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Chapter 266: A Duel of Wealth

Fang Xing wasn't the type of person to refuse money being actively offered to him, and he also didn't notice Chu Ci's flushed face.

The blue-robed youth was actually a little surprised by Fang Xing's quick and frank response, but before he had a chance to answer, the golden-veiled woman beside him smiled and coldly said, "Heh, Brother Yuan, your thoughts have been filled with such a dirty little girl from the countryside and you no longer care about the grand opportunity? Would you like me to kidnap this girl for you and directly tie her to your bed?

The blue-robed youth's face turned red in an instant before he waved it away with an awkward smile. "I was merely offering some quick assistance after seeing them in a bit of a problem…."

The golden-veiled woman sneered, "You enjoyed sweeping away the distress of damsels in the western deserts, too. You still won't fix that habit of yours? Are you going to offer some quick help and then help yourself to another concubine?"

The blue-robed youth was left speechless for a moment. He didn't dare to offend her and could only awkwardly smile.

The disciples and old servants behind the pair all sighed quietly in their hearts. 'Seriously now, even after the two grand elders revealed their intent to have you two marry and even after it turned out the young miss of the Jing family had the same intention, you still do this. All you need to do is curb yourself a little in front of her, but you just have to try to pluck wild flowers right in front of her. Is that not intentionally trying to make her angry?' They simply saw this as a little lover's spat between the couple in front of them and didn't pay any attention to Chu Ci to the side.

Chu Ci's face was bright red and teardrops began to form as she quietly tugged on Fang Xing's sleeve to leave. "Fang Xiaojiu, let's go find a different place…."

When Fang Xing saw this, however, he understood. He faintly remembered this group had been at the city gates earlier, and so they were probably the people who'd called Chu

Ci "a dirty little girl" earlier. Once he realized this, the smile on his face was replaced with a cold sneer and he slammed a high-grade Spirit Stone on the counter. "Go ahead and check me into that superior room! Your little grandpa here will stay here for sure tonight!"

The slam had been extremely loud and surprised both Young Master Yuan and his shimei, Fu. Shimei Fu was feeling rather frustrated since Young Master Yuan hadn't apologized to her yet, and she immediately grew angry when it became clear Fang Xing was determined to stay. "You're not allowed to remain here; go stay somewhere else!" she coldly demanded.

Fang Xing turned and laughed with cold provocation while completely ignoring Chu Ci's tugging on his sleeve. "I have money and there's an available room. I will stay here for as long as I wish! What does it have to do with you?"

This ignited Shimei Fu's anger even more and her gaze began to shine with a hint of murderous intent. "Are you seeking death, little brat?"

'You're not so far away. If you dare start something, I'll make sure to give you the first slap….' Fang Xing crossed his arms in front of his chest and began to consider the situation. Although the other party had more people and those old servants were all rather extraordinary, he still wasn't scared. He might not be able to defeat so many people on his own, but giving this stupid bi*ch a few slaps to the face before fleeing with Chu Ci was still within his ability.

It was at this moment that Shixiong Yuan took a step forward, interposing himself in front of the golden-veiled woman. "Don't get physical, Shimei Fu…."

"Where is your conscience?" Shimei Fu furiously yelled at Shixiong Yuan, "Are you still trying to defend other people's side even now, person named Yuan?"

Shixiong Yuan quickly replied, "It's my bad, Shimei Fu. Why not calm down a little bit? This is the City of Appointed General, after all, and the rules were set down thousands of years ago that human cultivators cannot duel within the city. Besides, I heard there are also Golden Core Stage masters from

from the Han clan overlooking the city, and it just so happens both our grand elders are guarding that formation pivot and aren't here right now. If we break the rules, I'm worried you might find yourself in trouble…."

Shimei Fu's anger diminished considerably when she heard Shixiong Yuan's apologetic words. She drew back her Qi and rolled her eyes at him before replying, "I see you still have some conscience in you. I won't stir trouble for them, so tell them to get lost…."

Shixiong Yuan immediately waved towards Fang Xing and Chu Ci, gesturing that they should hurry and leave.

Fang Xing could only sneer when he saw this; not only was he not going to leave, but he slammed his hand down on the counter even harder to place a second high-grade Spirit Stone. "Why are you still not checking me into my room?" he cursed out. "Are you saying your little grandpa hasn't given you enough money?"

The group of people from the western deserts could only shake their heads to themselves at such actions. 'Shixiong Yuan has already done his best to help you, yet not only are you still not leaving, you actually want to take this room no matter what? That is simply not wanting to live anymore.'

Even Shixiong Yuan turned and looked towards Fang Xing with what seemed like a hint of anger in the curve of his brows. 'What kind of relationship does he have with this beautiful girl, and why is he so arrogant as though unafraid of anything?'

The innkeeper didn't hesitate in the slightest when he saw those two high-grade Spirit Stones and he immediately took out the key to the room. Shimei Fu clearly felt a deep sense of provocation from Fang Xing's actions, however, and let out a cold laugh. "Looks like we've underestimated you. You two might be clothed like beggars, but it seems you have quite some money. Still, did you not hear what I said about you needing to go somewhere else to stay tonight?" After speaking, she casually placed ten high-grade Spirit Stones on the counter. "That last room, I'll take it. It'll be for my mounts, so be sure

be sure to look after them. This person can finally give up on this matter!"

Duels weren't tolerated within this City of Appointed General, but that didn't mean there weren't societal ranks and status. This golden-veiled woman was obviously trying to overpower others with money, but to reserve this room meant for human guests for the sake of her mounts was more than just a little insulting.

'Pfft, pretending to be some kind of bigshot in front of me—your little grandpa—with a mere ten high-grade Spirit Stones?' Fang Xing sneered even more. This woman likely wouldn't dare to be so arrogant if Chu Ci's identity was revealed, but Chu Ci was closer to Fang Xing's servant right now and her status as a princess was irrelevant. Of course, that didn't mean it was fine for her to be bullied by others like this; since she was one of Fang Xing's people, he had to extend his protection….

Fang Xing was an instinctual person, and his favorite thing to do was protecting his people while fighting against his adversaries'. After following him all these days, this Chu Ci girl could be considered as someone on his side. Now that she was being challenged like this, it was only natural for him to cover for her.

While thinking this, he let out another cold laugh. He reached into his storage sack and pulled a Spirit Stone covered in a purple mist onto the counter.

The surrounding people were all astonished by this and looked at Fang Xing in amazement. "Supreme Spirit Stone?" A supreme-grade Spirit Stone wasn't too surprising for them on its own, but the fact it had come from the storage sack of a beggar-like boy was quite a shock.

"You?" Feeling as though she'd just been punched, the golden-veiled woman was taken aback and furious at the same time. She'd only taken out high-grade Spirit Stones, yet this beggar-like boy had taken out a supreme Spirit Stone. Wasn't he intentionally trying to shame her?

"Shimei Fu, that's enough. Let them stay here if they want!" Shixiong Yuan showed a helpless smile. He understood now that this filthy-looking pair in front of him was definitely not as poor and lowly as and lowly as he'd originally thought. He was the one who'd been mistaken, so he could only bitterly smile at the golden-veiled woman and try to soothe her.

"Hmph, who knows where you stole that supreme Spirit Stone from? How dare you try to show off in front of me!" The golden-veiled woman's chest rose and fell with her rage, and she suddenly lifted her hand before dropped ten supreme Spirit Stones onto the counter. "Innkeeper, I will have that supreme room!" she declared, her words forced between her clenched teeth.

Shixiong Yuan just helplessly shook his head. He knew Shimei Fu's temperament well, and he also knew she wouldn't hold back her temper after being shamed in such a situation. Even if it meant spending ten or even a hundred times more than the original price, she still wouldn't let go of this room.

Fang Xing had been intent on stirring up trouble from the beginning, and her response caused him to smirk even more. He suddenly poured his storage sack on the table to the side, and it didn't take long before a small mound of Spirit Stones with a purple shine was piled on top. All of them were supreme-grade Spirit Stones carrying an extraordinary value and there were no fewer than thirty or so. Their Qi filled the surroundings and the sight of them caused everyone to feel dizzy.

Everyone's eyes were glued dumbfoundedly on that pile on the table. Even the young master of some large clan would find it difficult to take out such a large pile of supreme-grade Spirit Stones like this, yet this little brat….

Fang Xing tilted his head back and sneered towards that Shimei Fu. "Do you still want to compete?" With that, he pushed the pile of Spirit Stones towards the innkeeper. "Take it all, this is your good luck. However, I and my little maid like peace and quiet. We don't want any random people in here, so I'll be taking those rooms they asked for earlier as well to keep some rats in. Hmph, you hide your face with a cleaning rag in such an irritating way, yet you still reveal bits of pettiness…."

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