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21 – Collars and Rings

Yang Feng finished listening to Robot Bonney’s explanation and couldn’t help but to inhale a mouthful of cold air: “To actually slaughter 1376 virgins for the purpose of hatching an egg! Such a vicious guy!”

Said Robot Bonney.

Yang Feng’s brows slightly creased as he had the vague feeling that he arrived at a crazy world.

Yang Feng said in a soft voice: “If just now, I had been the one defeated by Bonney, I would have also been captured by him and would become his human research material!”

Robot Bonney said:

“What about the contracted beast?!” Yang Feng looked at the center of the altar with the large quantities of bloody Qi that were coming in and out of the bizarre egg – his eyes flashed as he got caught up in his thoughts.

Yang Feng killed Bonney and Captured Black City, therefore, he’ll definitely face Fernandro Principality’s reprisal. This is also the most dangerous period of time.

The best course of action would certainly be for Yang Feng to hide within the concealed underground floor and wait for the commotion to pass. He has already produced a lot of level-6 and level-7 battle robots, therefor, he can abandon everything at any time and depart Fernandro Principality to start anew.

Once Yang Feng chooses to incubate the bizarre egg from within the Taboo Stone, then he might have to face great dangers. Fernandro Principality was already established for more than 300 years, and no one knows what kind of dangers are hidden behind its facade. Anyway, all the Warlocks that challenged Fernandro Principality through out its 300 year-old history had all died, and even an Official level-2 Warlock had the same outcome.

Yang Feng said with hesitation: “Can you remove or delay the incubation period?”

It had been already close to million years since Second Dynasty’s inheritances had been passed on, many of the items sealed within the Taboo Stones are already very scarce. The Taboo Stone that Bonney could obtain was also from extremely long ego. Even if the egg within the Taboo Stone was to be dead, in the current times, it would still have a very astonishing research value.

Yang Feng finally made a decision after pondering for a while: “Very well! My real body will come here as quickly as possible! You have to ensure that the ceremony carry’s on.”

Taboo Stones within the Turandot Subcontinent are extremely rare, once discovered, they’ll basically be either used by someone or be collected by the six great forces. This egg obtained from the Taboo Stone is perhaps the last egg within Turandot Subcontinent that can become a contracted beast, Yang Feng wouldn’t miss this chance.

Robot Bonney respectfully said:

Yang Feng gave the bizarre egg on the platform a profound glance, then turned around and left the Warlock Pagoda.

Within the palace of Black City.

Apprentice Warlocks wearing gray Paos stood orderly – they looked at Yang Feng, who was sitting on the throne, and many of them had eyes flashing with hatred.

Beside those Apprentice Warlocks stood 400 fully equipped mechanical Bladed-troops – as long as those Apprentice Warlocks made the slightest suspicious move, they’ll all be executed.

“This head ring can detect your thoughts, this collar is decorated with an alchemy bomb! Once you have any harmful thoughts towards me, this collar will blow your head up. Now, form orderly lines in front of me, and one by one put on these collars and the head rings. Otherwise, drop dead!”

Yang Feng clapped, Bladed-troops holding basins packed with black collars and silver rings, one after another came out from both sides.

The complexions of those Apprentice Warlocks paled after hearing what was said, they hesitated as they looked at each other in dismay.

Yang Feng said coldly: “I’ll only give you 10 seconds to consider it, those that haven’t lined up within 10 seconds will die! 10 …”

Hearing the death countdown – the complexions of those Apprentice Warlocks became even paler, as they quickly formed a line.

Yang Feng swept the main hall with a cold glance as he said: “0! Kill all those not lined up!”

Two hundred Bladed-troops rushed towards the 10 hesitant Apprentice Warlocks, they brandished their blades violently and easily cut those Apprentice Warlocks into pieces.

The complexions of the remaining Apprentice Warlocks paled as they trembled one after another and their eyes flashed with boundless fear.

“Begin!” Yang Feng was sitting on the throne with one hand supporting his cheek – he coldly and suspiciously looked at the remaining Apprentice Warlocks.

Under Yang Feng’s command, Black Cottage’s Apprentice Warlocks stepped forward and carefully put on the black collars and the silver rings.

After an Apprentice Warlock put on the black collar and silver ring, the silver ring shined and the black collar exploded, directly blowing away that Apprentice Warlock’s head.

Seeing this scene, those Apprentice Warlocks were so scared that they trembled with eyes full of fear – seeing Yang Feng’s gaze, it was like looking at a scary Devil King.

Yang Feng gave a cold laugh: “Pretending to surrender, and then wanting to seize an opportunity to assassinate me? So enjoyable! You can’t conceal your thoughts from the silver ring, this mysterious treasure. Continue!”

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