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I have shown the cube of Kuti’s quality product concealment sorcery to Reki-kun, but even he who possesses Magic Eyes and can see magical power is unable to see it.
Magic Eyes also have strengths and weaknesses, and Reki-kun’s Magic Eyes are not as developed as mine.
Sani sensei did not seem to be able to see it as well, after all.

About those Magic Eyes, but……
They have gotten even stronger the next day after I used the sorcery for the first time. Moreover, they became so stronger that I can clearly understand the difference from before.
The difference between magical power and sorcery is clearly apparent with high precision.
Until now, I was only able to distinguish to the extent of activated magical power. Also when analyzing it, I had to spend time slowly and carefully observe.
Now, I can tell the difference at a glance.

Nealy all of the magical power in the magic tools is delicate sorcery, and I’m also able to “see” the activated sealed sorcery inside the magic tool.

The difference is so big it could be called evolution.

It’s now possible to analyze things that I would have to carefully observe just by looking at them.
It’s as if I’m skipping one or two steps of processing.
What would this rapid improvement be called if not evolution?

Because I was half-asleep when I successfully produced the spirit power and then I went to sleep in satisfaction from the first successful activation of sorcery, so I don’t know exactly when my Magic Eyes evolved.
Perhaps they transform slowly over the time, but the big advancement might be because the activation of sorcery was a large critical point or a trigger. At the end of the day, I can’t be sure about the truth, so I’m thinking about asking Sani sensei when she returns.

Anyhow, the way I’m seeing the world is obviously different from yesterday. It might be a bit tough to get used to.

【Reki-kun. You…… you are always using body reinforcement sorcery on your legs, huh…… isn’t it wasteful?】


【Is that so? But, I’m thinking whether it’s necessary when you are sprawled on the ground like now…… ah, so you can move at any time?】


【Right leg…… so it’s a yes. You are a wolf to the bitter end, aren’t you? So cool】


【Haha…… don’t lick my face~ seriously~ you aren’t holding back when Kuti is not around, huh】


That’s right.
While Kuti and Sani sensei are on the regular report, no matter how you see it, the skinship with Reki-kun is far bigger.
He might be sensing my loneliness and trying to comfort me.
I thought so at first, but it’s getting gradually more and more unreserved.
At first, he would timidly lick as if just pecking me, but right now he beron gave a long lick.

I would like to excuse myself from the wolf juice which is turning into a dog stew.
Well, it’s fine because Jenny who is today’s personal maid immediately wiped my face.
Besides…… I can tell that a slight amount of magical power escapes from Reki-kun’s warm and rough tongue each time he licks me. That’s a proof of his warm feelings and not that he’s doing it as a mischief.

Is that because of that? Even though I dislike it, I never refuse.
Rather, as it’s making me cheerful, I might even make this fawning a daily routine.

Reki-kun is very gentle and good child.

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