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08-04 All at Once, No Elsa

The next day, Jin was woken up when the hallway was noisy.

One of them noticed Jin and approached.


“Okay? If you’re not going to say no then I’ll go see it by myself.”


“Hmm, nothing unusual. Sorry for the trouble.”

“Really, what.”

“Master, I got the feeling that he was looking for someone.”

“He ignored places like the built-in drawers of the desk, while searching under the bed and in the wardrobe, and so he must’ve searched for something large, most likely a person I think.”

“Someone, but who?”

At that moment there was a knock on the door. Jin told them to come in, and it was Reinhardt.

“Good morning.”

“Even you’re involved, what’s the matter?”

“Elsa is…gone.”

“What’s that you say?”

“Elsa didn’t seem to wake up and get out of her room even though it was morning. Mine who’d usually be awake by then couldn’t be found either. I tried going to her room, but somehow the two seem to have disappeared.”

“That’s right. Did they also come here?”

Jin looked out of the window. The soldiers who appeared to be Fritz’s subordinates seemed to be splitting into groups to search. They must’ve been all together looking for her through the whole town.

Jin muttered but he could somehow symphatize with the reason behind Elsa’s disappearance.

Reinhardt said subduedly.

The tone of his voice carried the feeling that it would be better if they weren’t found.

Jin suddenly wanted to ask.

“About both.”

“I don’t think that marriage is a particulary bad thing. Bear in mind when thinking about it that in the case of a marrying a noble who manages territory, he’s got butlers and stewards to assist him. For chores he has maids, so to put it bluntly being a decorative figure is enough. That’s a nobleman’s wife. And for children, it’s enough to hire a wet nurse.”

“But that’s just in the case of old nobles.”

“It’s much different for Elsa, who wants to build a warm home. Her ideal is to marry a partner with mutual liking for each other, although there’s also people who say that love grows after marriage.”

“Well, I can’t say I don’t understand their running away. Jin, have you noticed? Mine’s and Elsa’s relation.”

“Yeah. It’s just a guess, but Mine is probably Elsa’s real mother. It’s a guess because that’s something that even if I asked no one would tell.”

“Mine’s way of talking to, her attitude towards Elsa, and the time she became her nanny, I thought about it a lot and I came to the conclusion she’s likely her real mother.”

“Well, I still can’t say I agree with things like her method of teaching.”

“However, the question is what are we going to do now?”

“Mine is in some respects broken, you know.”

Hearing that, Jin thought that that was for sure. He had felt that Mine’s attitude towards Elsa was strange in some parts.

Jin unintentionally spoke out his mind. Reinhardt replied to that,


“Actually, to be accurate it wouldn’t precisely have to be Mine. However, I think it unlikely that a person similarly good with her circumstances could be found.”

“Ho-hold on, Reinhardt. This is the first time I’m hearing about this, what would happen if Elsa didn’t have Mine?”

“Ah, so I had not told you yet, Jin. I thought for sure I had talked about it, sorry.”

“I told you that Elsa’s been tomboyish since way back, right? One of the reasons was because of the ’emissions’ she had. Elsa has a, it’s not a disease but, she has a flaw. It’s called the ‘excess Magic Energy disorder’.”

Jin had never heard the expression before.

“Is that bad?”

“No no, here’s the point.”

“Magic Energy decreases when you use magic. That’s correct, right?”

“So, by resting the decreased Magic Energy naturally returns to normal.”

“In Elsa’s case, it returns to more than usual. So, the abundance of Magic Energy eats into her.”

In the case of eating too much and getting excessive nutrients, one grows fat, and then problems like diabetes appear. The case with Magic Energy is similar, there’s no general rule what happens but the fact is that one’s physical health becomes poor.

The excess Mana would be stimulated and transform because of small amounts of magic entering from the outside, and it would probably have a negative influence on the containing body.

“Her symptoms can be held back if she has a person nearby as an adequate safety valve.”

“Are there no other remedies? If Mine were not there, what would happen to Elsa?”

Reinhardt saying so wiped out Jin’s worries.

Jin asked in curiosity. But Reinhardt made a lonely smile and,

He said strainedly.

“It may be possible with magic, but there’s no one who can build a Magi Tool that releases Magic Energy rather than magic. ”


“There’s no one who can make one?”

Reinhardt timidly asked Jin who replied with a large nod.
“I think I probably could.”

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