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Zhang Zian was confused, but Old Time Tea spoke out, "Xinghai, did you stop it because you knew it would fight with Your Majesty Fina?" Xinghai nodded. "She doesn’t know how to play hide-and-seek."

"That explains it," said Old Time Tea. During these days of living with Fina, it had become quite familiar with Fina’s temperament. That blabbering Apprehensive Bird could provoke Fina quite easily.

Zhang Zian was still baffled, but since Old Time Tea made no objection, he took out his cell phone and activated the Pet Hunter game.

[Navigation Elf]: Welcome home! A well-known explorer!

[Navigation Elf]: No pain, no gain. More exciting adventures are waiting for you!

The virtual elf bar was occupied by the grey and white Apprehensive Bird.

[Game Tip]: Pet property

[Known As]: Apprehensive Bird

[Rarity]: Elite

[Characteristics]: Birds Have Their Own Languages

[History]: Locked

[Real Name]: Locked

He aimed at an empty spot and clicked, "Release".

"Quack!" The bird almost fell onto the floor.

"What the hell just happened? Who got me here? What do you want? Money? Or me?"

After flapping and struggling a few times in the air, the bird found himself unable to escape, so it laid its black eyes on Zhang Zian, and then looked at Xinghai and Old Time Tea.

"Quack! A fool and two stupid cats!"

The powerful and polite Old Time Tea just drank its tea, smiling and remaining silent. It did not bother to quarrel with the bird. Xinghai was right—if Fina was here, it would have beat this big-mouthed Apprehensive Bird until its blood dripped in no time.

Xinghai did not feel offended either; it just tilted its head to one side and looked at the bird curiously.

But Zhang Zian was furious. He pointed at the bird and yelled, "What did you just say? You think we are all morons?"

"Yep, everyone is a moron except me!"

Apprehensive Bird hovered around the roof, and found that not only could it not fly upwards, but there seemed to be invisible walls in all directions in the air, preventing it from leaving.

Zhang Zian could not help but laugh, "Don’t waste your energy. You are not getting away from this."

"Damn it! What kind of sorcery is this? You stupid moron, stop laughing!"

Apprehensive Bird flapped its wings and landed on the table. Old Time Tea used one of its paws to cover its teacup so that the dust stirred by the flapping and in the bird’s feathers wouldn’t fall into it.

"We are not done, remember? I was humiliated in front of the class by you!" said Zhang Zian.

Apprehensive Bird stuck out its thin and long tongue, liked it was mocking him. "That proves my point. You ARE stupid!"

It tilted its head and saw the osmanthus in the vase. Richard pecked one flower and swallowed it into its stomach, "Quack! That tasted nice!" Then, it picked another flower.

"Hey, those flowers are not for you to eat!" Zhang Zian was angry, but he also thought the scene was quite funny.

"Gosh! So stingy! I forgive you for being stupid, since basically everyone is stupid. But stupid and stingy at the same time? You are hopeless!" Apprehensive Bird kept on devouring the osmanthus, and in no time, there were only branches and leaves on the osmanthus bouquet.

"Hello! I’m Xinghai!" Xinghai raised one of her paws to greet the bird, "Want to play hide-and-seek with me?"

"Quack! What the hell is hide and seek? I never play games that are for kids!" Apprehensive Bird shouted snobbishly.

"I’m just asking. You would lose anyway; you would get caught right away." Xinghai replied gently.

"Quack?" Apprehensive Bird was shocked.

Zhang Zian chimed in, "Hey! Aren’t you going to introduce yourself? She’s inviting you to play!"

"Introduce myself?" Apprehensive Bird looked at Zian and Old Time Tea and said, "Okay. You introduce yourselves first. I want to know your names."

Old Time Tea smiled. "I’m Old Time Tea."

"Pfft. What a lousy name!" Apprehensive Bird looked at Old Time Tea, who was not affected by its comment at all. Then, it turned to Zhang Zian, "Idiot, what’s your name then?"

"My name is Zhang Zian." He tried to warn Apprehensive Bird, "You’d better watch your month. You will be beaten to death if you talk like this to someone who is ill-tempered."

"Quack! Quack! Your name is even lousier!" Apprehensive Bird kept blabbering, rolled its eyes and continued, "Well, you are lucky that I’m in a super good mood today! Let me give you a fashionable name!"

"A fashionable name?"

"Yep, a Western, fashionable name."

Zhang Zian knew that it must be hatching some wicked idea, but agreed to carry on. "All right, go ahead."

"Well, how about I call you Jeff Richardson?" said Apprehensive Bird slowly.

"Sh*t!" Zhang Zian yelled at her, "How stupid do you think I am? That’s such an old-fashioned name!"

"Such a moron has heard this name before?" Apprehensive Bird was surprised.

Zhang Zian pointed at Apprehensive Bird, and said, "Do you want to be called Richard Jefferson?"

Apprehensive Bird clearly did not prepare for this, "You are very interesting! Perhaps you are slightly smarter than other idiots? I haven’t had witty conversations with anyone for quite a while! All right, as you wish, you can call me Richard Jefferson from now on. Hello, Jeff!"

"Well, I guess we did have a witty and funny conversation! Hello, Richard!"

Zhang Zian and Apprehensive Bird stared at each other, then both burst into laughter a moment later, leaving Xinghai and Old Time Tea bewildered.

"Okay, I’m not leaving, for now..." Apprehensive Bird jumped a few times on the table, and seeing that there was water in Xinghai’s teacup, it went to drink it without hesitation.

Zhang Zian tried to remind Apprehensive Bird once again, "Richard, I actually have another cat named Fina. And you’d better behave yourself if you see her."

Apprehensive Bird shook off the beads on its beak and exclaimed arrogantly, "Another cat? Let me tell you something, Jeff. I am not afraid of any cat. Stupid cats have tried to catch me when they saw me, but not one has ever succeeded! So ridiculous!"

Old Time Tea finished drinking its tea quietly, and used its claw, sharp like steel, to flip a small piece of an osmanthus petal near its teacup. The petal shot out violently in the air, and hit the butt of Apprehensive Bird in an instant!

Apprehensive Bird did not see the petal flying from its back, but it surely felt the pain in its ass!

"Quack! Quack!"

The bird’s eyes were wide open and it almost fell off the table.

"Do not underestimate heroes in this world." Old Time Tea said calmly. The cat waved its Mandarin jacket and jumped off the chair. "Zian, I’ll leave first."

Apprehensive Bird was shocked, its mouth opening and closing. Zhang Zian said to it, "Told you to watch your mouth. You’re lucky that today, only your butt is hurt. If you keep talking like this, your life will be in danger."

Apprehensive Bird replied sheepishly, "That was…really eye-opening…"

Zhang Zian didn’t know what to say.

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