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I have been able to fool around with Kuti until Sani sensei somehow managed to recover from her state.
Well, although I say fool around, I was mostly at the mercy of Kuti who was clinging to me with her entire body.
Just being with contact with such Kuti was making me sufficiently happy, so we were able to fool around, perfectly camouflaged while sprawled on Reki-kun’s belly.

「Well, I understand. I understand now. You are really outside of the norm. I have plentily understood that you are way too outside of the norm」

【Haa, is that so? Umm……】

Sani sensei who performed a total reboot spoke while organizing the current situation.

「I see…… In short, you are able to analyze sorcery if it’s stagnant to a certain extent, and if it’s Kuti’s sorcery, you are able to use it. And in your current situation, you are not able to analyze the sorceries sealed inside the magic tools yet, correct?」

Sani sensei had continuously a stunned expression, but it appears she was able to clearly analyze my situation. If she were not able to clearly analyze the situation like this, she wouldn’t be a researcher, I think. I couldn’t possibly do that myself.

【Yes, it’s generally like that. There’s also the Magic Eyes……】

「Yeah, as you said, rather than growth it may be right to say evolution. Up until now, you weren’t able to perceive the formulas, right?」

【Yes, only the active magical power】

「You are able to perceive formulas related to sorceries. This does not match with my knowledge about Magic Eyes. In the first place, it’s strange that you are able to perceive sorcery formulas. It’s not strange to say that this growth is abnormal. It’s not wrong to say that your Magic Eyes has been endowed with different functions. This is sufficient to be called evolution」

Even though my Magic Eyes in the previous state were already aberrant, it appears that my Magic Eyes jumped out of the frame with this time’s growth.
It’s like new features were added to the sorcery related things.
But, what Sani sensei is saying is that being able to see sorcery formulas is abnormal.
It would be impossible to leave it just as growth.

Well, whether or not it can be used for analyzing is another thing.

「The sorcery you are able to use is without a doubt the enhanced version of this fellow’s concealed sorcery that I can use, right?」

【Yes, that’s right】

Unfortunately, I can only say that it’s impossible to use it to analyze magic tools.
I also wasn’t able to analyze the defensive sorcery within the concealment sorcery which Kuti set up as it’s overlapping with the concealment sorcery.

「Then, because the prerequisites seem to have no problem, let’s first teach you sorcery to activate sorcery without an activation tool」

【There’s one after all! I believed there would surely be a technique like that!】

「Fumu, you have analyzed that far. As expected. Existing sorcery is activated through the medium of the activation tool. It summons a group of formulas stored in the world archive, and it also has a function to decompress and develop the compressed formula. The activation tool automatically accesses the archive and performs the decompression, by compensating for those actions, you will be able to handle sorcery without activation tools」

【The world archive, is it?】

「I taught you that existing sorcery is already completed, right? It’s a hanger where they are stored. That is accessible to every sorcerer in this world――Auriol. The sorcerer’s accomplishments depend on his ability to use activation tool to access this archive」

【What to say…… it’s SF-ish, isn’t it?】

「SF? Oh well. Kuti has already created sorcery that substitutes an activation tool. Let’s master that today. Don’t worry…… if it’s you, you will be able to use it right away」

A dark smile floats on Sani sensei’s face. Her mouth in the shape of a crescent moon is releasing an intimidating air of a mad scientist.

【D, don’t be too hard on me please】

「It will be fine, since it’s you, Lily~ It a simplified version which has many improvements from what I made in the beginning, ~ I spent about 150 years and wasn’t able to improve it any further~」

【Is that so…… well, since Kuti is guaranteeing it, then it will be fine, won’t it?】

「Muu…… just when I wanted to intimidate her after she showed me such large amount of outside the norm, didn’t it fail because of you?」

「What an impudent chap, how dare you scare my cute Lily!」

「Unfortunately for you, I’m not a chap!」

「Impudent daikon!」

「Who is a daikon!」

With a foot sword sent out from a mini skirt, Kuti drew a parabola while spinning.
Of course, she didn’t forget to draw sound effects such as dogyaan with her magical power.

As usual, it was a terrifyingly fast kick at an angle that showed nearly everything inside.
Kuti’s magical power drawing was even more incredible, so my gaze immediately followed her, though.

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