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Chapter 73
I listened to a rallying speech

Several days after, the Ministerial Conference was held. Since we don’t know when the devils will attack again, as soon as the demon territory recapture strategy was agreed upon, people from the various countries gathered again in the Dahm Kingdom.

Instead of cabinet ministers, this time, the line-up is made up of the sovereigns of each country.

In a manner of speaking, it’s the world’s first world summit.

In fact, it’s actually called the World Summit.

At the first World Summit, the signing ceremony of the world coalition and the departure ceremony of the demon territory recapture strategy will be carried out at the same time.

As the entire coalition army can’t fit into the Dahm Kingdom, only the sovereigns and the upper echelons of the military will be present for the departure ceremony to efficize the process.

The declaration of the ceremony will be simultaneously broadcasted to all of the allied countries via a communication device.

Magic loudspeaker tools are set up with the communication equipment in every country, so every countries’ army and people will be able to listen to the declaration.

After listening to the declaration, each nation’s army will proceed to invade the demon territory.

This will also be the first broadcast in which the same message is delivered to all of the countries at once.

The Dahm Kingdom is in a state of emergency because the sovereigns of the other six countries will be visiting their nation.

There will be strict identity checks through roadblocks, and if one doesn’t have a proof of citizenship, they’ll immediately be restrained.

Well, it is the first World Summit and only the sovereigns will attend.

If an act of terrorism occurs, the damage it would cause could turn the world upside down.

You would expect all the security measures to be flawless.

I was watching the tranquil scenery of the Dahm Capital from the window of a room on the upper floor of the Dahm Cathedral that was assigned to the Ultimate Magicians.

“Haa, It’s incredible. The people of Dahm Kingdom are long past being on edge; they’re in an uproar.”(Shin)

“It’s no wonder all countries are participating, and it’s not just the monarchs of each country that is coming, but the Pope of the Church of Creation is gracing us with her presence too. If something happens here, the world will face a crisis completely different than the devils.”(August)

Gus responds to my murmurs. He seems to be speaking calmly, but I understand that he’s unusually excited.

For the first time in history, the head of state from every country has assembled.

Of course, the world can’t only be seven countries. It spreads out beyond Els and Ys, and there seems to be another continent.

This time, only the countries adjacent to the former empire, the current demon territory, and the ones that stand to be the most damaged have gathered together, however, the gathering of sovereigns was not thought of until now.

The upper echelons of each country will be gathered for the first time in this cathedral.

This time the main agenda is the signing of the World Coalition but various behind the scenes talks are planned.

Perhaps with this, some gears might start turning.

Perhaps the World Summit will be held regularly in the future.

It’s impossible for a person not to be excited when attending such a historic first diplomatic meeting.

“Anyway, at the moment neither chaos nor an uproar has occurred, so it seems like this meeting will end without an incident.”(August)

“I hope it will.”(Shin)

“What is it? Do you have something to worry about?”(August)


Gus’ articulation is bad for some reason.

I wonder what is it? Gus always whispers black remarks with a straight face…

Does he have a girl on his mind?

“Ah… To tell the truth…”(August)

When Gus finally started to

speak, there was a knock on the door.


“Excuse me. W-well! There is a person that wishes to meet the Ultimate Magicians!”(Guard)

The soldier that is in charge of guarding the room told us there was a visitor.

The soldier’s voice seemed to be very tense.

He’s a part of the Imperial Guard in Earlshyde, so if it was Uncle Dis his tone would be different, given that he got used to him. Who could it be?

“Hm. Who wishes to meet us?”

“Her Holiness Pope Ekatarina of the Holy Country Ys.”

The Pope of the Church of Creation!?

Why is such an esteemed person coming to this room!? She is the sovereign of a country, but most of the people in this world are believers of the Church of Creation, so if the Pope shows up, of course, any sane person would be nervous.

“Understood. Please let her in immediately.”(August)


Then the current Pope of the Church of Creation, Ekatarina, showed up.

A woman in her late thirties dressed in a white canonical robe that is not spectacular but gives off a holy impression entered.

It’s a woman with platinum hair, blue eyes, and a charming soft smile that gives those who see it a feeling of security.

She has succeeded the position of Pope quite young.

“This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Your Highness Prince Augusto. I’m the representative of the Holy Country Ys and the one who holds the position of Pope in the Church of Creation. My name is Ekatarina Von Prussia.”(Ekatarina)

“How polite. This is indeed our first meeting. I am Augusto Von Earlshyde of the Earlshyde Kingdom. And this…”(August)

Gus points to us with his hand. I also have to give my name.

“This is our first time meeting as well. I’m the representative of the Ultimate Magicians, Shin Walford.”(Shin)

Was that introduction okay? As I was second-guessing myself, Pope Ekatarina called out to me with a soft smile.

“So it’s you… You are ‘The messenger of God’ Shin Walford.”(Ekatarina)

“T-The messenger of God?”(Shin)

What is that? “The messenger of God”, that’s such an over-exaggerated way of speaking again!

“Demon King” and now this. My list of horrid aliases is getting too crowded!

“The appearance of the devils exactly at this time in the world… It’s a threat to all of humanity. However, at such a dire time, Mr. Walford, who holds the greatest ability in the history of mankind, has appeared. We believe you’re an angel sent by God.”(Ekatarina)

“Um, You’re overestimating me…”(Shin)

“Really? I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong though?”(Ekatarina)

I was shocked by those words.

Certainly, I’m in a special situation.

Not only do I have memories of my past life, but it’s also from a different world.

If there really is a God, maybe he reincarnated my soul in this world for some purpose… I can see why she would think that.

No way… Does this person know that…

“The magic you use is quite special, so I thought that perhaps…”(Ekatarina)

“Haha… You’re mistaken. I didn’t receive any instructions from God.”(Shin)

Did I manage to gloss it over somehow? The Pope seems to seriously think I’m a messenger from God because of the special magic I use.

I wonder if should confirm this feeling?

Still “The Messenger of God”… I wonder how long I was called that for.

“And then… Who might you be?”(Ekatarina)

When the Pope said that she looked over to Sicily who was next to me.

“It’s our first time meeting. I am Sicily Von Claude.”(Sicily)

“Oh dear! I was right after all! I am finally able to meet you!”(Ekatarina)

That reminds me, the Pope used to be called a Saint a long time ago, so now she’s presumably very worried about Sicily currently being called the same title she once owned.

I could tell that her excitement shot up upon being able to meet Sicily. She

She takes Sicily’s hand and smiles.

“Hey. Are you all right? Isn’t it noisy to constantly hear ‘Despite being a saint’ and ‘Act like a saint!’ from your surroundings?”(Ekatarina)

“E-err. Not particularly…”(Sicily)

“Really? At any rate, back when I was called ‘the Saint,’ my surroundings were very noisy. I don’t remember calling myself the ‘Saint’ of my own accord, but they nagged me into accepting it…”(Ekatarina)

Surprisingly she didn’t like the title of Saint?

“Although love, marriage and childbirth aren’t banned for a priest, they are all banned for the Saint… Even though my surrounding court ladies got married and retired one after another… Even so Fuller continued his disgusting approach…”(Ekatarina)

Somehow… The darkness in the Pope’s heart… It’s unexpectedly spitting out malice…

“As for me… People began to call me that after I became engaged to Shin. Besides, I’m not a part of the clergy…”(Sicily)

“Oh yes! That’s it! I came to officially tell you that I will personally take care of your wedding ceremony after this strategy action ends!”(Ekatarina)

… It was officially decided… Is that so…

In addition to the release of my book, to have my wedding ceremony conducted by the Pope herself… Once again I’m attracting attention…

“Fufu. I read it, Mr. Walford.” (Ekatarina)

While saying that she took out the “A New Hero’s Story” from a Different Dimension Storage.

“Wha!? T-that is… I’m sorry…”(Shin)

It spread to a person like that…

“It was a splendid story. The aspirations but also the romance with Claude. After reading this book, I was proud to be able to hold the wedding of two heroes.”(Ekatarina)

She says that while looking at Sicily and deepening her smile.

This is… A real saint… Having followers all over the world and at the top of the world’s largest religion.

Carried along by the expression full of affection that could very well be called “Holy Mother” at this point, both Sicily and I started smiling.

“However, if I hold the ceremony only for the Walfords, there may be people that will say all sorts of things, so would His Highness Augusto approve of a joint wedding ceremony?”(Ekatarina)

“Of course. If I don’t take you up on that offer, there would be trouble.”(August)

I would definitely appreciate that, so that nobody will say things like “he is above the Crown Prince!” either.

“Thank you, Your Holiness. My fianceé, Elizabeth, will be delighted.”(August)

“His Highness Augusto is also a supporter who understands those two. Ufufu, this book will definitely be a bestseller. It’s a great pleasure as the Pope of the Church of Creation and as a fan of this book to be able to perform the wedding ceremonies of two pairs of heroes.”(Ekatarina)

Occasionally a material motive snuck in. I can see why the Holy Country Ys and the followers of the Church of Creation love her so much.

“Well, I already told you the issue at hand, so I’m going to leave soon. Tomorrow is the signing ceremony and the departure ceremony of the World Union. Let’s all try our best to return peace to this world.”(Ekatarina)

“Yes, by all means.”(August)

When Gus responded vigorously, the Pope smiled and left the room.

“…Haaa …I never would’ve thought the Pope would come by…”(August)

Indeed even August seems to be nervous.

She is the sovereign of the  Holy Country Ys but at the same time the head of the Church of Creation. Anyone in the world would be nervous meeting a figure like that.

“Shin wasn’t very nervous…”(Sicily)

Sicily sighs next to me and mutters. She was similarly tense, apparently.

“Well, I told you this before, but I didn’t even know there were religions until I came to the Kingdom. I can’t really imagine how venerated that Pope lady is supposed to be.”(Shin)

“‘That Pope lady’…”(Maria)

“You should absolutely never say that in the presence of a priest!”(Sicily)

Maria was amazed, and Sicily warned me

warned me in a panic.

“I know, I know.”(Shin)

“Really? If it’s Shin, he might say “that Pope lady” or “Ekaterina” in front of Her Holiness herself.”(August)

“Well, to be fair, I’m not that clueless about manners…”(Shin)

When I say that, everyone directs suspicious gazes at me.

…Huh? They think I’m impolite?

“When we see your attitude towards His Highness and His Majesty…”(Maria)

“Shin, your manners are just fine! Probably.”(August)

“How rude! I at least know that much!”(Shin)

Because I’m treating Uncle Dis as an uncle and Gus as a cousin, I don’t know how to address them respectfully.

Otherwise, I’m properly courteous!

“In any case, please address the Pope properly in public. Please.”(Sicily)

If Sicily asks me, there’s no helping it. Let’s call the Pope ‘Your Holiness’ in public.

“…Little by little, Sicily has completely domesticated you.”(Maria)

I ignored Maria’s impolite remark.

Ekatarina, the Pope of the Church of Creation, returned to her room after visiting the Ultimate Magicians’ room.

The attendant priest who followed Ekatarina asked about the previous encounter.

“How was he? Shin Walford.”(Attendant)

“Oh, well. As expected, Earlshyde Kingdom considerably tampered with his personality when editing the book… He doesn’t seem to be like that. Aside from his wording, the ambition isn’t there.”(Ekatarina)

“I understand.”(Attendant)

“Aside from that, I noticed something.”(Ekatarina)

“Is it something to be concerned about?”(Attendat)

“It’s about him being the ‘Messenger of God’.”(Ekatarina)


Meaning that rather than him as a person, Ekaterina was concerned about his status as the Messenger.

She is the head of the Church of Creation and the attendant next to her is also of a high rank and cannot deny the existence of God.

However, there is no one who actually saw God or heard his voice.

With God there, you feel him during the uneventful daily life, in a manner of speaking, he has become a cornerstone of the heart.

However, the Pope said she is concerned about the Messenger.

“He is not a Messenger sent by God? Even if he says that… He denied it, but he was clearly shaken.”(Ekatarina)

“W-What do you mean? You don’t mean… He’s truly a messenger of God…”(Attendant)

It seems that the attendant who wasn’t there didn’t understand.

But Ekatarina, who was watching Shin carefully, could see that he was upset.

“Well, I have no idea. He told me that he did not receive any instructions from God.”(Ekatarina)

“…Did not receive any instructions… Has he.”(Attendant)

“Seems that way. Which means… Perhaps he… He might have had direct contact with the existence of God.”(Ekatarina)

“…Your Holiness.”(Attendant)

“Yes. Although it’s detestable towards Mr. Walford, this is for the sake of world peace. I will have him become a portable shrine that will unite the hearts of mankind.”(Ekatarina)

From now, there is the final meeting for the signing ceremony.

Therefore, I have to make him consent to make a certain comment.

While walking in through the corridors of the Dahm Cathedral, the Church of Creation’s Pope, Ekatarina, held onto a firm determination.

The day after meeting Ms. Ekatarina, the Pope of the Church of Creation, the signing ceremony, and the departing ceremony will be held.

The place is the Dahm Cathedral.

The signatory document will be signed by every sovereign and stored in the Dahm Cathedral.

After signing the World Union in front of the cathedral, I will perform a departure ceremony in front of the military officials and the packed crowd of various countries before Dahm Cathedral and the Devil Territory recapture strategy will begin.

Right now, the signing ceremony is being held in the cathedral.

Soon, the door of the cathedral opened and a war cry rang out.

“It’s about time.”(Shin)

“Ah. When this is over, we will return back to the peaceful world like before. We must make sure this strategy is successful.”(August)

“Uuu… I’m getting nervous…”(Maria)

“Are you all right? Maria.”(Sicily)

Gus swears that the strategy will be a success.

Maria seems to be as tense as ever.

Sicily is watching Maria anxiously.

This time, however, Maria is on the is on the same team as me and Sicily for deployment.

Gus is in the usual team of Gus, Thor, and Julius.

Mark and Olivia are on Tony’s team.

The last group is Alice, Rin, and Yuri.

The battle formation is decided.

The young couple of Mark and Olivia, and Tony, who has recently squeezed the special persons in his life down to one.

A group which becomes balanced by adding Yuri to the duo of Alice and Rin.

Who balances out who is a secret.

When I was thinking about the group formations, the doors of the cathedral finally opened.

From inside the Cathedral appeared the sovereigns of the seven countries side by side, and their escorts behind them.

It’s probably meant to show the significance of the World Union by walking side by side in front of their escorts.

Sensing that the time was approaching, the audience gave a big cheer.

There is also a stage set up in front of the cathedral from which the voice of the Pope Ekatarina will be heard.

It seems that it was decided that way because the citizens of other countries will be ready to honestly accept their words due to the Pope’s charismatic nature.

Ekatarina advances forward from the line of sovereigns.

We are lined up on the edge of the stage with the upper echelons of other countries, Pope Ekatarina turned to me while walking up and smiled.

…What? I have a bad feeling…

“Ladies and gentlemen. And all the allies listening to this broadcast. The time is finally at hand. It is time for us humans to oppose the devils that are trying to take over the world!”(Ekatarina)

A great cheer arises from the crowd gathered in front of the Dahm Cathedral to the declaration of Pope Ekatarina.

Perhaps the people listening to this broadcast are the same as well.

“However there are many people who are feeling uneasy about whether we can truly subdue them.”(Ekatarina)

What? Why is she suddenly making pessimistic comments? It’s extremely bad to do that in this place…

Voices of confusion are raised amongst the audience and the upper echelons.

“But everyone, please feel at ease. God is on our side. Because God has sent a Messenger… Shin Walford!”(Ekatarina)

Meeeee!! What are you talking about!? I’m that person!?

“I met him directly and was convinced. He is the hope God has sent us! The girl that supports him is being called a Saint, and it was inevitable!”(Ekatarina)

Because I am the Messenger of God, does that make the Saint my companion only natural? What an outrageous theory!

“I am convinced! As long as we have the Messenger of God on our side, our victory is inevitable! Come on everyone! Let’s help him and begin a battle to bring back the peace to our world!”(Ekatarina)

When Pope Ekatarina finished speaking…


Cheers erupted like cannon fire.

And then Dominic, the chief strategist for this operation, is introduced to the podium.

“All troops! Sortie!”(Dominic)

The soldiers who were in front of the cathedral for the ceremony began to advance towards the outside of the wall.

Allied forces listening to this broadcast should come out all at once.

With the powerful remarks of Pope Ekatarina, the atmosphere in the venue is at its peak.

And Pope Ekatarina was looking satisfied at the sight from the stage turned back to try and return to the row.

At that time, our eyes met, and she stuck out her tongue and winked.

Te-he-he she goes! What are you smirking for!? It doesn’t even suit you…

In any case, I wondered if she could make those remarks, but when I looked at Uncle Dis, he was roaring with laughter

Damn you! You approved this whole thing!

“Excellent, Shin.”(Dis)


“Now you’re a Messenger of God. You are completely recognized as an ally of humanity.”(August)

“…That is… That’s right but.”(Shin)

“In addition…”(August)


“The next volume of the book is ready.”(August)

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