My House Is a Magic Power Spot ~Just by Living There I Become the Strongest in the World~ Chapter 133.5

My House Is a Magic Power Spot ~Just by Living There I Become the Strongest in the World~ -

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Chapter 133.5


Dianeia and her group were in the cave.


The cave had a tall ceiling lit by magic stones.
Using that light alone they could see the monsters coming to attack them.

They defeated the monsters one after another.

「We meet them once every 5 minutes…this is quite exhausting.」

She said while wiping sweat from her forehead, Ash crushed a slime while agreeing.

「Hyahha~ a newly created dungeon is something like this, it can’t be helped. In a more dangerous place you’d have to fight continuously over several hours.」
「I wouldn’t like that. I’d prefer they come at me all at once so I can take care of them simultaneously….oops Fire Lance!」

A goblin interrupted their talk and Dianeia attacked it from a distance.

「Hyahha~ as I thought, Princess’s firepower is amazing.」
「Well, this level of monster can be easily defeated.」

If it was possible to destroy them in one shot it would save time.

「So it makes repeated battles tough…」
「That’s right……well since I’m not too used to dungeon exploration I may be wasting power….」

Compared to the shining heads, her consumption was quite severe.

「Hyahha~ Well dungeons wear on people’s bodies and minds. The only ones who can take it easy down here are large monsters and spirits/apparitions.」
「I see. There’s no such thing as a dungeon that’s nice to people.」

The feeling from the light and slight magic power coming from the magic stones in the walls was likely enough to drive people mad.

「It’s great that you guys are knowledgeable about dungeons.」
「Hyahha~ well this is our line of work. If we lose from this much then its all over. So then —-You guys! We’ll be moving forward!」
「That’s right we’ll beat all da’ monsters in front of us!」

The shining heads responded cheerfully as we proceeded.
Dianeia felt relieved that she had invited them when…

「Uoooooo! Temporary stop——!」

They suddenly stopped running.
In front of them was a giant shadow.
That shadow was something Dianeia remembered well..

「….a Dungeon Master huh?」

It was the appearance of an enemy that had beaten her not very long ago.
It wasn’t as large as the other one, but it had already began to create servant demons.

It had already created a squad of ten.

「Darn….! Protect the Princesses!」

The shining heads looked serious as they surrounded Dianeia and Athena.
They prepared their defenses.

They were quite dependable she thought.

「Sorry but let me head forward a bit.」
「Hyahha Princess!?」

Dianeia stepped out in front of them.

「O-onee-sama….wh-what are you!?」

She could hear Athena’s worried voice from behind her…

「You said you wanted to see me fight, right Athena?」

Dianeia brandished her wand and laughed.
Once this was a figure that struck fear into her heart, a Dungeon Master. But now she didn’t feel any such fear.

…….maybe she had become strong enough to be a bit helpful to Daichi-dono.

She smiled wryly.

「I lost to this once, but let me show proof of my growth…!」

She gathered vast fire energy into her wand.
The warping and twisting power formed itself into a red hot lance.

…….she was different from last time.

She had strengthened herself trying to catch up to him.
She couldn’t show the same shameful appearance to the one she admired. So…

「Prominence Duo Charge!」

Dianeia waved her wand and the fire lance flew forward.
The giant blue and orange flame lance flew in a straight line…


It enveloped the servant demons and Dungeon Master.

The Dungeon Master’s endurance was terrifying and it endured the flame lance for several seconds but…


after ten seconds it crumbled to the ground.
Without being able to move a single step, it had been burnt to ashes.

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