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After that, immediately after the lesson was resumed, I learned the sorcery that substitutes an activation tool.
In order to confirm, I was taught a simple illumination sorcery, which I was able to activate without an activation tool, so confirmation was also done.
Of course, I activated it within a concealment sorcery that Sani sensei and Kuti made.
By the way, because the interior of Kuti’s fabulous concealment sorcery shuts out the sound and magical power, she immediately improved it, so the sound gets through.
The complicated formula of Kuti’s fabulous concealment sorcery was nothing special for her, and she finished modifying it in one hour. As expected of Kuti.

Because offensive sorcery is dangerous, it was decided that I will learn other existing sorceries first.

The normal classes were reduced to 70%, and the remaining 30% is dedicated towards the learning of


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