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Chapter 1: DEATH

She recalled,the first time from the street through all the scenarios, during her wedding, everywhere were dazzling with red, behind the palaquin with countless dowry, a yatou holding a bar painted with lacquered gold, flowing with lights.Outside of palaquin vast of people with crowded the street, made everyone envious. … …

But three years after, she come again to this street, looked to see, and can not help but shocked. The same crowded crowd on the street and everyone are excited as they took a lot of baskets, which filled with rotten fruit, some of them are holding pots and pans,a wooden brooms, wooden bar tiles … …

Oh, not so long ago they admired her, the high and dignified Eldest Miss Ouyang ,

But now, everyone was shouting at her  the “cheap woman.” In crowd the Su Family members are all present. Some of them her father-in-law, and her husband.

“Do not!Miss!Red Jade shouting, wanted to go towards the crowd to squeeze in beside Ouyang Nuan: “Do not touch our Miss!” She was shouting on top of her lungs: “Master, Lady, Gu Ye, this servant asked you: let off,Miss!” “

Ou Yang  Nuan heard her talked, she has been always quite. Fang mama suddenly rushed towards Ouyang Nuan side starded crying and shouting: “Miss! This is a trap, they frame you. …”

Ouyang Nuan looked at the Fang mama hair gray, like a crazy beside her, in her mind she suddenly remembered during her wedding when she sang that song –

“ten miles red ten miles long, flower sedan was ten miles mad, candied sugar was ten miles sweet, old wine floating out of ten miles fragrant daughter dreamers in pairs, love to the old and day long, long and long looks long, only red ten miles long! “

Love long looks long, only red long ten miles … … Now it was just a dream.

“Stop pleading,” Madam Su said coldly: “This is your own fault for behaving improper , you lose face Ouyang Nuan , and disgrace the Su family. In that moment, a man shouted from the crowd: You! Ouyang Nuan, shameless woman, taking advantage and stealing other  husband … … “

” bad woman! . ” “Despicable! despicable woman! Hit her! Hit her! Killed her …” accompanied by these unspeakable curse, is the rotten fruit, vegetables, brick tiles and stones … … all spilled towards Ouyang Nuan. She was now in a complete mess, lots of stone being thrown at her, but she did not feel pain, her mind just vaguely thinking that this scene is the so-called “hell” .

Not for long moment, she has been messy, her face is covered with sewage, sweat, and tears. Suddenly, Hong Yu desperately want to rush forward, but Su people tightly stopped her, Hong Yu constantly shouting at the crowd: “Our lady is wronged! It is the Su family framed her ah!” With a shriek voice Hong Yu shouted, struggle like crazy protecting her from being beaten to death.

Hong Yu!!!! Ouyang Nuan looked at her with wet eyes. “Ah!!!! a brick had hit Hong Yu forehead and gushed of blood can be seen, she could not help but cry out loud. Because she was bound with rope and forced to the ground, she can only watch the stones and rotten fruit flew against her! Fang mama desperately stopped in front of her,and caught  Hong Yu .Fang mama crying, and wailing infront of the people. Desperate action, Hong Yu rushed past in front and kneeling against the crowd, crying and shouting: “Miss is innocent! She was innocent ah!” She kowtow in front  them: “Please let off Miss … … I will kneel!… … ” She kowtow on the left side and turned to the right side of the direction, still continuing to kowtow, while doing Hong Yu said:” let off Miss!

The crowd did not stop down, countless objects still smashed  to Ouyang Yu body give no reaction but change, seeing the Hong Yu constantly  giving people all around kowtow, knocking her head to the floor badly.Tears, started flowing from the eyes of Ouyang Nuan, she hoarsely shouting:

“Hong Yu! Up! Do not kneel! Stand Up!” Being in messed Ouyang Nuan, despite her vision become blurred, she was seriously watching the presence of everyone, especially the distant standing of those Su family. The dignified Su master, loving mother-in-law Su wife, her gentle and considerate handsome husband Su Yu Lou, and finally her eyes fell on the gentleman who has been standing around beside her.

Memories flashback, the scene happened at morning. At that time she heard a noisy voice that awakened her, then she immediately seated in the bed. She perceive the bed is surrounded by dense of people, including the angry father-in-law, livid good looking young man, whispering voice of servants can be heard filled with pity while looking at her. With her body is still covered with a quilt, seeing beside her a naked man Ouyang Nuan yet to react. The man slip off the quilt followed by a ray of unwavering action kneeling in front of everyone, exclaimed: “Master Su spare this servant life, servant no longer dare!”

Those word, had confused her! Master Su and her mother’s eyes look at her with hatred. Ouyang Nuan struggle to cover her body with quilt from burning ashes of their eyes. Su Yu Lou’s body shaking a bit, he seems to disgust at the sight, he close his eyes no longer dare to looked her! Ouyang Nuan  pondering, why she wake up with the man in their own bed. But then she clearly understood, that cup of tea – that is cup of tea prepared by her own sister !

Why! Ouyang Nuan !am I not good enough for you!? My mother died and your mother is my elder aunt treat her the same as my mother with respect. You forced yourself towards our family. I disregarded the consequence of offending them and give all the freedom you want!

But why!?Why do you treat me like this! Ouyang Nuan immediatedly make all the efforts to call the him: “Yu lou!Yu lou!”

Yu lou,why you do not believe me! You said no matter what happens, you will believe me, love me! I was wrong! Being locked up day and night, these words said Ouyang, shouted and cried,till her throat bleeds, and no believed her. Ouyang Nuan does not care on others saying she just want to see her husband and can personally said: Yu lou, I am innocent, please!believe me.

However, Su Yulou refused to see her, even Hong Yu kowtow desperately pleading to him. The day and night had passed, Yu Lou he still did not come, until Ouyang nuan escorted to the punishment ground with her arms tied behind the back and a rope looped around the neck, only he then showed up. He has been standing in the crowd staring coldly, snuggled beside her beauty like a flower stepmother daugther..

No! No, she does not believe it! In fact, she wanted to understand. After she married into Su Family but nothing. She refuses to get her husband a concubine made her mother in law to see her an eyesore, half a month ago she ask personally to let her step mother daugther to marry and enter Su household but was rejected.

Ouyang Ke has a crush on Su Lou, even Hong Yu often  told her that she seen them several times dating, but she is stupid at that time did not trust her repeatedly punishing Hong Yu.

Only framed Ouyang Nuan, to allow Ouyang Ke to openly marry into Su’s House.

Then against her, not only Ouyang Ke but more than one person! This is inside, is her husband… … her husband…!no,she does not believe!

At this time,  Ouyang Nuan is taken beside the river.

Fang Mama and Hong Yu still trying to keep up at her side and not willing to leave!. All of the sudden Su master’s face become livid,waved his hand  and five or six fierce people came infront of them. With their strong arms they forceful taken Fang mama and Hong Yu, move from the side and guarded carefully,not to move!

Ouyang Nuan looked at the sky and laugh: “God, you open your eyes!” The wind suddenly big up the heavy rain falls Ouyang Nuan laughed more: “Heavens, God opened his eyes, he also knew that I was wronged!”

The crowd burst of riots, Su master’s face is become more green, and shouted loudly: “Sheng Tang!”!!!!

Dad !wait a minute!From the crowd, Su Yu Lou slowly appeared came in front, his tall body standing with unsteadiness and handsome appearance seems somewhat haggard. A servant came and put on his cloak, Ouyang Nuan shed tears stared him.Ouyang Nuan to herself maybe the most demure gesture behind her husband. No words to say, Ouyang just look at the eyes of Su Yu Lou, as in the past  lookrd at him, whispered: “Yu lou I am innocent, please do believe me.”

Su Yu Lou silence for a long time, from his sleeves pulled out a piece of paper unto her.Ou yang feeling a pain stubbed in heart, loss at the moment but eyes still very calm “”you still making excuses, this is a long time to give you! Women like you, is death, Su Family must not you off!!

Divorce … … Turned out to be a certificate of divorce …

Ouyang Ke picked the divorce paper, bearing a presence of  beautiful, dignified noble. Her expression seems sad and softly said: “sister, don’t blame Su Lou, bevause you did was something wrong, you assured in behalf of you I will take care of……” she stopped her face floating a layer of flush…

Ouyang Nuan staring at this familiar face, murmured: “step sister, why … …”!? Ouyang Ke came closer, it seems to say goodbye to her sister, but with no people can not hear the voice.Ouyang Ke said: “Do you know that you did not accidentally knock off the forehead only, why later resulted to scar, because my mother sent to do the deeds! “Your baby brother, how lovely a boy, could have inherited Ouyang House of all, but unfortunately fell into the pond drowned, in fact, my mother and I are present, we watched him was pushed down, And then desperately for shouting for help, the water flooded his mouth, nose, eyes ..drowned alive…Only blame his own life is not good. an eearly dead mother, stupid like a pig sister! Ouyang Nuan look a stink, looked up and down Ouyang Ke silence eyes generally dyed on the color, and finally she realize her  brother died, she was abandoned, never always thought her good step mother and good sister has a wolf ambition! Ha ha … … ha ha ha ha … … At the moment,stepmother she had promised her mother on beddeath to take care of them, but what did she do?what she done!? Ouyang Nuan slowly close her eyes,then opened, smile ridiculouand speak to Ouyang Ke in a gentle soft voice”sister, sister I am wrong, you come near , I have the last thing t entrust you ” Ouyang Ke look at her, do not believe she can dug out some tricks, then took the step closer Ouyang Nuan whispered: “When my mother died, also left a lot of valuable dowries and now I am going to die, put these to you, but with your kindnedss  ,leaving some to Fang mama And red jade … … ” Ouyang ke eyes light up, she did hear that late Ouyanfuren consist of amazing treasures and later this group of property after the Ouyang Nuan marriage was missing, it seems really in her hands … … ” You come closer, I tell you – “

If Ouyang Ke is not so greedy,she may not be fooled but she wad too confident and sure……


End of Chapter 1

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