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Lin Chujiu was talking to him, but her hands don’t stop from moving and doesn’t poke the wrong acupuncture points. Seeing this, Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t know whether he should be happy or not.

If Lin Chujiu is not Xiao Tianyao’s Wangfei, he wouldn’t hesitate to clap his hand to applaud her. He would even ask her to be his disciple.
Such talented disciple is very rare to see, but Lin Chujiu is Princess Xiao so she wouldn’t value someone like him even though he is a talented doctor.

“Wangfei is truly wise. Then, this old one will prepare Wangye’s medicinal bath and will be back half an hour later.” Divine Doctor Mo lightly sighed. He didn’t forget to look at Lin Chujiu before he completely left.

How could a good seedling be happened to be his daughter’s rival ah!?

Mo Yuer follows behind Divine Doctor Mo, but just like her father, she also couldn’t help but look at Lin Chujiu. However, she was looking at her with her obscure eyes.

She spent hours to remember those acupuncture points, but Lin Chujiu just listen to its name and then she pointed them out right? Any people who study it wouldn’t be able to smile if they saw her.

HousekeeperCao felt very satisfied, so when Mo Yuer walked passed by him. He said while smiling: “Miss Mo please walk slowly.”

Their Wangfei is truly powerful, just look at the stinky expression of this girl … … does she think with her emotionless face, people wouldn’t be able to see right through her? Well, they don’t really need to look at her, they only need to look at their master’s situation.

Housekeeper Cao came in when he saw Lin Chujiu was squatting down in front of Xiao Tianyao. He’s afraid that Lin Chujiu might be feeling tired massaging Xiao Tianyao’s legs, so he said while offering a chair: “Wangfei, you can sit here.” Her legs would definitely cramp if she will squat for half hour.
“Thank you, Housekeeper Cao.” Lin Chujiu smiled back, then she stood up and sat down. But, she didn’t stop her hands from moving. At that time, Lin Chujiu didn’t even look at Xiao Tianyao’s face, she only stared back at his fingers.

Unsuspecting people would only think that Lin Chujiu is trying to focus on avoiding making mistakes, but Xiao Tianyao knows that Lin Chujiu is avoiding to look at him because she was unhappy.

Whenever Lin Chujiu is unhappy, she likes to keep in silence. She doesn’t speak to express her negative emotions. Because of this, the people around her would easily ignore her presence. But, Xiao Tianyao notices it every time.

When Housekeeper Cao left, Xiao Tianyao looked down on Lin Chujiu’s hands that were on his legs. Then, frowned.

Is it because Divine Doctor Mo make things hard for her?

But even though Divine Doctor Mo make things hard for her, didn’t he and Mo Yuer left depressed?

Then, what is the reason?

Is it because when Divine Doctor Mo make things hard for her, he didn’t come forward to help her?

If that is the case, then he should tell Lin Chujiu that there are some cases he shouldn’t come forward just to blatantly show that he’s on her side.

Xiao Tianyao wanted to clearly speak for Lin Chujiu, but it will only bring her more trouble.

And also, earlier, he pretended that he doesn’t care about her, so didn’t Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer shows their real face? If he will help her so obviously, wouldn’t those two only hide their real intentions more? Anyway, he will only help her in secret because it will be more beneficial to her that way.

Should he tell her all this?

Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu, but at this time, he’s still undecided … …

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