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Chapter 965

Chapter 965: Desolate Qi

The Huang Sea was extremely vast and the only way to get to Ba Huang Province was to cross that sea. 

Even though there were many sailors, the sea was so vast that it was still rare to encounter boats.

Therefore, Lin Feng kept running back and forth, looking for a boat.

The Qi of the Huang Sea was slowly corroding his light tunnel made of abstruse energies.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance. He felt hopeless. Was he going to be lucky this time?

“Slash.” a subtle sound spread in the air. Lin Feng saw a black dot in the horizon. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered as he moved toward direction. However, the black dot almost disappeared instantly, that person was a lot faster the him.

“How fast. It must be an incredible cultivator.” thought Lin Feng. That was what power looked like. That person didn’t need to rely on external factors, that kind of cultivator was fearless. Their own strength was enough to cross the sea.

Lin Feng tried to chase that person anyway. Besides, that strong cultivator crossed the sea on his own so he probably knew the surroundings quite well.

But Lin Feng wasn’t fast enough. That person disappeared in the horizon and he was alone again.

“Eh?” At that moment, Lin Feng was surprised.

Lin Feng saw a place!

It was an island, more precisely.

“I hope I can survive on that island.” Lin Feng threw himself in the direction of the island. It appeared that there was nobody on that island. The air wasn’t fresh at all, but it was incredible vast. There was no grass and no trees. It looked like an island of death.

The lights around him disappeared as he looked at the horrible Qi surrounding him. 

If Lin Feng stayed on that island for too long, that Qi would make him grow old at an accelerated rate, or maybe even kill him.

Lin Feng walked farther away from the beach to a more central place. The Qi of the Huang Sea was weaker there.

But at that moment, a  Qi from the sea appeared again.

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng was surprised. How could there be Qi from the Huang Sea in the middle of the island?

He looked around curiously.

Lin Feng walked in a direction where the Qi was more intense. That Huang Sea Qi was becoming even purer.

In the middle of the sea, the Qi wasn’t that pure, as if polluted. It could peel people’s skin off and make them grow old instantly.

However, the Qi there wasn’t the same, it didn’t seem polluted. It was extremely old and pure, and quite powerful.

“What is that Qi? Why is it so pure?” thought Lin Feng. He didn’t want to get close too fast, so he decided to walk slowly. That Qi was making him grow older and Lin Feng could feel it. On top of that, the feeling was becoming more intense.

Finally, Lin Feng found the source of the Qi far away from the shore. 

At that moment, Lin Feng’s heart started pounding violently. What!

“That’s him!” Lin Feng saw someone sitting cross-legged and calmly practicing cultivation! That was probably the person Lin Feng had seen just before, the strong cultivator. Some people practiced cultivation in the middle of the Huang Sea?!

“That person was practicing cultivation there and using the Qi of the Huang Sea to make it become his own, how powerful!” thought Lin Feng. He was surprised to see that, he didn’t know it was possible.

That was the difference between strong and weak cultivators. Weak cultivators feared the sea. However, some people came

there to practice cultivation.

Lin Feng also noticed that there were trees around the cultivator and that they were pretty much alive! They were slowly growing with his Qi.

“What kind of tree are those?” thought Lin Feng. Even though they were growing and becoming older, they were getting a lot stronger too.

It seemed that the strong cultivator was doing that on purpose. Those trees were probably had a purpose.

Lin Feng thought about the demoniac Buddha, the three-lives demon emperor had turned into both a Buddha and a demon in the death valley and had practiced cultivation for centuries. Was that strong cultivator doing something similar?

Lin Feng was wondering how strong that cultivator was. He was motionless and his Qi was rising. It was as if he were all alone, Lin Feng standing right night next him didn’t even exist.

That kind of cultivator didn’t care about worldly affairs, as long as worldly matters didn’t affect him, he didn’t care.

The Qi was getting too intense. Lin Feng could even feel that he, himself, was growing old. He couldn’t help but move backwards and get farther away.

Lin Feng couldn’t stand the Qi produced by the strong cultivator. If that cultivator had used it on Lin Feng directly, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been any better off swimming in the sea.

Lin Feng went very far away so that the Qi couldn’t affect him.

Lin Feng could only wait for a boat to pass. How annoying. Could he do anything else in the meantime?

“That person can understand the Qi of the sea, why couldn’t I? If I did too, couldn’t I cross the sea without being affected by its Qi?” thought Lin Feng. How great would that be to cross the sea on his own?

However, with his cultivation level, it would take many, many years.

Lin Feng took out his animal tower and had Qiong Qi come out.

Qiong Qi whispered, “You’re quite lucky to have found an island.”

“Lucky?” Lin Feng was so annoyed. “I’m stuck on that island. How long will we be stuck here? That’s not luck.”

“Besides, I can sense the Qi of the sea here too, it’s slowly killing me.”

Qiong Qi said, “At least, your death won’t be as painful as in the sea itself.”

“Is there no solution?” asked Lin Feng.

“Wait for a boat? Maybe ten years, maybe a hundred years. Even if you meet someone, they won’t necessarily be willing to take you.”

“If I understand the Qi of the sea, could I cross myself?” asked Lin Feng. Qiong Qi was surprised.

Understand the Qi of the sea? With the strength of the second Tian Qi layer?

Qiong Qi had seen lots of things in his life, including miracles… He remained silent and asked himself if Lin Feng could possibly understand the Qi of the sea?

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