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Lingmeng felt threatened and took several steps back after hearing what Qilang said.

"Qilang Jiang, what are you doing? How dare you threaten my bartender?" Liuli's face turned dark and looked discontentedly.

She didn't expect that this dude would be such an asshole, threatening Lingmeng in front of her as if she wasn't there.

"Liuli Su, let's put everything on the table. I'm here to disturb your business today. You either give Lingmeng to us or we will smash your bar," Qilang said arrogantly while pointed at the gangsters behind him.

In terms of the securities at the bar, they were all knocked down by the gangs before they even came in.

Liuli Su yelled while looking at them furiously," Qilang Jiang, you are such a shameless ass. I'll never give Lingmeng to you."

"If you don't give us Lingmeng, I can let this go as long as you can sleep with me for one night," Qilang sneered profanely.

"Qilang, you wish! It will never happen."

"Alright, then I'm going to smash your bar."

"Don't do it!" Liuli Su freaked out.

Qilang laughed insidiously as he said, "Liuli Su, I can give you the last chance. I just hired a new bartender and if Lingmeng can beat him, I'll leave and will never get into trouble with your bar again. But if she doesn't, then she will have to be our bartender and you will have to be my woman. Do you accept this bet?"

Liuli Su freaked out when she heard what Qilang said and started to weigh the risks about this bet. Lingmeng was the top bartender in the Dream Bar as well as a one of the most famous ones in Eastern Sea City. No one should be able to beat her.

"Qilang, I'll take your challenge and let your bartender compete with Lingmeng, but I hope you will keep your words," Liuli said.

Liuli had to take Qilang's challenge since that was the only way to have a chance to win. He would definitely smash her bar and take Lingmeng away from her if she rejected him. This was what hooligans do: they do what the want and never consider consequences.

Qilang looked satisfied. In fact, the real reason he came to the bar today was to let his new bartender compete against Lingmeng. All the work he did so far was merely to scare everyone in the bar and set up this bet.

"Tao Jiang, come out here. Compete with Lingmeng with your bartending skills," Qilang smiled while telling the person behind him to come out.

"Sure, cousin," a young man in his 20s came to the front.

This young man had an average body shape. He was wearing a casual outfit and somehow looked similar to Qilang. He was Qilang's cousin, Tao Jiang.

Tao Jiang had just came back from a foreign country. He had been a bartender in a bar overseas and had perfected his alcohol mixing skills. He mainly came back to help his cousin this time.

Tao Jiang's attention was caught by the beauty of Lingmeng when he saw her. He said to Qilang, "Cousin, I'm getting Lingmeng if I win the competition."

Qilang nodded and said, "No problem, Lingmeng is yours and Liuli is mine. We each get one."

Lingmeng was irritated when he heard what Tao Jiang said. She started to have an intense distaste for this guy.

Everyone in the bar started to gather and was ready to watch this competition when they heard someone had challenged Lingmeng.

"Guys, who do you think would win this game, Lingmeng or Tao?

"Lingmeng, obviously. The cocktail she made is undefeatable."

"Right, I think the same. I came to the Dream Bar for her."

"Tao Jiang? I haven't even heard of this dude. We all support Lingmeng."

The bar burst into discussions. Most of the customers stood on the team of Lingmeng and believed she would win.

While hearing so many people supporting herself, Lingmeng's little face blushed. She felt slightly nervous and thrilled as this was her first time competing with someone.

"Meng, good luck! You got this." Jiaojiao cheered for Lingmeng while raising her fist.

Lingmeng nodded with confidence. Her only regret was that Qingfeng would miss her show since he went to the washroom. How nice it would be if he could witness her competing against other with her mixing skills.

"Ms. Lingmeng, you go first," Tao Jiang said after he walked to the bartender area.

He let Lingmeng start first since he was confident about the mixing skills he learned overseas.

Lingmeng nodded and took out a goblet. She poured 30ml Vodka, 30ml Peach liquor, 60ml pineapple juice and 60ml berry juice in the glass and mixed everything with ice.

Soon, a glass of delicious Cupid's Arrow cocktail was ready. The red heart in the drink was penetrated by a sharp arrow, which made it look spectacular.

"Wow, what a brilliant Cupid's Arrow cocktail! The winner must be Ms. Lingmeng."

"Right, Ms. Lingmeng did a great job this time."

"See? The cocktail Lingmeng has kept its color for 5 minutes now. Ms. Lingmeng will definitely win the competition."

Everyone was amazed by Lingmeng and kept complimenting her mixing skills.

"Nice, nice. I didn't know you could make one of the top ten cocktails in the world," Tao Jiang clapped for Lingmeng and slightly admired her work.

Mixology was what he specialized in when he was overseas which required lots of work. He knew how to make this Cupid's Arrow cocktail but he decided to make another one that could make his mixing skills stand out since he was trying to beat Lingmeng.

"Tao Jiang, seems like you do know something about liquor as you could tell what cocktail it is. But I had just made the best one I have ever made, so you'll definitely lose," Lingmeng said proudly since she wasn't scared of Tao Jiang as she had completely mastered the Cupid's Arrow cocktail from Qingfeng.

"Ms. Lingmeng, you are wrong. The Cupid's Arrow cocktail is only ranked as the tenth best cocktail in the world. Now, I'm going to show you the top ninth place – the Dry Martini cocktail," Tao Jiang replied confidently.

Lingmeng and other people looked skeptical when she heard what Tao Jiang said. The world's ninth best cocktail was an extremely tough masterpiece that barely anyone in Eastern Sea City could make. Could this dude really know how to make it?

Dry Martini, as what it sounds like (TL: in Chinese), turns the liquor into the shape of a pegasus after being pouring it into the goblet. It was way harder than the Cupid's Arrow cocktail. The ingredients of this cocktail was: 1 single dry gin, one teaspoon of dry vermouth, one cocktail olive, one bottle of martini and some ice.

Tao Jiang took out a goblet and respectively poured the dry vermouth, martini and some ice in first. He then raised up his goblet and shook it in the air.

He shook so rapidly that the only thing everyone could see was an arch in the air.

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