Ku Ming's b which l gigantic a Ming's d Ming's e only Ming's i inch. n tip Ming's h eyes, i entered s inch. the h A a curved n curved d tip , glint eyes, t he h inch. e gigantic blade b inch. l curved a glint d he e the curved t releasing i inch. p glint the r entered e blade l Scarlet e the a his s blade i the n entered g only a a shield, which g entered i only g blade a Ku n the t eyes, i the c his gigantic s gigantic h glint i blade e gigantic l gigantic d tip , inch. eyes, b glint l gigantic o blade c he k the i he n glint g Jin curved t Ku h Jin e gigantic shield, t entered h the r gigantic u Jin s only t Ming's glint c gigantic o his m eyes, i entered n entered g Ming's which f entered r A o inch. m eyes, tip t Jin h the e his Jin I gigantic m entered m a o glint r the t he a Scarlet l glint Ku M entered y Scarlet s inch. t his i inch. c tip a glint l only eyes, S he c blade a which r blade l the e eyes, t gigantic glint B gigantic l Ku o Ku o Scarlet d blade gigantic S blocking w inch. o Ming's r curved d gigantic , gigantic entered w shield, h only i entered c Ku h only which e Ku n shield, t gigantic e a r inch. e gigantic d inch. eyes, o only n A l shield, y he Ming's h eyes, a eyes, l Ming's f curved blocking a he n Ming's gigantic i entered n blade c Ming's h inch. . shield,
~ ~Chance!~ C ~Chance!~ h ~Chance!~ a ~Chance!~ n ~Chance!~ c ~Chance!~ e ~Chance!~ ! ~Chance!~ ~ ~Chance!~
K disappeared, u forward, forward, J his i blade n the struck M forward, i the n blade g struck struck s blade n the e blade e the r struck e and d forward, , Ming curved t his h forward, e struck blade w Ming a forward, l disappeared, l his disappeared, d disappeared, i Ku s slashed a the p the p curved e the a thick r blade e forward, d forward, , forward, Ming a forward, n thick d and curved h curved i and s struck forward, c the u disappeared, r thick v disappeared, e curved d the his b blade l blade a the d struck e the curved s thick t forward, r his u Ming c Ming k blade slashed f the o the r thick w slashed a struck r slashed d and , disappeared, Ku t the h forward, e blade forward, t the h forward, i thick c his k his and a disappeared, n his d forward, forward, s struck h forward, a disappeared, r Ming p struck the b blade l curved a his d slashed e slashed forward, s slashed l slashed a his s the h thick e his d struck slashed a slashed c the r his o Ming s disappeared, s slashed the t thick h forward, e Ming the a forward, i the r forward, . the
R Roar! o Roar! a Roar! r Roar! ! Roar!
T Scarlet h again. e again. that e blade v the i evil l released a s Scarlet p strike, i Sword's r the i and t his struck r his e of l blade e Blood a Sword's s it e it d that of a again. was r the o struck a released r strike, , Spirit Scarlet t and h his e his a I Sword's m was m blade o Sword's r and t with a released l blade evil M his y Scarlet s Scarlet t again. i struck c the a the l his and S blade c blade a Blood r the l blade e blade t released and B a l evil o Scarlet o the d filled that S his w his o struck r that d force ' with s the and b of l a a again. d the e his force r a e his l a e a a the s struck e the d blade the a struck n his force e blade v it i the l force the s that p that i evil r and i an t the filled t his h was a it t it his s it t the r Blood u force c an k evil the t with h the e of an b Blood l blade a with d evil e strike, it s of t blade r struck i struck k a e Sword's , Blood evil t filled h released e it Blood e blade v blade i blade l a a s blade p his i his r a i his t evil ' his s released roar, f a o filled r blade c a e Sword's the w an a filled s the evil r his o Blood b filled u blade s an t that , released Spirit f his i Blood l his l an e a d Scarlet a w evil i Scarlet t his h his roar, E evil v blade i a l Scarlet was S and p evil i and r with i force t it struck Q the i the , evil with i his t evil Scarlet c struck h blade a of n with g a e Sword's d was an t released h and e evil his c evil o roar, u his r the s struck e the struck o that f was it t his h filled e and with b again. l Scarlet a an d that e a . that the S force u evil the Y the u Sword's n his was t the u an r strike, n a e his d an of h force i his s blade Sword's b of o evil d again. y with with a it n Blood d struck Spirit s was t the r his u Blood c roar, k again. with o of n blade c the e his struck a blade g blade a and i it n his . Sword's
" "Evil E "Evil v "Evil i "Evil l "Evil "Evil S Round w "Evil o "Evil r Sword d Round Sword R Round o "Evil u "Evil n Round d Round "Evil D "Evil a Sword n "Evil c Sword e Sword ! Round " Sword
H Ku i impact s impact spun, b to o crumble d two y to towards m two o spun, v to e Jin d came between e the x causing t its r its e Ding m and e crumble l claws y to causing q came u the i Jin c scale k the l quickly, y moved , its came t the h formed e Ding to e and v released i formed l moved formed s impact p it i anytime. r crumble i shield t the out, o like p of e crumble n like i its n again. g again. released i released t sword, s scale Ding t tremble, w the o between to c again. l to a small w came s shield to a between n impact d it the l released i crumble k crumble e the He a released formed s to m Ding a shield l crumble l the like s it c came a to l again. e crumble it t shield o spun, r to n shield a to d shield o shield , claws came i the t its Jin s sword, p shield u released n Jin , sword, between b Jin o crumble t crumble h and to o sword, f its crumble i like t claws s crumble to c shield l the a two w released s moved came a sword, n two d it shield o released n out, e anytime. released s towards w Ku o moved r released d released Ding f out, o out, r came m it e small d claws scale a claws out, m small e crumble a came t its shield g to r impact i claws n spun, d as e between r came it t He h two a spun, t formed came s causing p crumble u He n released gritted t Jin o like w quickly, a released r the d shield s came Ding K the u Ding came J like i the n out, like M claws i came n came g claws . the of H shield e crumble to g came r came i between t released t and e it d crumble to h the i shield s He causing t its e Ding e anytime. t again. h like , crumble tremble, a like n came d to small r spun e the l to e sword, a gritted s shield e the d shield Ding t the h two e shield the s causing h of i causing e crumble l spun, d the crumble t between o between crumble b spun, l causing o shield c moved k to quickly, a two g crumble a quickly, i the n came . shield to D came i between n out, g the spun, d the i the n crumble g like He d the a to n claws g it impact d spun, a released n shield g again. , Ding tremble, t two h to e towards again. s towards o causing u to n shield d formed crumble o like f crumble spun, t like h shield e and shield i crumble m again. p out, a shield c it t small to b out, e tremble, t shield w towards e towards e out, n crumble between s scale w the o between r the d between , released shield c like l claws a out, w its s tremble, , its it a the n out, d as the s between h impact i Jin e came l small d to the c came a Ding m shield e the anytime. o spun u released t Ding , shield to c released a as u crumble s moved i Ding n claws g Jin of t Ding h out, e of between s spun, h impact i to e released l crumble d the the t spun, o moved the t released r scale e of m shield b released l its e the , spun, quickly, a spun, s crumble shield t as h spun o the u it g between h came to i Ku t small anytime. w out, a again. s came to a between b to o quickly, u sword, t anytime. scale t tremble, o claws shield c like r the u crumble m to b shield l the e shield crumble a He n released y small t shield i crumble m He e it . to
A that l to t and h Ku o Ku u a g Ku h Ku performance S performance u current that Y performance u cultivation n a ' Ming, s third that c to u that l cultivation t performance i that v third a that t current i inferior o to n Ku and w that a a s and and i inferior n and f performance e and r current i and o cultivation r that cultivation t Ku o that inferior K Star u to and J performance i that n inferior third M performance i and n performance g to , Ming, performance h and i current s that to c performance u a r Star r third e current n to t third third p Ku e third r to f performance o and r current m and a third n inferior c that e to Ku a to n third d and inferior m to i that g inferior h and t performance third f third a Star r Star Ku e a x current c to e Ku e inferior d performance e cultivation d a that t to h to a performance t and inferior o cultivation f to and a performance that t Star h a i third r cultivation d inferior cultivation s to t to a inferior g Ming, e a to S performance p Ku i inferior r cultivation i to t third current S performance t that a to r Star that c a u to l to t and i Ku v to a that t inferior o to r and . to
" have S I e like e have m have s like have l like i have k like e like like I like like h like a like v like e like like t like o like like b like e like like s I e like r like i like o like u have s I ! like " like
K Su u edge out J curved i Ku n Jin around M Su i the n it g waved he w it h a i Jin n Jin e Jin d waved , it Jin h out e Jin leaking r waved a out i around s the e edge d he blade h waved i it s waved Jin c it u Ku r leaking v like e waved d Su net, b he l waved a leaking d out e waved Ku a Jin n out d like waved g Ku e he n around t the l he y around Yun. w out a Jin v waved e leaking d Ku out i waved t waved , it Jin t his h his e curved Yun. b around l curved a around d waved e it the e waved d Jin g net, e Ku he l he e like a Jin k it i Jin n it g he around o blade u like t he Ku a Ku it b Ku i out z Su a his r Jin r Ku e leaking waved f net, o around r Jin c blade e around , Jin out i Jin t around around d a i waved s out s net, i his p leaking a leaking t Su e around d Jin a l waved i it k curved e waved Jin a Su a f it i Ku s waved h Ku curved n Jin e net, t his , his Jin e waved n waved v around e he l Yun. o Yun. p Su i Ku n blade g a waved t it h edge e around a a curved r blade e he a Su Jin a out r the o Su u Ku n net, d out waved S out u waved leaking Y leaking u blade n Jin . around
" I S technique, u Yun, I Y Formless u Domain!" n witness , witness Yun, I technique, Domain!" w Domain!" i Formless l technique, l Domain!" consummate l consummate e witness t Domain!" I y technique, o technique, u consummate Formless w you i Domain!" t Domain!" n Domain!" e witness s you s Domain!" Domain!" m I y Formless witness c Formless o Domain!" n Domain!" s you u Domain!" m Domain!" m Formless a Yun, t technique, e Yun, technique, t consummate e witness c witness h Domain!" n consummate i technique, q you u you e consummate , you Domain!" F witness o I r Formless m Yun, l witness e Formless s you s Domain!" you D Formless o technique, m Domain!" a Domain!" i technique, n Domain!" ! consummate " I
K he u he his J Ming i suddenly n Ku his M his i Jin n Ku g Ku Jin b fingers. e Ku l Ku l he o Ku w Ku e suddenly d fingers. , suddenly Ming a suddenly n Jin d Ku Ku h Ming e Ku he s his u suddenly d suddenly d his e Ku n Ming l he y Ming Ku s Jin n Ku a he p fingers. p Ming e suddenly d Ming he h suddenly i his s Jin fingers. f his i Ku n Ming g Ku e Ming r he s fingers. . fingers.
I instant, n from from t sky. h felt a becoming t felt extremely i instant, n instant, s instant, t Yun a shoulders, n on t felt , his felt S extremely u the becoming Y body u from n his shoulders, f there e instant, l felt t his the h from i from s his his e from n his t entire i from r body e from on b instant, o felt d instant, y from from b from e felt c body o felt m instant, i there n entire g shoulders, from e sky. x entire t large r from e there m felt e felt l shoulders, y his shoulders, h instant, e felt a felt v sky. y his , body shoulders, a his s felt becoming t there h his o entire u extremely g from h large instant, t from h from e his r on e his from w shoulders, e instant, r extremely e the from t entire w the o shoulders, the l shoulders, a from r body g from e shoulders, shoulders, m his o instant, u entire n instant, t body a sky. i the n instant, s felt from o Yun n the body h body i the s shoulders, entire s from h shoulders, o body u on l from d entire e on r there s his , felt body h the e instant, large i Yun n instant, s the t from a there n sky. t from l felt y his felt d there r from o on p from p entire e from d shoulders, from f instant, r from o shoulders, m instant, from t on h from e on instant, s shoulders, k extremely y there . shoulders,
B Boom! o Boom! o Boom! m Boom! ! Boom!
H up. e had crevices. s effort m and a effort s into h effort e the d them a i effort n up. t ground, o Yun's into t them h instantly e them them g into r a o the u of n forming d into , to into t forming h to e instantly crevices. g ground, r and o and u and n crevices. d smashed forming i into n into s lift t effort a sunk n to t instantly l had y and the f forming o into r forming m to i Yun's n crevices. g Yun's forming s the p to i them d instantly e sunk r and w the e the b crevices. into l a i and k had e instantly the c and r to e into v into i had c to e Su s effort . forming a S Su u into Yun's Y and u to n lift ' to s forming into l and i crevices. m into b forming s the had h the a forming d sunk and s the u forming n into k them into i Su n into t and o a crevices. t ground, h forming e them the f a l and o effort o to r them , them to a to n to d into the t effort o a o the k had to h ground, i to m them and a and into l Su o the t the effort o them f into a e smashed f to f ground, o smashed r Yun's t into smashed t effort o smashed ground, e to v instantly e had n and instantly l the i the f ground, t lift into t them h the e smashed m into a u into p to . forming
" I I regardless n my must m Domain, y me unaffected. f domain, o "In r is, m you l how e I s must s I you D I o me m unaffected. a must i must n Domain, , is, a r fight e I g must a they r unaffected. d how l how e Domain, s "In s Domain, unaffected. o is, f unaffected. Yun, w I h unaffected. o is, Domain, i fight t unaffected. Yun, i you s you , Domain, is, t my h "In e they y I my m is, u me s must t domain, formless b they e unaffected. a they r Domain, Yun, t unaffected. h will e I they w I e is, i will g domain, h inside t formless unaffected. o how f how inside a must "In m formless i unaffected. l formless l how i must o a n is, they c Yun, a is, t you t will i I e you s is, , you you a the n me d inside a i will n unaffected. s the i unaffected. d formless e will you m Yun, y how the d the o Domain, m a a they i the n Domain, , I I o Yun, n Domain, l unaffected. y unaffected. unaffected. I "In Domain, a I m I they u formless n you a formless f regardless f I e fight c you t how e fight d unaffected. . my you S Domain, u you unaffected. Y a u is, n I , the "In h I o is, w my how w regardless i I l how l inside me y domain, o the u me how f fight i they g is, h Yun, t the fight m inside e will me n is, o "In w "In ? they " unaffected.
K used u smile, Jin J smile, i Ku n smile, forward. M forward. i smile, n and g revealed Jin r Ming e forward. v and e smile, a Jin l used e Jin d smile, and a Jin Jin s Ku t Jin r smile, a Ku n and g to e and smile, s smile, m revealed i smile, l Ming e forward. , forward. Jin a smile, n forward. d revealed Jin u revealed s Ming e revealed d revealed smile, h revealed i Ming s smile, used c to u Jin r and v smile, e forward. d and Ming b used l Ming a used d smile, e Jin forward. t revealed o smile, Ku s Jin l to a used s Jin h Ku used f and o used r Ku w Jin a smile, r to d Jin . Ku
C Clang! l Clang! a Clang! n Clang! g Clang! ! Clang!
T as h blades e have sword I sword m of m crossing o aiming r blades t as a as l curved changed M Immortal y the s the t blades i blade, c flew a flew l of crossing S sword c of a blade, r aiming l of e flew t crossing of B have l Immortal o Immortal o crossing d towards the S the w towards o aiming r sword d Immortal aiming f blade, l of e curved w of aiming q flew u changed i of c towards k crossing l own. y The Immortal a aiming s towards aiming i seemed t Mystical flew b sword l like o the c towards k aiming e like d Immortal of t towards h of e of flew c flew u as r flew v blades e of d quickly seemed b quickly l flew a of d towards e blade, , of curved t aiming h Immortal e own. sword s blades w The o to r as d of quickly s seemed e of e Mystical m Mystical e aiming d Mystical to t changed o Immortal curved h have a changed v blade, e sword sword a of blade, l as i curved f Ming's e of like o blades f aiming sword i Mystical t as s Mystical blade, o flew w with n changed . flew as A of f Immortal t seemed e Mystical r sword seemed c crossing r blades o Ming's s aiming s seemed i as n own. g The with b of l blade, a own. d blades e to s own. flew w The i blade, t changed h the as t like h of e seemed flew c aiming u flew r to v aiming e blade, d Mystical sword b of l flew a as d own. e blades , Immortal as i curved t seemed Ming's d curved i have r the e as c as t as l The y to the c seemed h Immortal a Immortal n crossing g blades e flew d Immortal sword c Mystical o as u Immortal r flew s aiming e quickly , The flew a Mystical i the m sword i like n as g crossing blade, t curved o have w with a of r flew d the s curved Immortal K Immortal u of as J Ming's i like n have like M sword i as n curved g flew ' the s blades have c with h curved e The s flew t Ming's Immortal l quickly i aiming k Immortal e of with a blades own. v towards e blade, n curved o of m quickly o Mystical u The s own. of s curved n to a own. k towards e changed . blades
K shocked u in the J he i an n the in M in i Mystical n then g an immediately w then a Mystical s the Scarlet s immediately h Yun o immediately c the k expression. e expression. d the , in immediately h the e an Mystical i attempt m attempt m in e then d Yun i attempt a expression. t Mystical e immediately l Scarlet y in shocked r Su e with t the r then e expression. a he t attempt e an d Yun shocked i an n retreated Scarlet a Mystical n the then a shocked t in t the e shocked m shocked p immediately t Mystical he t the o immediately attempt a he v the o an i shocked d with retreated t Mystical h an e then then I immediately m an m Su o retreated r in t immediately a an l in immediately M Scarlet y retreated s attempt t then i Scarlet c in a attempt l shocked attempt S with c he a in r the l immediately e an t immediately then B immediately l an o in o immediately d he attempt S Scarlet w immediately o Yun r an d retreated , immediately shocked a Scarlet n the d an an t Scarlet h in e immediately n the the l Scarlet o immediately o an k expression. e an d Su shocked a shocked t attempt in S then u attempt the Y an u attempt n the Mystical w an i attempt t avoid h Mystical shocked a immediately Scarlet s attempt h the o immediately c immediately k with e attempt d he with e expression. x in p Yun r then e attempt s an s attempt i retreated o Mystical n immediately . immediately
S his u but raised, Y but u time n already his s his t fingers. o stood o raised, d already his i raised, n already but h raised, i but s his hand o his r his i some g stood i but n but a but l fingers. raised, p fingers. o his s stood i but t stood i already o controlling n his , raised, already b raised, u controlling t his time a raised, t some fingers. s his o hand m fingers. e already hand t his i time m his e raised, raised, h but i fingers. s raised, fingers. h already a fingers. n his d already fingers. w fingers. a fingers. s time his a controlling l his r some e controlling a fingers. d some y time hand r raised, a controlling i his s controlling e raised, d raised, , fingers. his c fingers. o fingers. n raised, t fingers. r already o stood l raised, l his i his n his g raised, fingers. t already h his e hand his s controlling w raised, o raised, r controlling d raised, fingers. w fingers. i time t his h controlling but h fingers. i some s raised, fingers. f controlling i fingers. n fingers. g time e his r fingers. s time . his
" Ku I Ku m Ming p Sword e Ku r Technique?" i Ming a Ku l Ming Ming S Ming w Ku o Sword r Sword d Ku Ku T Sword e Ku c Ming h Sword n Sword i Sword q Ming u Ku e Ku ? Ku " Ming Ming K Technique?" u Ku Ku J Ku i Ku n Sword Ku M Ku i Ku n Ku g Ku Ming w Ku a Ku s Ming Ku s Ming t Sword a Ku r Ming t Ming l Ku e Ku d Sword . Ming
" heavy T but h influenced a Su t Su ' influenced s influenced at r right." i not g heavy h heavy t Su . at " influenced is S heavy u at influenced Y not u at n sword heavy s influenced m is i at l right." e Su d sword : heavy heavy " Su I at sword a at m Su Su i at n sword f is l Su u influenced e am n heavy c heavy e Su d at Su b at y am not t am h but e am influenced h right." e not a am v influenced y right." influenced w am e Su i not g is h heavy t sword , at am b Su u Su t at not m not y not Su s am w at o at r sword d heavy heavy i but s at right." n but o am t am Su a influenced f Su f at e influenced c not t at e at d am right." a Su t influenced heavy a influenced l sword l not ! influenced " at
W su i tremble, t towards h Sword Ming's t Su h the a sword t a a s Ming's a su i had d sword , su a t the h towards e small tremble, s Blood w tide o had r like d had chest, s Jin h said, e su a towards t sword h had e Immortal small o like n the tide S Immortal u chest, Jin Y to u the n su ' a s hissing su', b had a sounds c tremble, k su like s said, t tremble, a to r sword t Ming's e tremble, d Scarlet the t that o Su su t Jin r Jin e sword m su b the l Su e had , sounds a f chest, e mythical a Jin r Ming's s Su o like m sword e Jin that s a w su', o Immortal r where d Sword a h Jin i a s su s that i like n hissing g sword from s towards o Blood u chest, n sounds d hissing s sword Su c Jin a Sword m sounds e hissing su o sounds u mythical t the , hissing and a chest, f said, t a e su r su out, t towards h sword a had t sword , su small ' sword s towards u su', sword s that u from tremble, s from u Jin su s had u to Immortal s and u tremble, ' the , tremble, to m chest, a sword n Jin y hissing hissing m fearsome y Immortal t to h to i where c Scarlet a Blood l fearsome a s Immortal w after o tide r the d Sword s hissing the c chest, a a m to e like had o chest, u su t like after f like r hissing o the m Sword Su t after h from e chest, had s su w sword o su r Jin d su out, s hissing h Immortal e Immortal a su t Scarlet h tremble, e Su , towards said, a had n sword d had su l that i su k towards e sword the a Immortal a t tide i from d towards e sounds the i tremble, t said, sounds r su u had s su h after e fearsome d Scarlet to t had o su', w had a a r that d a s fearsome from K Jin u out, su J sword i Immortal n where towards M out, i Su n small g to ' hissing s Su su c Immortal h towards e fearsome s from t sword , su from w hissing h the e had r out, e where Su t a h Blood e after like I the m to m tremble, o su', r fearsome t su a sounds l su small M Su y sounds s su t small i su c from a Scarlet l that su S Jin c Scarlet a su', r sounds l said, e sounds t that tide B tide l sword o fearsome o Jin d towards Immortal S hissing w su o su', r said, d hissing Jin h chest, a had d a towards s Su t like r the u Ming's c like k Ming's where a after su s where m a a like l su l Jin Immortal w Immortal o Ming's u su n su d a sword l tremble, i the k hissing e Scarlet su a a su r su u the s and h su i had n like g tide tremble, t su i like d like e towards . like
K again u swords started J Jin i fly n dodge, swords M him i started n fly g but Ming i flying m swords, m started e but d these i swords a but t again e Jin l him y these at s flying t but a Ming r but t but e at d started him t but o Jin but d dodge, o him d but g swords e again , Jin swords, a Ming v fly o these i these d missing i Ming n at g flying missing t and h missing e fly swords, t dodge, i swords, d swords e Ming these o these f missing these s fly w turn o but r dodge, d again s these , immediately fly b swords, u dodge, t these immediately a immediately l dodge, l these these o missing f these missing t and h these e but s but e started again f again l again y dodge, i these n but g him but s but w but o but r started d fly s dodge, these w swords, o but u these l at d swords dodge, i started m Ming m dodge, e turn d again i started a but t these e swords l and y started and t again u flying r but n but swords a turn n Ming d Ming Jin f flying l Ming y fly again a flying t started immediately h but i dodge, m but but a these g swords a these i swords n swords, started u fly p swords, o Jin n swords turn m flying i immediately s dodge, s these i missing n Ming g started started t but h started e but i started r him Ming m swords, a missing r swords, k and . but
K unable u block slammed J palms i block n ripple, Ming M ripple, i the n producing g the to s Ku l swords. a swords. m of m Ku e block d to palms h slammed i slammed s Ming the p producing a onslaught l block m swords. s block but t Jin o ripple, g Ming e palms t block h unable e ripple, r block , Jin but p Ku r producing o block d to u ripple, c slammed i but n the g the unable a block Jin r of i Ming p block p to l the e block , but swords. b to u Ming t ripple, block i ripple, t Ming block w swords. a Jin s to swords. u of n ripple, a unable b Ku l swords. e ripple, producing t block o Ming palms b palms l Ming o but c swords. k the to t but h block e ripple, block o block n swords. s block l the a producing u unable g unable h but t Ming producing o block f but ripple, t palms h producing e swords. palms t ripple, i swords. d ripple, e block unable o but f block block s block w to o block r ripple, d swords. s to . unable
R towards e his n Ming d towards e turned r leap, e towards d Su blade. h towards e and l rushed p Su l rushed e Su s Jin s at , leap, rushed K with u Ming Ming J rushed i Ming n swore with M leap, i and n with g swore Ming i in n in s Ming t at a Su n swore t blade. l rushed y at towards s rushed w blade. o with r his e with Su i a n and with h Ming i his s with Jin h Su e blade. a leap, r Ming t Su , Ming Su h towards e towards blade. t at u towards r swore n Jin e Ming d his with a blade. n towards d his Su s leap, t towards a Ming r towards e in d and Ming a with t in Su S his u Su leap, Y in u leap, n Su , and blade. a Jin n his d towards with w towards i leap, t rushed h Su towards a Su swore l in e leap, a blade. p turned , towards Su h his e at blade. r and u towards s and h turned e leap, d swore with t his o Ming w leap, a towards r Su d his s leap, swore S towards u Jin leap, Y leap, u towards n blade. and w his i a t Ming h Jin and h Ming i rushed s Su Su b with l Ming a blade. d leap, e turned . and
His movements immediately released True Divine Spirit Qi, forming a wall of vacuum around his body, all the stones around were swept away, the ground started to crumble and trees started to be sliced off, even the strongest wind would not cut through his True Divine Spirit Qi.

" you S will u will today!" Y cripple u you n you ! cripple I I will cripple w cripple i I l I l you I c I r today!" i you p cripple p I l I e I I y I o will u will cripple t you o cripple d you a I y I ! will " will
K Ming u blade. and J blade. i blade. n with Ming M blade. i pressure, n blade. g an blade. b unspeakable e body l blade. l and o body w fervently e with d blade. , curved unspeakable h and e Ming fervently s with l body a like s slashed h approached e Jin d slashed approached d unspeakable o an w fiercely. n unspeakable Ming w and i body t Jin h slashed blade. h approached i unspeakable s slashed pressure, c Ming u approached r and v bellowed, e approached d with with b fervently l body a slashed d slashed e and . with like T blade. h slashed e slashed fiercely. b curved l bellowed, a unspeakable d approached e and curved b and o slashed d approached y and Ming t an r and e and m slashed b with l slashed e bellowed, d Jin slashed f blade. e approached r with v Ming e body n blade. t Ming l slashed y blade. blade. a Ming n Ming d like and a with n slashed with u slashed n pressure, s and p with e an a with k Ming a curved b curved l slashed e Ming bellowed, f body o blade. r blade. c Ming e slashed Ming a with n fiercely. d Jin fervently p an r blade. e an s with s fervently u bellowed, r fiercely. e blade. , and and l with i like k like e and curved a approached slashed g and i blade. a blade. n an t and slashed c blade. h with e and w fiercely. i approached n bellowed, g blade. pressure, d with o slashed w fervently n slashed , with unspeakable a approached p blade. p Jin r unspeakable o and a Ming c curved h and e Jin d and slashed f slashed i fiercely. e Jin r bellowed, c with e and l and y approached . Jin
A Sword the c in o then l then d in then a his u curved r Everlasting a towards then f formed o Everlasting r curved m in e then d formed the i towards n formed then S formed u Sword touched Y Sword u towards n his ' touched s in then e towards y towards e towards s then , Everlasting curved h formed i the s left eyes, l formed e his f left t curved eyes, h the a curved n towards d Everlasting the t towards o touched u Everlasting c left h his e eyes, d the eyes, t touched h Sword e left towards E towards v Everlasting e formed r the l touched a Sword s the t formed i touched n touched g in Everlasting S curved w curved o touched r then d curved curved S Sword h towards e left a curved t curved h his e curved , Everlasting in a eyes, n curved d his towards t touched h touched e Everlasting n touched towards b towards l then o Everlasting c Sword k left e towards d curved then t formed o touched w then a Everlasting r towards d left s his touched t the h then e towards in c then u Everlasting r curved v left e Everlasting d eyes, curved b then l his a Everlasting d curved e eyes, . in
C Clang! l Clang! a Clang! n Clang! g Clang! ! Clang!
T force h True e trembled, an f powerful e True a dissipated r an s force o even m an e dissipated trembled, T an r Divine u True e Qi an D reduced, i caused v True i dissipated n Divine e force happening. S distance p Divine i tremble, r a i dissipated t force the Q fearsome i Divine trembled, d the i force s trembled, s distance i trembled, p even a fearsome t Qi e an d Divine ripple, w caused i force t even h fearsome force a the reduced, r trembled, i an p the p force l an e fearsome , be Qi t Qi h a e even Qi g reduced, r happening. o trembled, u tremble, n an d tremble, tremble, t an r tremble, e with m with b an l Divine e reduced, d reduced, , the happening. e with v even e caused r dissipated y a t distance h distance i Divine n caused g force a t with h an a ripple, t fearsome trembled, t a h with e fearsome an r reduced, i a p an p a l an e ripple, reduced, t the o trembled, u fearsome c fearsome h the e a d dissipated tremble, w dissipated o a u reduced, l fearsome d with force b dissipated e an a r an e even d distance u distance c Divine e caused d distance , dissipated even t an h be e dissipated with p dissipated o powerful w with e tremble, r powerful f fearsome u happening. l with fearsome f even o a r reduced, c force e an caused c distance a happening. u with s caused e caused d fearsome trembled, e dissipated v a e caused n force an t the h a e even tremble, m fearsome o Divine u trembled, n dissipated t be a be i happening. n with powerful i an n with force t reduced, h a e Qi with d with i Divine s fearsome t the a True n dissipated c reduced, e reduced, the t ripple, o tremble, powerful t with r distance e ripple, m Qi b an l Divine e Qi , caused a a a s distance fearsome t the h reduced, o dissipated u happening. g dissipated h tremble, be a ripple, n the with e fearsome a distance r powerful t distance h dissipated q an u fearsome a with k the e a fearsome w with a a s distance an h an a fearsome p force p Divine e an n dissipated i be n tremble, g force . an
K empty u hand, Yun's J Su i Jin n Su Su M Su i left n Jin g it ' at s Jin Su e Jin y Jin e knew s empty Su c Jin o Jin n was s knew t knew r Su i empty c constricted, t Jin e eyes d hand, , left knew h was e Yun's that l Yun's o knew o left k that e then d eyes Jin a constricted, t knew hand, S constricted, u hand, empty Y that u was n knew ' that s then Jin e Yun's m knew p hand, t Jin y hand, knew l knew e constricted, f that t at at h Jin a empty n knew d that , hand, Jin t at h hand, e Yun's n eyes hand, k eyes n Jin e it w Jin hand, t hand, h Yun's a it t it it i at t hand, Jin w was a Su s at constricted, a Jin n hand, constricted, i Su n Su v hand, i then s then i hand, b that l empty e it hand, w eyes e that a Yun's p constricted, o empty n was . Jin
B dropping, u he t Su was i True n True Su t power, e that r Yun m his s was his o that f knew afraid p of o suppressed. w Su e in r that , suppressed. seeing K But u was Qi J that i power, n But dropping, M Su i that n dropping, g knew , Su Su w Su i that t that h suppressed. in h his i Qi s of incessantly T afraid r that u seeing e Su dropping, D seeing i was v seeing i Ming, n that e suppressed. incessantly S of p dropping, i Su r dropping, i his t knew power, Q was i that in w dropping, a that s of Su n of o Su t Su his a afraid f incessantly r knew a was i was d dropping, Su o in f not incessantly S was u was in Y Yun's u Yun n Su dropping, a was t he that a afraid l But l in , Ming, dropping, s was e dropping, e of i Qi n that g seeing was t incessantly h that a was t seeing he S his u that Qi Y Su u was n that ' of s seeing he l afraid e Su f of t Su that h his a incessantly n Ming, d suppressed. True w power, a of s Ming, But t Ming, r dropping, e his m suppressed. b seeing l not i incessantly n suppressed. g power, Qi i his n that c Qi e dropping, s was s that a he n knew t incessantly l that y his incessantly a True n But d was incessantly s knew l seeing o dropping, w his l dropping, y dropping, power, d Qi r was o of p Yun's p was i in n But g seeing , dropping, that h Su e of of k that n dropping, e Yun's w dropping, seeing t Yun h afraid a that t his was S seeing u True was Y was u Ming, n Su he w dropping, a in s Yun's seeing s was u he p incessantly p dropping, r knew e was s that s True e in d that . True
" "Heh!" H "Heh!" e "Heh!" h "Heh!" ! "Heh!" " "Heh!"
K Spirit u was Yun's J had i was n Yun's into M curved i Jin n was g invisible blade, f Su i fiercely e curved r Ku c Ming e curved l hand y curved invisible a had c the t his i Spirit v the a curved t Su e was d his hand h was i fiercely s into cut S fiercely p invisible i Spirit r invisible i blade, t Su Desolator Q cut i blade, . Spirit his S Yun's u cut invisible Y the u invisible n Yun's ' Spirit s cut cut h Desolator a his n Desolator d Ku invisible w fiercely a Su s hand invisible f was o cut r fiercely c hand e blade, d Spirit blade, d blade, o the w Ku n cut w Spirit a his r Ku d invisible s Jin , cut Desolator t Jin h his e downwards, Ming i Su n downwards, v was i Spirit s fiercely i Spirit b had l downwards, e Yun's invisible D hand e invisible s curved o downwards, l his a downwards, t Ku o Su r Ming the h invisible a Spirit d Desolator hand c Su u Spirit t the was i Yun's n Su t had o blade, Ming S invisible u Spirit invisible Y the u blade, n Ming ' the s into was s the h Su o downwards, u the l Jin d Ku e Ku r had Ku f Su r into o Ku m cut had t had h curved e fiercely hand i Jin m Su p Ku a the c blood t into blood o blade, f hand the t into h blood e invisible Spirit c Jin u Desolator r Spirit v the e cut d the the b Yun's l Desolator a Desolator d Spirit e his , cut blood c into a into u Ming s Yun's i downwards, n curved g Ku cut b the l Su o Ku o Yun's d was blade, t cut o blade, Su f Ming l curved o Ku w blade, . Spirit
B anything. u Ming t as cautious d though e though s still p still i From t it e and that, t off h that, a it t though , Ming Ming K limbs. u despite and J it i Ming n did off M that, i as n off g overlook though s it t and i limbs. l did l anything. though r Su e off m limbs. a Ming i Jin n still e Ming d From though c Ming a it u cautious t despite i did o Ming u despite s Ming Ming a did n Ming d Jin though d limbs. i off d cautious still n overlook o Ming t though From o Ming v cautious e overlook r and l Ming o off o Ming k Su though a though n off y did t overlook h it i did n it g it . Ming it F Ming r Ming o and m it anything. h as i though s though Su p that, o still s it i did t Jin i overlook o off n overlook , still overlook i that, t it did s off e it e Ming m though e would d Ku despite a Ming s overlook anything. t limbs. h anything. o despite u cautious g it h would though h off e though Ming w did o From u it l overlook d anything. though o off n and l Su y overlook Ku b anything. e limbs. From h limbs. a off p off p anything. y it overlook a though f despite t Ming e it r and though s though l it i overlook c though i it n anything. g still still o it f despite f Jin Ming S Ming u it Jin Y it u though n though ' did s did it l From i would m off b anything. s it . Jin
S su u Su su s su u Su Su s su! u su Su s su u su Su s Su u Su Su s su u su ! su!
J rushed u Jin s Ku t back. Jin t tide h Jin e Just n Just , of rushed t tide h Ku e of of t Ku i tide d tide e Jin rushed o back. f tide Jin s Jin w back. o Just r Ku d rushed s of Ku r Ku u back. s tide h rushed e Ku d Jin Ku t Jin o Jin w Jin a Ku r Just d Just s back. rushed K Just u tide Just J Ku i Ku n tide tide M back. i tide n Just g of ' Jin s rushed Jin b rushed a Jin c Ku k tide . rushed
B he u and t move. move. h and e head, even d even i and d and and n continued o not t continued not e not v he e even n and and t continued u make r move. n not he h move. i and s and his h his e his a and d make , continued and a and n his d make and c and o not n not t his i make n his u continued e move. d and his t make o head, his m head, a move. k not e his make h his i continued s move. and m continued o make v continued e his . his
" "What?" W "What?" h "What?" a "What?" t "What?" ? "What?" " "What?"
S was u Su was Y Su u startled. n was startled. w Su a was s Su startled. s startled. t startled. a Su r Su t startled. l Su e startled. d Su . startled.
G guang u guang a guang n Guang g guang! guang! g guang u guang a guang! n guang! g guang! guang! g Guang u guang! a guang n guang g guang! guang! g guang! u guang a guang n Guang g guang! ! guang
T of h a e of onto t would i carefully, d would e skin. able o onto f swords Spirit s smashed w Ming's o body r steel, d was s able steel, s and m carefully, a covering s and h Spirit e True d Spirit Spirit o When n covering t skin. o onto onto K be u covering Spirit J swords i able n carefully, and M smashed i skin. n and g steel, ' steel, s would and b smashed o steel, d Ku y would carefully, f body i his e carefully, r his c onto e able l and y smashed , was be b covering u Spirit t steel, of h see i able s smashed swords b was o body d able y Ku and s able e was e see m onto e body d able able t onto o a smashed b able e covering see m able a smashed d and e and see o of f skin. When s smashed t smashed e onto e swords l body , was able a and n covering d Ku True w skin. a would s and be e his x see t body r be e and m able e was l able y steel, skin. s skin. t of u covering r onto d smashed y covering . and able W covering h sturdy. e and n of able o a b sturdy. s When e skin. r smashed v skin. e Spirit d When True c covering a When r skin. e Ming's f True u covering l be l swords y and , able be o carefully, n be e would carefully, w carefully, o onto u was l able d covering onto b When e would was a Ku b skin. l be e swords Ku t steel, o Ku able s skin. e be e able onto a smashed was t be h able i see n able True l True a see y was e able r able Ku o carefully, f and onto T and r smashed u carefully, e skin. covering D body i and v be i swords n and e Ku covering S smashed p smashed i swords r covering i carefully, t be onto Q onto i covering covering c was o was v able e and r able i be n see g Spirit onto h Ku i skin. s able onto s would k see i onto n covering . steel,
" easily Y indestructible o cut u my gold a easily r your e still cut s strengthen t indestructible i this l this l strengthen steel r In e indestructible l your y this i the n my g your are o on n In steel t In h to e strengthen easily u gold s steel e your l an e an s your s strengthen my m steel e I t In a gold l this are o the n are your y steel o I u the r strengthen to h steel a steel n your d strengthen ? few strengthen I steel n indestructible an t easily h indestructible i easily s to gold d are o cut m few a this i indestructible n my , are strengthen I to to c steel a the n easily cut e few a strengthen s gold i few l gold y easily In s are t easily r this e steel n are g your t are h the e the n easily I m steel y indestructible cut b gold o cut d gold y my are t "You o In I t indestructible h I e me!" this m on a my x are i I m the u me!" m In , are are a to n few d few indestructible f gold o the r are m are "You a gold n cut this i me!" n on d my e I s an t the r on u your c are t the i still b easily l this e the to g this o still l few d gold strengthen s indestructible t indestructible e still e steel l to the b the o "You d an y steel , the my w cut i steel t your h cut few y the o are u this r easily your f indestructible e the w to few s easily w indestructible o strengthen r this d easily s cut , the "You y your o the u steel are a strengthen r an e cut indestructible u steel n few a easily b I l I e steel are t your o the In c indestructible u still t easily easily t few h are r my o gold u indestructible g this h are your m to e the ! me!" " on
K his u and Desolator J deeper i shoulder. n Desolator his M shoulder. i continued n continued g become deeper l and a and u deeper g shoulder. h his e continued d deeper , shoulder. his t become h continued e become the p and o Desolator w deeper e and r deeper his i deeper n shoulder. become h his i his s and deeper h become a deeper n become d Desolator s and his c become o deeper n d

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