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As we moved into the 2nd Month, I also had a change of residence.
Although I say that, in fact, I was just basically moved into the new room, though.
It seems that necessary items have been already carried in, and there are not many absolutely indispensable things.

「Now, now, Lily-chan. This is your new room~」

「Lily already became quite big, didn’t she…… the previous baby room is small in one way or another. This is your new room from now on」

「Shoka naa」
   (Sou ka na?/Is that so?)

「That’s right~ This room is much larger than the previous one, you see~ Let’s play lots~ Ro was too stiff and couldn’t make it on your birthday. However, this will be Lily-chan’s room starting today」

「There’s a lot more of Lily’s beloved books here than in your previous room. Look forward to it」


Obaasama and Ena are telling me a lot of things, but I’m afraid to say that I can’t see the furnishing, the new larger fluffy and soft bed, or even the new bookshelf which is four times bigger than the old one.
Still, it’s certainly all newly prepared just for me. There’s no way I’m not happy.

It can be said that the baby bed was…… delicately normal, but from the place where Obaasama and Ena are sitting on the new bed, it won’t be wrong to think it’s quite huge――huge as a King’s bed from fairy tales.
As expected, it doesn’t necessarily have a canopy as the illumination before moving to the bed is still properly visible.

The bookshelf is four times bigger, and furthermore, it seems that it’s so packed with books that there’s not even a gap.

There seems to be my exclusive use bathtub instead of the baby bathtub in a bathroom like a place within the room.
This is also not visible to me, so I don’t really know whether I could actually use it. Although I say that, I’m still in the position where I’m being washed by others, so using it by myself would be bad.

「Starting today, Elliana-san and I will take turns sleeping together with you every week, okay~」

「I would really appreciate if Annela-sama slept in her own room, though……」

「Ara, we have already discussed that, didn’t we? I have no intention of giving up」

「Yeah…… I already understood that sufficiently……」

Ena dejectedly mumbles something and hangs her head down.
Obaasama…… have you done something…… I can’t tell from Ena’s surrendering, exhausted, expression.

「N…… Baa~ba, shikko」

「Ara, ara, yes, yes. Mira, preparations at once」


「Annela-sama. Give Lily over please」

「It’s all right. I have also done this many times, you know?」

「I understand」

「Great Lady, Elliana-sama. The preparations are complete」

What Mira prepared is naturally that super high-efficiency magic tool――it’s Potty-kun.
Although he’s supposed to have duck’s face, his head part is shaped like a dragon for some reason, but it’s a wonderful Potty-kun possessing powerful deodorization and silencing abilities.
I understood that it’s dragon’s head after touching it all over many times.

「Yes, Lily-chan. Do your best~ do your best~」

「Lily, do your best~ Yes, give it your all~」

「Please do your best, Ojousama」


I take care of my small business while cheered on by the three girls.
Already…… my sense of shame has already flew off somewhere far away. Humans get used to things, un.

「Oata yo~」
   (Owatta yo~/Finished~)

「Yes, well done. Yoisho」

「Excuse me, Ojousama」

Mira immediately lightly wipes the place Ena slightly lifted.
Then, I’m laid down on top of a comfortable feeling sheet and processed as usual.
After getting cleaned up, I put on underwear by myself.
I have been made to wear them until just recently, but I’m finally allowed to put them on myself.
I receive the so-called pumpkin panties, also known as drawers, put the both of my legs into the holes, pull it up, and pull on the string at the waist.
It’s still difficult to tie it by myself, so that’s where Ena comes in.
Although I say I’m putting it on myself, I’m just pulling it up and pulling on the string.
Well, this can be said to be growth as well.
I don’t need diapers anymore, and I’m able to put on underwear on my own to an extent.

If I say growth, it’s growth!
I’m growing up…… even though things may appear this way!

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