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After replacing with a new diaper, I was sat on top of potty as a practice.
Diapers naturally have no magical power so I can't see them…… is what I thought until now, but I can see something sticking on the part where the waste goes.

I don't think it's possible, but is this also a magic tool, I wonder……

But, human excrements are excellent fertilizer too. Because science unlikely have born fruits of synthetic fertilizers, mulch or lime are most likely being used. Or perhaps, sorcery might be able to do something about it, but I don't think it's that omnipotent.
I guess it could help produce fertilizer at most…… I still think that's incredible, though.

I could not see it without slanting my eyes, but the magical power sticking to the diaper is egg-shaped. Furthermore, it feels like the upper toilet seat when I sit on it.

I thought the shape of the duck would be smoother, but it seems I was wrong.

「Lily, this is a potty. Let's wee-wee and poop in this next time, okay?」

Ena who turned on the Okaasan face tells me gently.

Maa…… I first have to endure it, though!

When we return back inside, the contest seemed to have advanced considerably.

Therefore, I can only listen to the commentary and the cheering in my present situation.
Together with such commentary.

The first day of the Magic Battle seems to be individual battle skills competition. In the one-on-one battles, the opponents have to fight each other for 5 Rin (minutes), and the winner is decided by the condition of the magic tool that receives damage in place of the fighters.

The stage itself has shape-memory alloys like function, and it can be repaired with a magic tool in a short time.

There are sixty people in the final contest. The preliminaries were held half a year ago, and registration took place a year and a half ago. Because the only restriction on registration seems to be age, the number of preliminary contestants is enormous.

The qualification is a simple elimination where ten people go up on a big stage and fight until only one person remains. It will be done over and over again until 56 people remain.

The finalists will not receive any substantial damage due to the magical tool that takes damage on their behalf, but they must prepare weapons and armors on their own in advance.

The high-speed matches can move forward only because of the magic tools.
Everything about the contest has been explained by Annela Obaasama, I guessed by the progress of the actual contest and the conversations around, but I was mostly correct.

Even at the 5 Rin limit, it seems there are only a few situations where the match doesn't have to be judged.

It's a meeting of strong warriors from the four countries. There appeared to be a certain accident, but it was the only one after twenty matches.

The cheers of employees are roaring downstairs.

According to the flowing-like Annela Obaasama and Roland Ojiisama's commentary, although the strong men in the final selection are using various weapons, there's a kind of weapon that acts as the last hand in most cases.

According to Obaasama's explanation, sorcery is ranked in "grades," it seems that even low-grade sorcery is powerful enough to leave serious injury.

Of course, those who can use sorcery may or may not be different. Some people who could use sorcery have already appeared in the contest.

There are certain fixed words for using sorcery, but it seems that it can be converted into a unique words that vary from person to person. Otherwise, the opponent will know what kind of sorcery you are going to use. It basically means that such stuff is nearly unusable in one-on-one battles.

However, incantations don't seem to be necessary for magic tools as they fire immediately.

But, because magic tools also have many weak points, it's used as the last hand.

If you can prepare a lot, you will boast overwhelming firepower, but it seems that it costs too much money to prepare individually.

From what I'm hearing, sorcery has a wide range of use.

There are few people who can handle the elementary grade, but even still many sorcerers have participated in the final round, but this seems to be because it's a joint event between the four countries.

As they are representatives of their country, their backup is considerable, but they still seem to be using offensive magic tools as their last hands.

Obaasama's explanation clearly assumes that I understand everything. Ojiisama is the same.

I'm grateful for getting information. But, when I consider that I'm just a one and half year old child, I'm…… not grateful.

「That timing right now was bad」

「Yes, if you are using magic tool at such time to offset, one should know his capability first」

「I doubted whether that could work, but it seems the opponent was a step ahead」

Even though you are going to use the magic tools once, it appears there's a considerable strategy behind it.

I could have confirmed the strategy if only I could see, but it can't be helped, can it?

Possibly, the visible rectangular part may be like a screen, because magical power is flowing on the surface.
There is something like a projector projecting images on the screen, I'm convinced that the image is being sent from there.

Maa, I just know, but there's nothing I can do about it……

The contest smoothly advances.

This is currently 28th match from the total of sixty people. It seems to be almost time for the lunch as I'm getting hungry.

But, my thoughts were ended with Annela Obaasama's words.

「The progress of the contest seems smooth, at this rate, Claire will have the match after the lunch as planned」

「Yes, I planned to have the lunch in the guest room today, I will immediately see to it」

「Maa, it will end with an instant kill anyway, that one」

「I don't think Okaasama will take more than one minute!」

「I think so too!」

It appears that Claire's match is planned on after lunch.

And we talk about the one game after the lunch. Naturally, it's Claire's match.
And, unexpectedly, Claire is

"The champion of the previous individual contest."

As expected, this was enough surprise to make me spit out the fruit water.

Our Okaachan, she's great.

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