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It goes without saying, that Mo Yuer was the one she was referring as other.


Unfortunately, Mo Yuer aka the other people didn’t give her a face and completely ignored her. Fortunately, Lin Chujiu was expecting that Mo Yuer will not cooperate. So, she gently punch Xiao Tianyao’s legs, then said: “See, you scared Yuer Meimei”


Lin Chujiu said to complain, but it sounds very romantic. So with that kind of words, a third party shouldn’t involve themselves. Seeing Lin Chujiu’s extremely bright face, Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer glared at her.  But then, they felt that it was only Lin Chujiu’s wishful thinking. In the end, Xiao Tianyao is no match to Lin Chujiu. Most of her actions are not allowed, but… …


The father and daughter pair were still comforting themselves, but Lin Chujiu had already taken another action. 

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