Rebel Walking: Fighting The Odds Part 10

Rebel Walking: Fighting The Odds -

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SE Hall.... You've lately become more special to me than you'll ever know. I love our strategy talks. I love that I can bounce an idea off of you and you WILL tell me exactly what you think! You shoot straight just like I do, no bullshit! I love that! It's rare and beautiful! Plus... Bday twins... gotta love that!

Julie.... Thank you for helping me with my storylines! Thank you for getting goose bumps and being excited when I called you about this storyline! You are always my brainstorm skyper and that may be the most important job of anyone in my life. Without those sessions... these stories would never come to life.

Golden ... You have made me so happy in the past year. The pictures I get from you are perfection... This is why I chose you to do all of my covers! You have been so great to Jake and without you I'm not sure our success would have been as great this year. Many thanks for everything in the past... and I know we're nowhere near done for the future! Wink Wink...


Glorya.... We've done so many projects this year, and I'm so proud to see how things have turned out for us both. I look forward to our future goals and I know we will rock that shit even harder the next go round!.

I have a group of girls that keep up with me daily on PMs.... They know how important things are to me and they are quick to help me if I need ANYTHING.... (Alphabetical) Amanda, Amber, Amy, Amy, Evelyn, Michelle, Missy, Tera. Thanks for always checking on me!.

Lastly.. but def not street team... These girls are always there to promote us, no matter what time of day. I couldn't ask for a better group and that's why I never add to it. Why mess with perfection?.


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