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Chapter 2 Reborn

A ray of sunshine between the thick layer of pane, gives the spacious room a pleasant atmosphere.. … 

“Miss, you wake up !wake up!.” 
Ouyang Nuan opened her eyes, saw a no longer familiar face but this features she could not to expect clearly on her final death and do not know how nuan Ouyang Nuan subconsciously staring at the face with , mumbled: “Mother … … I was wrong, I was wrong!!
Fang mama was shocked, with her eyeful concern, her tone does not seem agree,” Miss, what do you say, your second sister to blame, you help her all of a sudden you blocked, how will your forehead hurt!
second miss!? forehead injured?No!Ouyang Nuan stunned.Whats going on!? Fang mama to establish herself in the residence she worked hard day and night as early as young, but now, she, how she changed a lot!Ouyang Nuan heart pounded, she bitterly pinch her own wrist, hurt! This is not a dream! 
  Does God heard her prayer? She can not believe, without a word, avidly watching the people in front, fear that this is just a dream. 
  Fang Mama took out a clean and soft silk  carefully wipe Ouyang Nuan sweat in the forehead, avoid hurting her wound ,sighed, “Miss, your heart, it is too soft, ah! Im afraid  those ingratitude people” . In previouslife, this side of the Fang mama she is trying number of times, persuade her patiently, however after the event happened, how to amend herself? She is always a fool to stand in for  mother-daughter to justify them: mama, she is my mother’s sister, is my aunt, ah, she was exist at my mother’s deathbed, promise that, will take care of our siblings, how could she hurt me? Your thinking too much. 
  Fang Mama always reminded her, Ouyang Nuan will just upset to her side, completely ignore each other eyes expression sad and disappointed can not see the other side of the eyes of disappointment.
   I was so silly, I was the biggest fool under heaven. Fang Mama was really concerned about and genuinely care for her. She seems to ponder like if her own birthmother is the daughter of a marquis, she is marquis granddaughter, father’s Ouyang is the Ministry of Personnel assistant minister, the Su Family is just a merchant .Right! Her family is a weathly and rich, highly respected in the capital ,one must not go against. However on her whole heart , embedded a warm feelings  to Su Yu Lou that handsome looks, admire him, love him , her stepmother deliberately play a matchmaker to bothbof them. Even regardless her own decision against her grandmother she firmly decide to marry Su Yu Lou.Originally, she believe that her stepmother, although a daughter of marquis but a concubine-born, but since young, she and her mother brought and raise together resulted to have a good relationship between them.
Her mother has a weak body and often to fall ill,unable to endure father then again take a wife later , mother younger sister married specifically discuss to old lady to this dignified virtuous and kind hearted sister, for the benefit also to their own children. Moreover how will she become aware of this diety, is a living cunning wolf!
Acording to their own origin, far beyond the Lin’s born Ouyang Ke, there is good marriage waiting for her, but since sustain a small head injury left scars on her forehead, her heart always felt a sense of inferiority and often come out to participate in Capital various kinds of gathering and social interaction instead her sister Ouyang Ke replace her everywhere with Lin’s Concubine, socialize with people, so eventually everyone knows Ouyang Family Second Miss and their own little eldest Miss completely forgotten. Even more frightening she is young and ignorant, first time to meet accidentally Su Yu Lou he fall inlove.. … now think of it, encounter? Haha, How on earth to exist  a timely encounter..but from one’s aspect there is flaw, how Su Yu Lou learned things ,but behind those dark force hands, emphatically not she consider of Heaven, but her the noble dignified gentle virtuous stepmother.
However because of selfish decision cause her future down fall.This foolish move, makes her  grandmother brokenhearted and disappointed, obviously sick but no longer seek medication, until the last her final moments refused to see her , she is entirely aware  of her mistakes and everything is her own fault, impulsive conduct make her own grandmother despair, severed her from all ties with House of Marquis and end everything as well their relation. As far to manage she  immerse herself away amd awai ,eventually no one from people  obstruct her.
She blinked, watching Fang mama, everything is back, present time she is now the capital grandaugther of House of Marquis, eldest daugther of Ouyang Family, not the Su Family, Su Yu Lou concubine, Ouyang Nuan .The sun and the moon in my next life, even become a  spirits , I, Ouyang Nuan death was wronged,will not let you!
“Is God pity her, gave her a chance to live again, she promised prior to current situation in the river border, she made a vow must shall achieve one day.
Miss! Does the wound still hurt?” Fang mama exposed Ouyang Nuan small hand to hold tightly, the hands sudden in bluish color, she pull apart and gently massage to promote warm, henceforth of rubbing palm she pinch out the red mark appeared.With sense of anxious: “Do you want to request a doctor come to in?”   
A little wounds, no pain and remorse better than the previous life is unbearable, Ouyang Nuan hand holding the Fang mama hand, her lips pulled a touch of smile.
Fang mama seeing Ouyang Nuan little face distracted, rather seam gentle and kind smile , but expectedly resemble a sarcastic smile generally with a tenacious aura, Mama stunned, is she wrong?   
Ouyang Nuan pull over, head in the Fang mama arms: “Mama, Thank you!Thank you, you never have betrayed me.
  Quyang Nuan secretly swear, pamper my people and, I will always protect, so that they enjoy the honor, against my people, reckon I will let them ten times a hundred times the repayment! 
  Fang mama first surprised, slowly relaxed after, stroking Ouyang Nuan hair, lips with a smile, since Madam enter into the Household, Eldest miss never quaite time and close together like this intimate.

Mama, Hong Yu?” If Everything comes again, RedJade this year only twelve years old
“That girl is in the drug hall” “Ah.” Fang mother’s embrace is so warm, why she had never found, Ouyang Nuan slowly close her eyes.  
“Miss! Take your medicine.”Xiao Tao, Miss fell asleep, do not disturb her.”Hong Yu older sister, how do you say this? When will I dare make noise to Miss? In regards to my devotion  to the eldest Miss, I am bad person?  Im doing this wholeheartedly for eldest Miss is good, if not timely medication really wound up,  you bear this responsibility? ”  

 Xiao Tao … … you … … ” “
Is this voice of Hong Yu, Ouyang Nuan open her eyes, all of a sudden sit up, halt with a smile and Xiao Tao looked embarrassing to Hong Yu. 
Xiao Tao, your noisy.” Fang mama gently said, staring Ouyang Nuan was awakened, it is not happy. “Mama is not right, I am also serving for the young lady.” Hong Yu stick her tongue out and ignore. 
Xiao Tao was sent by stepmother servant girl, facial features were very beautiful, little age but well spoken to speak and discuss Ouyang Nuan, less than six months of effort from the second rate servant was promoted to big girl. Compared to the gentle silent type Hong Yu, Ouyang Nuan rather like this girl, let her dowry do not say, all kinds of trust. That very night … … meet with mishap … … after the accident she suddenly became Ouyang  Ke be big girl, so this way she must not escape the responsibility! 
Xiao Tao as usual, raised a touch of bright smile, hands carrying a bowl of steaming medicine: “Miss, drink it!” 
Staring the bowl of thick syrup , Ouyang Nuan eyes abruptly turned cold: “kneel! ” 
Miss, What are you … …” Actually she come here to carry favor to Ouyang Nuan, whether it is face-to-face  Fang mama or  bully some servant girl she had not been reprimanded even Xiao Tao do not work on time ,still excuse.
Ouyang Nuan sneer, actually picked up a cup of tea on the table, throw towards Xiao Tao. Xiao Tao was shocked at the scene although the tea cup not hit Little Peach, but flew to a coffee table. The coffee table with an antique vase smashed. A clatter caused loud noise, all were entirely stunned…

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