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I was supposed to be slowly removing the obstacles, but Mira seemed somewhat unsatisfied after I embraced her.
Naturally, Mira is not such low-level maid to let the outside know.
It’s information I was able to obtain thanks to the unconcealable flow of magical power.

Mira has already experienced mofumofu twice.
I understood from Reki-kun, but those who receive my mofumofu experience considerably pleasant feelings.
I understand that it doesn’t work on everyone thanks to Kuti, but it was effective on her.

There should be plenty of opportunities to touch her as she’s my personal maid, but there are unexpectedly few.
It has significantly decreased especially since Ena and Obaasama are intervening, so it’s about once a day.
That’s why I wasn’t able to understand until I have come to embrace her on my own like this.

But, I have understood.
I got to know.

The well-polished mission plan was to slowly remove the obstacles in the way of my objective and slowly fill the inside with poison.
The poison is naturally no different from a weakened magical power slowly and carefully mofumofued in, but there might be no need to take it slowly with her.

Right, my well-polished mission plan adapts to the situation. Troubles are a thing.
The best situation of the best situations.

But, I mustn’t be hasty.
Isn’t there a saying? Haste makes waste.

First, I must push forward with my mission plan.
Let’s execute the plan that was supposed to be done after removing the obstacles.


Not much time passed after I clung to Mira.
It’s still the middle of Reki-kun time in the Reki-kun room.
Reki-kun is inferior to Mira by a slim margin (only one or two steps), his fur is of the finest quality.
Brushing such Reki-kun is very important daily routine.

「Mira~ Please brush Reki-kun」

「…… Ah, yes, Ojousama」

Her magical power is closer to regret. I want that again, such request is plastered all over Mira. She, however, immediately acknowledged and came over.

She usually isn’t like that, but it can’t be helped today.
It seems that I didn’t read the flow of her magical power wrongly after all. I’m convinced.
Well, I never made a mistake so far though.

The small brush that Mira received from me that adapted to her hand is a magic tool.
This is also Christophe House-made and one of the magic tools I selected as my favorites.

The structure of this brush magic tool is far more complex than that of the dust cloth magic tool Ena and others use instead of cleaner.
It uses a specially processed magic fragment with strengthened elasticity.
I still find it strange.

Just what is it composed of to make a magic fragment that is hard as crystal bend like that?
Magic fragments are truly profound.

As it’s used on the hair, there’s a dense formation of magic fragments packed with sorcery.
All of it is controlled by the handle part, but since sorcery is sealed in each of the bristles, it’s able of extremely high efficient actions.

For example, during the brushing.
It untangles entangled hair, removes dirt and dead hair, stimulates the growth of the new hair, stimulates the skin, and even improves the blood circulation.

But, it’s not just a matter of brushing.
Unlike people, Reki-kun is a wolf species, so he’s close to dogs and has many entangled hair and hairballs at the roots.
Therefore, if you are to do it properly, you must start at the roots.
Brushing only the fur you can see won’t untangle the entangled hair and remove the hairballs.

But, there’s nothing to worry about with this magic tool.
First of all, its great bristles reach to the deeper parts where you can’t reach just by stroking.
It instantly softens the entangled hair and hairballs, making them easier to remove.
That’s why it’s fine to comb lightly.

This magic tool made for brushing allows even a two-year-old child like me to perform pleasant brushing, it’s a high-efficiency magic tool that has many more functions that would take several days to explain.

Thanks to that, Reki-kun is very pleased with the brushing, although not to the degree when I stroke him while clad in magical power.
His body is large, so it’s not like I can brush him whole, but I mainly brush the belly and the tail.

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