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Pei Zi Yun cleaned out the clear vial he had brought, before retrieving the pills and placing them into the vial. After counting, he realized that there were a total of nine pills. He looked at it and contemplated for a moment before tilting the bottle sideways and taking a single pill out. He noticed that the pill was a dark shade of red, before swallowing it. Instantly, he felt a comfortable feeling overwhelm his entire body, including his internal organs. He then understood that this pill was anything but ordinary.

He then sat down, as the power of the pill started to take effect. Soon after, a warm flush started to emanate from within his internal organs and radiated out, causing him to feel extremely good. Usually when such pills are being consumed, the person would need to circulate his spiritual energy all over his body so that the effects of the pill can spread evenly around. Not doing this might harm the person. He hurriedly stood up and started circulating his spiritual energy all around.

'First, we’ll see the strength of the herbs involved.'

Once the initial exhaustion from circulating his energy had worn off, he felt an abundance of strength and energy rush at him. Pei Zi Yun then thought to himself, 'The ingredients and herbs used in the making of this pill must’ve been extremely rare and precious. Even the lesser herbs were probably of the best grade as well, as the strength of the pill is extremely strong and potent, bringing much benefits to my body.'

'Next, we’ll see how it affects my spiritual energy.'

Pei Zi Yun could then feel a wave of spiritual energy surging through, and being absorbed by his ninth level of cultivation. A thin sliver permeated into his brain, and he felt an increase in perceptiveness and state of mind, as though his intelligence and understanding had just increased another notch. He felt as if his brain had just been expanded by half due to all these new feelings that he felt.

"Indeed it’s made up of mythical items. Just a single pill was enough to have so much effects. It’s no wonder that in the original owner’s memories, Shen Zhen recovered so quickly and even managed to break through the gates of heaven." Pei Zi Yun held the vial of pills in his hands and spoke.

He then looked down at the decomposed skeleton on the ground before sighing, "This Daoist must’ve tried to acquire the magical pills all those years ago, but instead incurred the wrath of heaven after he had finished refining the pills and died here."

"Rest in peace. Since I’ve obtained your pills, I shall find you a resting place." At this point, the decomposition process was almost done. Pei Zi Yun waved a hand over it and caused it to disappear.

He thought to himself for some time before placing a hundred tael bill on the table. He then turned around to leave, 'Although I retrieved the pill from this mansion, it didn’t belong to the Li Family. With this hundred taels, I absolve myself of all owing.'

'I shall head to the Shen house now!'

When he came out, he could hear the three clangs of the gong being sounded from the main street. He then leapt up nimbly onto the the roof of the house before jumping across several streets and finally disappearing behind the shadow of a huge mansion.

This particular neighborhood was first called Shen Household, before it was changed to Meng Household. Now it was finally reverted to Shen Household. It was a huge plot of land where an abundance of trees and plants were being grown. Several blocks of mansions gathered around and formed a common yard. Flowers lined the walkway as trees surrounded the entire neighborhood. All was quiet and still.

'Three generations of the family had lived here. Based on the way I see it, it’s three generations of people trying to break the barrier preventing their ascension to the Dao, and also three generations of operating the Dagger Clan from this place, which had seen more than their fair share of attacks and consequences.'

'With such a grand house, it was very likely that more than a hundred people has died here trying to defend it from their enemies.' Pei Zi Yun transformed into a shadow before climbing over the fence and into the house. He searched the main yard once but could not see a single person.

'Eh, why isn’t Shen Zhen here?’

Pei Zi Yun frowned before recalling something that Shen Zhen had mentioned before, ’Right, Shen Zhen told me that he would try and rebuild the Dagger clan. After killing so many people, he must have his own fair share of enemies. Even the officials were looking for him, how can he just return to his own home as and when he deems fit? In order to avoid trouble, he probably has a hiding place. Once I find members of the Dagger Clan, I should be able to locate him.’

He then crossed another wall and entered a different area, when he suddenly saw six men dressed in completely black robes. All of them were dressed in the same way and wielded daggers, guarding the perimeter. When they saw Pei Zi Yun, they shouted, "Who are you, why have you crossed the wall into the Shen Mansion? Are you an enemy?"

Pei Zi Yun laughed out loud, "I am a good friend of Shen Zhen. Here’s his present to me."

Pei Zi Yun then fished out the dagger which Shen Zhen had given him. The leader among the guards stepped forward to examine the dagger and saw the "Shen" word inscribed on the blade before his face revealed a look of relief, "So it’s a good friend of the Clan Chief. You climbed over the wall in the middle of the night, I assumed that you were an enemy. The recent affairs have not concluded yet, and we have to be on our guard. I seek Young Master’s forgiveness."

"Please show me the way to your chief." Pei Zi Yun spoke as he followed the guard.

They then took a series of turns after entering the compound. Before long, an entire corridor of torches could be seen. After reaching the end of the corridor, Pei Zi Yun could see a bright room up ahead. Before he could step in, Shen Zhen walked up and welcomed him, "Master Top Scorer, what a strange time to visit, is anything the matter?"

"I’ve something good for us, that’s why I’m here."

"Master Top Scorer, please come in and speak." Shen Zhen then led Pei Zi Yun into the room before they both sat down. Pei Zi Yun looked at Shen Zhen’s face before speaking out in surprise, "Shen Zhen, why does your wound still look so serious. You haven’t recovered much."

"Cough cough!" Shen Zhen started a violent fit of coughs as soon as he tried to speak. After sometime, he sighed and said, "Although Master Top Scorer stopped me from fully activating my Vitality Immolation Technique, it had still been activated."

"On that alone, it would not have been a problem. At most it would just affect my strength for the next few days, not a big issue."

"But with the addition of the Thousand Silk Poison in my bloodstream and affecting my internal organs it turned out much worst. I am unable to fully extricate the poison from my body."

"Although I’ve managed to regain full control of my Dagger Clan, there are still Meng Luo Gong’s men lurking around. Once they sprang a surprise attack on us. I was fine, but it further hurt my wound."

"Why have Young Master come to find me? Is there something I can help you with?" Shen Zhen asked.

"As for helping me, we can talk about it later. We should not delay in healing your wounds. This is a magical pill, please use it now." Pei Zi Yun handed him the pill as he spoke.

Shen Zhen sniffed the pill and realized that just by smelling it, he felt extremely free and comfortable.

"Young Master, my deepest gratitude." Shen Zhen then popped the pill into his mouth without further hesitation. Soon after, he walked away to expel all the foul and pungent smells from his body.

Before long, a much healthier looking and pleased Shen Zhen walked in before speaking loudly, "I’ve been the subject of Young Master’s generosity and benevolence. I wonder how will I ever be able to repay you."

"As for this matter, I might need your help." Pei Zi Yun looked at Shen Zhen and realized that all the poison had indeed been expelled from him.

"Please speak, Young Master. If Young Master has a request, I shall do my best to fulfill it." Shen Zhen then leaned in and spoke in a hushed tone, "Young Master, who do you wish to kill? Even if you want to claim the life of the county magistrate, I shall be inclined to kill him for you."

"It’s not that serious. Since Meng Luo Gong has died, one of the Masterminds is still on the run." Pei Zi Yun then told him everything about the Shi Mu Zhong disturbances.

"So the person Young Master is speaking of is one of Xie Cheng Dong’s men? Hm hm, this man wrecked my house and caused so many deaths. Even without you saying, I would want to kill this man." Shen Zhen immediately promised, thinking of all the harm Xie Cheng Dong had brought to his house, killing intent built up within his eyes.

Xin Family Inn

"Young Master Song, you’re finally here."

Song Zhi’s face was masked and his expression was cold. At this point he didn’t speak at all. He followed Shi Mu Zhong into a room before he took off his mask. He then looked at Shi Mu Zhong, "Why have you called me here for? What do you plan to do?"

Shi Mu Zhong then tapped his fingers gently on the table, "Young Master Song, let’s drink some tea before we speak."

Shi Mu Zhong then clapped his hands twice and a lady came in to serve the tea. He placed a tea cup before each of them and poured some water in before retreating.

"Please!" Shi Mu Zhong saw the look of anxiousness on Song Zhi’s face and smile before pushing his teacup over to him.

Song Zhi then took a deep breath and managed to calm himself down before taking a small sip from the teacup. As for the lady who had served the tea, she looked extremely pretty, and yet he wasn’t the least interested.

"Young Master Song, the reason I’ve invited you here, is because I’ve got something huge for you." Shi Mu Zhong spoke while tapping the table.

Hearing these words, Song Zhi raised his head, his face had a cold expression on it, "What benefit can you bring to me? If you called me out here just to tell me this, then farewell."

Song Zhi impatiently said as he stood up to leave.

Seeing that Song Zhi had stood up and was ready to leave he calmly said, "Hear me out Young Master. I have a way for you to obtain Ye Su’er. You must’ve conducted your own research these past few days, and realized that the good fortunes and blessed cultivation life was on Ye Su’er. I’m sure you’re aware of this."

Song Zhi then halted in his steps and turned around to face Shi Mu Zhong, "You have a plan to help me get this woman?"

Song Zhi’s eyes were bloodshot and looked extremely vicious. Seeing him this way, Shi Mu Zhong knew that the curse had embedded itself deep into Song Zhi. it was clear that the only matters on his mind were Pei Zi Yun and Ye Su’er. Shi Mu Zhong then calmly replied, "This woman’s whereabouts, I can tell you. She’s just left the True Element Sect Monastery and reached Peach Blossom Origins Monastery."

"We cannot do much when she’s in True Element Sect but now that she’s in Peach Blossom Origins Sect, we can do many things."

"And this woman holds the key to a blessed cultivation life. Can you imagine how successful you will be once you get your hands on this woman? You would definitely open the gates to heaven before long. Won’t you say that’s a good thing?" Shi Mu Zhong said laughingly.

"Hm, how could I know if you’re speaking the truth?" Song Zhi asked coldly.

"For something like this, all you have to do is check to find out the truth. Besides, what benefit will it bring me for lying about it? I’ve told you this before, we both share a common goal, to attack and kill Pei Zi Yun."

"Come, let me tell you everything in detail." Shi Mu Zhong then started whispering into Song Zhi’s ears.

When he had finished, Song Zhi’s face had a look of hesitation, as if he was struggling internally with himself. Shi Mu Zhong then laughed, "Young Master Song, why are you still hesitating and what are you afraid of?"

He then rested a hand on Song Zhi’s shoulders, "Think about opening the gates of heaven and becoming the Honorary Disciple. How compatible would you and Ye Su’er be together. All you have to do after the deed is done, is to ask the Sect Leader for her hand in marriage. Since you’ve already enjoyed her body, why would you be afraid of rejection?"

Shi Mu Zhong was like a devil, trying to instigate Song Zhi. Hearing all these words, Song Zhi’s eyes turned bloodshot as he gritted his teeth before speaking out fiercely, "I’ll do it!"

"Young Master Song, what did you think of that lady who served us the tea just now?" Shi Mu Zhong whispered into his ears.

Just thinking of the woman just now, her slender body and soft demeanor made his head flush with blood. He then replied, "She’s a beauty."

"Clap clap" Shi Mu Zhong clapped his hands together gently. The lady who had served the tea entered the room once again. Seeing her for the second time made Song Zhi’s head swim.

"Wait on Young Master Song." Shi Mu Zhong told the beautiful lady.

"Young Master!" The young lady then inched towards Song Zhi and touched him gently. It was extremely clear that his expression was one of intense lust.

"We’ve already booked up a room upstairs, and this woman is still a virgin. This is a win win situation for everyone." Shi Mu Zhong whispered into his ears once more.

When Song Zhi heard this, his expression was one of utmost happiness, "Haha, many thanks Mister Shi."

Song Zhi then turned around and hugged the lady before they both scampered off upstairs.

Seeing that Song Zhi was hugging and caressing the lady as they made their way up, Qin Gao leaned in towards Shi Mu Zhong and spoke softly, "Mister Shi, this person seems to be swayed so easily. Is he deserving of our support?"

"Besides, if Ye Su’er really has such a blessed life, why don’t we marry her off to our Young Master Xie instead? Why should we let Song Zhi taint something so good?"

When Shi Mu Zhong heard this he sigh, "Even though this person seems to have been captivated by my spells, he still has certain capabilities. If I didn’t throw out my bait, would I hope to hook and reel him in like this?"

"This Song Zhi harbors ill intentions and wishes to make a move on Ye Su’er. We can plan to leak out this information such that Pei Zi Yun shall find out about it. Then, he would rush without caring for his safety to protect his lover. When Song Zhi and Pei Zi Yun meet each other, they will have to fight it out. Then, the only option left for Song Zhi would be to join us and help us finish him off."

"Then he would have fallen into our trap. We can all combine our forces to kill Pei Zi Yun. Even better, after all this is over we can also give the woman to Young Master Xie."

"This is the meaning of turning passivity into aggression."

"Now I understand. We used to plot really elaborate schemes that always ended up getting torn apart by Pei Zi Yun. Now, we shall use a straightforward strategy."

"It doesn’t matter if the strategy is simple. As long as the Ye Su’er bait is effective, even if Pei Zi Yun knows that we’re luring him, he would have no choice but to rush down and save her. The only thing he can do is to be good, and accept death!"

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