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After visiting the treasures of my siblings, we have returned to the baby room while dragging Theo who was still feeling down along.
My elder brother looks as if his soul has faded away, I worry whether Ellie's scolding shook him that much.

「Nii~ni, daihiyofu~?」1

「…… Lily…… are you worrying about this me? Ah…… how kind my angel is……」

When I ask Theo who's hanging his head down after putting my little hands on his cheeks and looking up, Theo hugs me with a surprised expression.

It's almost as if got replenished with the Lilianne component. I will run out of breath like this.

「Nii~ni, hanyashie」2

「Ah, sorry. Did it hurt?」

There are no problems because I was released before I ran out, but it could have been dangerous.
I will surely turn into a normal blind little girl once I run out of the Lilianne component.

Maa, that's just my imagination, though.

It appears he understood when I climbed on his lap so he would read me a book as a consolation.

「You want to read a book, don't you! What shall I read you today~!」

Sitting on Theo's lap is fine, but when I think about it, we are outside, there's no way a book was prepared.
At the same time I realized, Ellie held out something.

「Here, I think you should read this today」

「Un, thanks. Umm…… "The Falling Revelations" ?」

「I have read it just recently, but it was very interesting」

「Is that so? Then, I will read you this today Lily, okay?」

It appears that Ellie has already prepared a book for reading.
It's a book with an exaggerated title, but it's not like the titles of the book and the contents I have read before matched. Therefore, I will lose if I mind the title.

Although it was supposed to be Theo's turn, to have it already prepared…… did she perhaps knew that this would happen? No, no, no way…… no way, right?

Theo who opens the book in front of me who's sitting on his lap starts reading. Because today's book is Ellie's suggested, it won't be possible to read the book with a quick pace, but I'm slightly looking forward to her recommendation.

The contents are about an angel that was banished from the heavens where angels and gods live.

The rough contents of the book are about the stormy and full of drama life of the fallen angel――Abrim who has been banished to the surface.

The creatures depicted in the story are the so-called stationeries.

Stationaries that talk and live normally. And then, wars with Abrim at the center started emerging on a daily basis, mainly to decide on who's going to help Abrim study.
Unlike when there was no one in the world except the stationaries, it caused a major historic incident when someone who could handle the stationaries appeared.

But, during the period of wars, one of the stationaries fell in love with Abrim.

Abrim has been captivated by that wonderful and simple design that could allow drawing just by tracing.
A romantic scene is happening in the midst of war.

I don't already understand. Annela Obaasama and Ena as well. Ellie has been listening until the end with an entranced expression for some reason.

Even though I have lost interest and the enthusiasm of the surroundings was terrible, Theo had no intention of stopping.
After that, the reading of the incomprehensible book continued for a while.

After we had finished eating dinner, Roland Jiisan returned with an overjoyed face and declared.

「We will use the detached theater to see the Magic Battle tomorrow as planned!」

「Yatta! Ojiisama, you have borrowed that, didn't you!?」

「Of course! Even if it's a holy sword hidden in national treasury from me, I will find it!」

「Isn't that something you have broken in the past? That's why it was hidden, you know?」

「Uh…… b, but however! A sword that cracks after hitting the silver crystal neck scales of a dragon can be hardly called a holy sword! And it's definitely not a holy sword when it breaks against my knee when it has just a tiny crack!」

「Ojiisama…… you have broken the holy sword Brynhildr?」

Ojiisama who was asked by Ellie who looked at him with cold eyes started panicking even more.

Ojiisama is surely dripping in sweat trying his best to preserve. I can't naturally see it.

Nevertheless, this mansion even has a theater. Moreover, what has he borrowed?

I understand that this world has an unbalanced technology. There might have a magic tool that allows long distance image projection.
No, rather, they have it. Otherwise, it wouldn't be possible to watch the Magic Battle in the theater.

The problem is…… whether I will be able to see or not.

But, it wouldn't have a meaning with just the sound.

And then, if I could use the magic tool personally……

I feel like my expectations suddenly raised too much. But, excessive expectations are not good.

Anyhow, it will be confirmed tomorrow.

I look forward to tomorrow while watching Ojiisama who is still trying to curry favor with Ellie.


The next day. Breakfast has been already finished, Roland Ojiisama and Theo struggled to entertain me with toys during the rest after the meal, but I didn't have the mood to hold the toys in my hands today, so I ignored them.
The two who were handing down their heads in disappointment were forced out of the room for a change of clothes.

The clothes that I was changed into have a large ribbon around the waist and even larger ribbon hanging around my bottom.

I'm wearing a square neck, sleeveless queen frill bolero on my top.
The bolero arranged with plenty of short frills makes it feel like an elegant Ojousama dress.

Considering the summer heat, I don't think the bolero is necessary, but there might be the air-conditioning in the theater.

The other three girls changed their clothes as well, everyone was dressed in clothes with somewhat little decoration, giving off a neat and tidy atmosphere.

Ena doesn't have the lascivious dress as when meeting grandparents, but a formal, elegant, slender line evening dress.

The short sleeves using a thin fabric and the laces are knit with a see-through feeling as I can see magical power through it as if it was a bare skin.

Annela Obaasama is in one shoulder evening dress. The mermaid line tightly clinging to her body is lascivious.

A fluttering lace extending from her cuffs wraps her like a mantle and sways every time she moves her arms, amplifying the elegance.

After changing clothes, Annela Obaasama roughly restarted the two forcibly ejected people who were now dumbfoundedly staring, and we then advanced together.

The two men changed clothes in the so-called military uniform. It's no fun, so I leave out the details.

Compared to the lone decoration on Theo's chest, you could even say that it brings out the cuteness of a young boy.

Compared to the time where I could not get out of the room at all, the degree of freedom is much bigger.
Although I can't go out by myself yet, I am being brought to various places.

When we went out from a different door today instead of leaving from the entrance hall like yesterday and the day before yesterday, I couldn't feel the heat of direct sunlight even without the parasol Ena usually brings along.

Since I can feel both the warm wind and the coldness of shadow, are we going through a roofed passage connecting buildings, I wonder?

It gets chilly when we pass through the door, so there seems to be an air condition as expected.

When we advance even further, this time, two middle-aged butlers make a gesture of door opening.

Many maid-sans, butlers, gardeners, and guards wearing simple armors have gathered.

Considering that, the number of people Ojiisama and Obaasama brought along must be quite a lot.
If not, there's no way so many people could gather here.

Inside the theater――something huge in a rectangle shape is placed on the stage. Because it has magical power, I can see an abrupt pure white rectangle.
Because there are many people standing on the stage, I can tell that the stage is fan-shaped.

And that rectangle thing on the stage must be the projection magic tool.

Because I don't know the exact heights of the people busily moving around it, it would by about 5-6m in height and about 20m wide measuring by eye.
Wouldn't that be seriously hard to transfer?

Annela Obaasama advances inside such theater with me in her embrace.

You could see the stage well from there, as expected of VIP seats.

Inside this theater, only the sounds of breathing, the rustling of clothes, and people busily moving around the magic tool are audible.

This stillness resembling the calm before a storm, quietly shakes my heart with expectations and hope.


Daijoubu/Are you okay? ↩ Hanase/Let go ↩

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