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7-21 Party

After destroying Gigantes, Jin’s group had looked for Rucall on the way back, but in the end they didn’t find out where he had gone.
Maybe he was still under watch by the Unifilers. But as he wasn’t a child, him disappearing wasn’t a worry for Jin.

From under Rucall’s cabin they also found splinters of a box that appeared to be from the one that had sealed Gigantes’s Core.
According to the ancient writing on it, it was a left behind as a trap in the case of the devil race finding the ancient ruins.
That’s why Magic Energy inserted just out of curiosity ahad ctivated Gigantes.

As the Unifilers surely had come to know about the ancient ruins, they returned all the materials to the golems that were left behind to make it seem like there was a chance there were other unknown secrets. Because the materials weren’t particularly valuable, it wasn’t a great regret.
Because they also completely rewrote the magic formation of the Warp Gate, even if it was for example reconstructed, it wouldn’t function normally. On the contrary, it might behave wildly.
In the future, if the Unifilers’s members hear news from Rucall and come to investigate, they’ll gain nothing, or actually, they’ll probably go back with with an unexpected souvenir.
Jin’s group peacefully left towards Yada Village.

“Surely the number one find is Ann.”
Jin said on the subject, Reinhardt also agreed and tapped on his breast pocket.
“This record of the Great Magic War, it’s also valuable though.”
Jin once more looked back over at Ann and muttered.
“Anyhow, I’ve got to get to repairing her.”
“Mh-hm, that’s something only you can do, Jin. Please repair her without fail.”
However, Yada Village didn’t have the equipment for that.
“At any rate, you better repair her while we’re still in Egelia Kingdom.”
That was Reinhardt’s opinion. Right now Celuroa Kingdom was suspicious, so with Jin being the Honorary Magi Craftsman, while still in Egelia Kingdom Jin could probably borrow a workshop from somewhere, he added.
If he brought her to Hourai Island he would surely be able to completely repair her, but it was still a secret to Reinhardt’s group. Jin had gradually begun feeling that holding secrets was a bother, and had begun to want to open his heart to Reinhardt’s group.

Although the road was bad, the way back was downhill. By evening they had arrived at Yada Village.
Then once again, or more precisely as expected, Mine came running.
“Young lady! You were late so I’ve been worried!”
This time that was all, there was no disagreement towards Jin. Maybe she had learned a little.

“Aah, I’m somewhat tired.”
Jin who was vaguely worn-out went to his room in the inn and threw himself on the bed.
“Father, I will wake you up when dinnertime comes, so please rest even for a while.”
And so Jin accepted Reiko’s offer, closed his eyes, and reflected on today’s events.

About Ann.
About Gigantes.
The system that absorbed Mana. That had been dangerous. If Reiko hadn’t been able to output so much power.
While thinking in circles about various things, before he knew it Jin had fallen asleep.

A knocking sound was heard. Then Jin opened his eyes.
He looked, and Reiko and Ann were going to open the door.
“Yes, what is it?”
After the door opened, the first to come in was Elsa.
“I came to pick up Jin-kun.”
She said. On that subject, it was already dark outisde, so it must be dinnertime.
Jin got up and walked towards the door, then noticed Elsa’s outfit.
Her favourite chartreuse green dress. A rare flower decoration on her hair, and the brooch Jin had gifted her pinned on her chest.
Elsa turned to Jin who couldn’t understand why she had dressed up like that for just a dinner in the inn, and presented her hand.
“To pick Jin-kun up, I said. Come on, let’s go.”
After just waking up he was still muddleheaded, and took Elsa’s hand…Or rather, Elsa took his and walked Jin to the dining room.
And when the moment they arrived at the dining room, Jin was greeted by applause.
There was Reinhardt, and his butler Claude. Elsa’s butler, Adberg. Then somehow, even Mine was there, giving an applause.
“Jin-kun, happy, birthday.”
Elsa said while holding Jin’s hand.
Jin was wondering for a moment what was going on, but at last he seemed to have understood the situation,
“Everyone, t…Thanks.”
He said, after great pains.
Elsa was the first to notice the trickle of tears coming out of his eyes.
“Jin, kun?”
While Elsa was worriedly peering at Jin’s expression, he said to her,
“O-oh. It’s nothing. I was just, thinking that it’s been a while since my birthday was celebrated like this. And then you know.”
Elsa led such Jin by the hand and,
“I was able to see an unexpected part of Jin-kun. Come on, this way.”
She said, and had him sit on the head of the table appropriate for today’s guest of honor. She herself sat next to him.
Reinhardt’s maids immediately went around pouring wine for everyone, and when Reinhardt saw that everyone had had their wines poured,
“Well then, to our friend, Egelia Kingdom’s Honorary Magi Craftsman, Jin Nidou’s 21st birthday. Cheers!”
He led the group to a toast.
The participants followed up.
“Jin, I couldn’t arrange more than this on such short notice, but happy birthday.”
Reinhardt said, and once more tears welled up in Jin’s eyes.
He thought it stale, but he couldn’t get himself to say anything more.
“Here you go, Jin-kun.”
Seeing that his glass had become empty, Elsa poured some more herself.
“Thanks, Elsa.”
“Mm. All the time, in Jin-kun’s care, so.”
Giving such a reply, Elsa somehow seemed more mature.
Then Reinhardt left his seat and came over,
“Jin, as there was no time this is the only gift we could get you. Think of it as me representing everyone’s feelings, please have it.”
He said and presented a flat case the size of a business card to Jin.
“It’s a case for keeping your Guild registration card in.”
Now that he mentioned it, it was the perfect size for that. The material seemed to be silver. On the front there was a gold inlaying. It looked like it said Jin in ornamental writing. It must’ve been made by Reinhardt.
“Thanks, I’ll treasure it.”
Jin said, and put the case in his breast pocket.
Meanwhile, Elsa was diving the fruits.
“Here you go.”
This evening Jin said nothing but thanks, but it was strangely pleasant.
The evening’s meal became the one of the most enjoyable meals Jin had had in his 21 years of living.

A warm wind typical of a spring evening blew across Yada village. April had come, and spring was in full swing.
From somewhere, Kherry petals came flying by the window, adding light pink to the colors.

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