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A few days passed after my parents eroded the world with their love field.
In addition to Claire’s birthday, there’s one more birthday in the 9th Month.
That’s is, of course, the birthday of our Oniisama, Theodore La Christophe.
On the very day last year, we made paper rings and flowers for his party, but I did not think that paper was valuable at that time, so I didn’t think about it, but I feel different now.
Naturally, I have raised the question whether the paper is something that can be normally used for decorations.

「Umu. Your question is reasonable. People who use paper in such way are fundamentally only wealthy people in high positions. Even children can easily make decorations out of it, and it looks good. Still, it’s used only for special festivals. Your house is ne of those in a high position. Aren’t you happy? It’s better to have money. It allows research」

【Haa, the paper is precious, after all. It seems wasteful……】

「Ehh, I think it’s fine~ The flowers Lily makes are amazingly beautiful~!」

【I mean, paper has no magical power so I can’t see it】

The place Kuti is pointing at is probably the place where the flowers I made are. But, unfortunately, the paper flowers have no magical power, so I can’t really tell.

「Umm, you see~ they are like this!」

【Oh~! As expected of Kuti. So they look like that, I see. I don’t understand well just by touching, you see】

「Ehehe~ They are flowers Lily has made after all~ They are naturally the prettiest in the whole world~」

「I think they came up quite well, considering they are made with short and difficult to use toddler’s fingers. Moreover, you don’t see. That means you made this just with the feel of your fingers. They are quite the thing」

【Certainly, they are made just by the feeling of touch, but they are quite easy to made once you get used to it!】

「As expected of my Lily! Look, look, this flower would surely look lovely in Lily’s hair!」

I handed me the paper flower, but it should look as the flower moved on its own to other people.
But, Obaasama and Ellie have no reaction.
Ena and Claire are decorating the room with the completed rings.

【Sani sensei. Why doesn’t anyone find the flower Kuti moved strange? Because other people don’t see Kuti, it should look to them as if the flower moved on its own, though】

「Ahh, about that? It’s simple. Kuti is using sorcery that obstructs recognition and makes the memories unclear in a limited scope. Therefore, even if this fellow moves things without permission, it will get obstructed by her limited scope, making people not paying attention to it. Of course, it also has a few flaws. Recognition obstruction itself functions only in the range where consciousness is not directed, even if it makes memories unclear, it does not alter the memory itself. In other words――」

Because Sani sensei’s lesson has begun, I decided to resume making paper flowers.
Sani sensei’s lesson about the sorcery Kuti uses is too difficult, so I don’t quite understand. It’s even harder to comprehend without Kuti’s illustrations.
That very Kuti is rolling around in agony after putting a flower in my hair.
Since it can’t be helped, I only listen to Sani sensei’s lesson. Still, it’s tough to understand
Of course, it takes time, so remember I will remember her talk and then apply what I learned in the class later and deepen my understanding.
In other words, I’m shelving it. The items on the shelf already exceed one hundred.
The number of Kuti’s sorcery is comparable to the number of existing sorcery. Although she created various sorceries from practical things to things without use, all of them are masterpieces based on advanced knowledge.

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