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"Year 1366 of the Sacred Light Calendar, a whole thirty years have passed since the Demon King appeared. During these thirty years, the structure of the world has changed repeatedly; the entirety of society was in turmoil and unrest. The elves, who praised themselves as elegant and noble, did not wish to participate in secular matters; the Emerald Plateau they occupied did not border the Dark Abyss, so they avoided the issue; the powerful dragon race relished the fear and praise of weaker races, and although the Demon King's reputation was frightening, it was not enough to overthrow the exalted status of the dragons on their part of the continent; thus, they also weren't willing to intervene.

The dwarves were lacking in combat capabilities; there were also the gnomes, oh poor gnomes, already losing their homeland even before the Demon King's birth, only able to roam around; therefore, what can be expected of them?

Beastmen you say? Beastmen are wild and rough, they spend all their strength on internal strife; most likely, one could only hope for them to mobilize against the dark force's invasion when only a single beastman is left in the world.

In the end, only humans are left; the most ordinary, but also the most powerful, humanity. There are a type of people possessing great talent, raised to be a "hero" since their birth, and carrying on their backs the fate of resisting evil and killing the Demon King. After they matured, they were unhesitantly hurled into the midst of battle; among them, some changed sides, and a few more heroes were pushed forward……in the end there was one hero…… ah, an excessively bright light…… I was unable to see what he looked like……he killed the Demon King……"

Ever since the emergence of the Demon King, this person–born in the former Snow Blade Empire, and the prophet elder of the current Snow Blade Kingdom's Light God Church's—had been in a crazed state,  based on his current vitality, he should've already retired with a peace of mind, but a successor with the ability of prediction has yet to appear.

Every day he constantly stared at his crystal ball while muttering, and then say a heap of useless "prophecies"; he always had to completely describe what happened after the Demon King's appearance, and then tell the bystanders: a hero will kill the Demon King.

This was basically useless;  a hero will kill the Demon King, not even mentioning if this will actually come true—since this is most likely just an illusion seen by the elder, who already has issues with his brain—and even if it does turn out to be true, when would it happen? Which hero will be the one to kill the Demon King? How could this be done by the  heroes?  Putting it nicely, that group was specially trained to battle demons and kill the Demon King or whatever; putting it badly, they were just a group of rash men! The talents these heroes had didn’t include the power of light! That's right, these "heroes" are actually a group of ordinary people who can use a bit of magic and battle skills, they can't actually accept the Light God's blessing!

If……if they have the talent for light, then they wouldn’t be a brave, but instead become a "priest"![1]

Such a group of scattered, wandering soldiers, if they become the hero of this world–it would be the shame of the Light God Religion!

On one hand, the Light God Religion wished for the Demon King's death, hoping that this powerful and dark enemy dies, but on the other hand, they sincerely do not wish for the credit to be stolen away by those heroes.

However, these were only the thoughts of the Pope and the elders, take the Light God Religion's Holy Son for example: amidst the numerous heroes, he has a good relationship with the hero called Xu Jun; in the past he and that hero were taken care of in the same orphanage… great would it be if it was Xu Jun who killed the Demon King ah; being the good friend of the Shen Juan Continent's Savior–Hero–Xu Jun, he should also experience a bit of the fervor right?

However, even if he hasn't seen Xu Jun for four or five years……he really doesn't know anything about that guy’s situation ah.

Today's sky seemed slightly different from before, the arrogant dark elements on the Shen Juan Continent became slightly more humble, and today, the Light God Religion's muddled and crazy prophet elder actually started crying while looking at the crystal ball, saying: "A hero……a hero killed the Demon King! I saw it! Ah! Ah, God! I am grateful for your blessing! Allow me to catch a peek of the hero's face!"

"He succeeded! Praise him!!!"

The Pope and the First Elder who originally just came to routinely check the situation here could no longer sit down, they glanced at  each other, disbelieving the sight of the crystal ball suddenly emitting holy light, the golden light shrouded the entire ball, so they all saw it! --A hero, a young hero in ragged clothing; the Demon King's body lay before him calmly as if he had never been alive, the corpse of the Demon King who has already died!  The Hero seemed to feel something and turned around—

They saw a firm face with a slight smile.

Although it was a prophecy……but indeed this was the first time they clearly saw the Hero's face; coupled with the sudden change of atmosphere since the morning—all three instinctively knew: the Demon King has already been defeated; the Dark Years have passed.

No matter how much they carefully thought in their hearts, no matter if they wanted to ask the mighty Light God why he did not drop this honor upon a priest of the Light God Religion……right now they did not display their true emotions; therefore these three in the Light God Religion, and even people in society all praised the great man within the light, and once again offered the most pious prayers, sincerely wishing well of the Hero and the Light God himself.

Although it is still not clear exactly who this hero is, that doesn't matter, since as long as they thoroughly investigate it, his identity will quickly be revealed.

"Go look for this hero, the Light God will grant him glory." The Light God Religion's Pope stated.

At this moment, as the Light God Religion is not the only one with hat has abilities similar to prophecy or investigation, almost all the major powers in every race received news of the fact that the Demon King has been killed by a hero; some people were delighted, others bawled, there were also some who started calculating new things.

What the hero traded his blood, sweat, and hardships for wasn’t actually peace across the world; he was dressed in rags, his hair dyed with blood, but the world's nature did not really change.

The wars between the forces of various races and the tragedies experienced by the suffering commoners were not all because of the Demon King's appearance.

In ragged clothing, Xu Jun scraped out from the Demon King's treasury at least ten sets of formal wear; there were ones imbedded with gems, another that made one look thin, there was also one made of a behemoth's hide that made the wearer look completely like a bear, and even ones made of dragon scales……damn this Demon King is really too much; being a proletariat, how is it possible to live a good life without knocking him down?!

Xu Jun made a "tsk-tsk" sound while preparing to put on a clean chain-mail found in his backpack.

He wanted to put on the Demon King's formal wear……but had just found out about something embarrassing, probably a setting issue that Gale Dad had, the Demon King was 195cm tall, while he as the hero was only 178cm ah……

Therefore……the Hero was not as handsome as the Demon King, did not have a voice as charming as the Demon King's, and was also even shorter than the Demon King……

Instantly he could no longer call out the phrase "Gale Dad" _(:зゝ∠)_ Gale Company, feel your conscience and answer, are the players actually not your biological sons?!

Alright, regarding this company that has a "love playing then play, otherwise get the hell out" attitude, what do players count for ah, they're probably the sons of Old Wang[2] next door–>_–>

Xu Jun wanted to immediately change out of the sticky, broken equipment he was currently wearing, but dropped the idea after some consideration: "Your Highness Prince Ryan, do you know of any rivers around here? I need to go take a bath."

The Demon King Rozenke version of His Highness Prince Ryan paused: "……this is open-air, you are preparing to take a bath in a river?"

Xu Jun nodded like it was obvious: "It’s fine ah, no one will come here. Right now the conditions aren't great, I also can't be picky ah, speaking of which, being able to monopolize an entire river is lucky ah, haha!"

Demon King Rozenke……he did not know what he should say, after all in his entire life, the most unrestrained he's ever been in this life was just wearing a deep V-neck formal wear: "I will shut my eyes, don't worry."

Yet, Xu Jun did not know how considerate this arrogant soul in his body was being; instead he took off his clothes by the riverside with a wide grin, saying while he was undressing, "It's fine, I am used to public baths, hahaha."

–Public baths?! What are those?! The Demon King Rozenke, who was always very particular about being reserved, whether as the Prince or the Demon King, was shocked: there was such a frightening place?!

The Author has something to say: Thus our Demon King Zeze always thought that Hero Junjun was a very ♂generous and unreserved ♂ person, so his attitude towards the Hero has also changed. Hero Junjun will pay a very painful ♂ price in the future.

Translator’s Niche:

[1] Literal translation is a bit more general, translating to someone who has a holy job. Return

[2] Still remember this guy? He was that Chinese character referenced by the author at the end of chapter 3 in the notes section. Return

Thanks for thinking of a better title abbreviation, corensi! I could never remember that long string of letters I had for the title abbreviation…

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